Friday, October 26, 2012

My What a Big Ruler You Have...

Nick raced across the forest floor, taking the long way home to allow his wolf freedom.  He chased and nipped at the small prey lucky enough to cross his path.  Tonight, there would be no killing.  Nope, he was still running high on chuckin’ pumpkins at the hard-headed sheep he now called family.

The memory of lobbing those beauties over at The Bighorn Diner made him bark and yip.  Sure, the front window at Java Joes was trashed by an explosive gourd, but he’d go over tomorrow and pay to have it replaced.  He’d send the unused fruit missiles back to Bo, Hannibal and Mary with a welcome to the family greeting included and he’d even replace the meat lost from his Pop’s freezer.  He wouldn’t however clean up the street.  Let Mayor Monkey Butt take care of that, he knew just the secret banana fund it could and would come from.   

He knew most of the town considered him an ass, or a possible desk humper, both were probably true to some extent…he was an alpha after all.  It could be argued that all alphas were impossibly demanding and reckless.  To a point, it was true, they were.   They had to be though, to keep Talbot’s Peak and all those within her boarders safe.  For that he wouldn’t apologize.  Better the folks thought him difficult than to be unsafe.

The back door to the gazette stood open and one whiff of the air told him she waited just inside.  Ziva—his life, his love, his mate—lingered in his office, dressed and ready for the Halloween bash at Dante’s Pleasure club.  He hoped she found the costume.

“Glad you didn’t stand me up, again.”

“Once, Ziva,” he said, rising from four legs to two.  “Once a whole lotta years ago—before we were…well.”

“Well?  Before we were what?  A couple, frisky friends, participants on the same hide the salami team?
What are we, Nick?”

Lord love a Lupa she’s in a mood…  “Come on, baby, you know what we are.”

“No Nicholas, I really don’t know.  I’m not even sure we’re friends.  If we were, I’d have warranted an invite to your chuckin’ party, but all I got was another naughty, albeit pretty, costume…”  Nick watched her spin to face away then shoot him a look over her shoulder.  “I even added the panties…,” she sassed, bending forward to give him a glimpse of the unique feature of her undies.

“Zzzzziva,” Nick groaned, lust hitting every fiber of his being.

“I’m also feeling generous enough to give you another chance.”

Nick’s wolf whined with excitement as she pushed the crap on his desk to the floor. He was eager to play the Big Bad to her Little Red.  When the ruler materialized in her tiny and perfect hand he knew he was lost.  Probably, he wouldn’t even have to fess up to his feelings to have some fun…Happy Halloween to him!


Ziva kept control of the grin that hid behind her calm demeanor.  She wanted the words, though Nick was still far away from giving them to her.  She was giving him this chance, but in all reality she would be using the safe and gentle wrist traps she’d had specially made for her man. 

Perhaps a night, chained to his desk with real, not metaphorical, steel would loosen her mate’s lips.  “Climb up on the desk, Nicky, and let’s get this party started.”
 Have a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!



Rebecca Gillan said...

He did take a shower to make sure he didn't have mange powder on him right? I can't imagine what Ziva would do to him if they both had to go visit Marissa for some cure...

On the other hand, looks like she's got her wolf WELL in hand!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh Nick, you should learn about your mate's nature. 'Course, maybe he likes the 'surprises' Ziva delivers, likes living on the edge of savage werewolf lust. Oh, yeah.

Mayor Banana Breath may have a few surprises of his own... hehe...

That pic is fabulous, too.

Pat C. said...

Ziva, you bitch. I mean that in the best possible way.

Nick, you poor jerk. You're in love with an alpha. Surrender to the inevitable and give her what she wants! Then give her what she needs ...

Mayor Banana Breath does indeed have a few surprises waiting for him, because I know who wins the election. Nyah nyah!

Serena Shay said... mange for Nick, he ran fast enough, but who knows what will happen when he goes to pay for the window. ;)

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...he should learn about Ziva's nature, Savanna, but I suspect his own alpha nature gets in the way sometimes. :)

Yep, Nick adores her surprises!

Serena Shay said...

~Ziva takes a bow~

She does love being an alpha bitch, Pat. Since Nick has a case of the alpha male blindness...she's just going to pull the truth from him anyway she can. ;D

Oooh...who wins? Vernon, Mayor BB or a write in???

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, that secret write in???

Pat C. said...

You know those shifty devils in Talbot's Peak, they never do what anyone expects.

Forgot to mention how much I love that pic.