Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jane's New Addiction

Hi there everyone! This weeks post is a bit longer than normal because there really wasn't a good place to end it. It's also a bit toastier than I usually post on the open blog so use some disgression. This one isn't work safe if someone might end up reading it over your shoulder!


Jane stepped out of her old Volvo station wagon, brushed her hands down her business suit to straighten out any wrinkles—and knock off any bits of apple pulp she may have missed. She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and then shut her car door. She took one step before remembering her briefcase. No harm done. People forget to grab things all the time. She decided to cover her lapse by walking around to the passenger door to grab it since it was on the passenger side floor. Unfortunately, that door was looked and her keys were still in the ignition. Jane blew a strand of hair out of her face irritably, then walked back around to the driver’s side to fetch her keys. Just as she was walking around the front of her car to go back to the passenger side, it dawned on her she should have just grabbed her briefcase while she was grabbing her keys. Great.


Bambi and Hannibal stood inside the Forestry office watching the sexy blond bombshell in the serious-lady suit. Neither said a word; they just watched her wander all around her car doing god-only-knows what. The Public Defender’s office had called fifteen minutes ago to tell them an attorney was on the way to see to the perspective new client. Bambi had fielded that call and let the secretary know that the services of an attorney were not needed, that it had been a prank on the part of his supervisor, Hannibal Ewing. He’d spelled Han’s name for her very carefully when she asked, too. He and Han had just been “discussing” the situation when the battered, rusted out powder blue Volvo pulled into the parking lot.

“Do you suppose that’s your attorney?” Han asked in a bemused whisper.

“She’s not my attorney,” Bambi whispered back. “But I’m betting she is an attorney by the way she’s dress and the way’s she’s acting.”

“What do you mean, the way she’s acting?”

“Well, she seems to know exactly what she wants to do and how she wants to do it and she’s going to do it by that way even if it makes no sense whatsoever. That’s very lawyerly, wouldn’t you say?”

“Un, yeah, I guess. But what’s she doing?’

“Fetching her briefcase out of the car,” Bambi said, smacking the back of Han’s head. “How did you get to be the boss with observational skills that poor?”

“Bambi, how on Earth you figured that’s what she was doing has little to do with observational skills. If you were able to figure out what she was doing, you clearly were not looking at that tight round ass of hers wiggling all around.”

“Oh, I noticed her ass, boss. Unlike you, I am capable of using both of my heads at the same time. I also noticed her first class tits. Double Ds at least and real ones, not fake. It ought to be a crime to hide a body like that under cheap brown tweed.”

“I wonder if we can get her to take off the suit jacket but leave the glasses on,” Han mused. “That white button-down shirt she’s wearing under the jacket is bound to show off her tits better than the jacket, even if she does have it buttoned all the way up.”

“I never knew you had a dirty librarian thing, Han. But then, you were in the same class with Nick ‘The Desk Molester’ McMahon…”

“Suck my—no, never mind. Here she comes. Just remember to keep your cool. She’s a lawyer, so it would be best if we give her no more reason to get angry than we have to. And we really don’t want to give her cause to cry sexual harassment.”

“Yep. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to get a date out of her anyway,” Bambi said with a smile at the lovely blond walking up to the station’s glass doors. He stepped up and opened one for her before Han could get enough blood flow redirected to his thinking brain.


Jane stopped just shy of entering the door which was being held open for her and looked at the two rangers suspiciously. “You aren’t going to spend this visit being good ol’ boys are you?” she asked in her best no-nonsense voice.

“No ma’am,” the guy holding the door open said. “We are going to spend the time schmoozing you so that you don’t throw the book at us.”

“That sounds… ominous,” she said, trying to suppress the urge to check the two of them out. Holy shit, had she just walked through the door of a Chippendale’s audition? A quick peek showed her that they were both, in fact, very well endowed and more than a little aware of her as a women, though she would have never been aware of it by looking at any other part of them. Women did have that advantage, though. While she could feel her panties becoming sopping wet, they had no way of knowing whereas she could see their snug-fitting uniform trousers becoming even tighter fitting. And both of them appeared to be pants-toppers. That realization caused a flash vision of having both of them naked and standing rigidly at attention for her. She forced her inner-vixen to pipe down and cleared her throat. “So what’s the situation?” she asked as casually as she could as she walked through the door. She tried to ignore how the trim, athletically build, dark-haired hunk holding it open inhaled deeply when she passed him.

“The situation is that there is no perp,” the huge blond Viking-looking one said with an embarrassed smile. “It was a prank I was playing on Bambi here, and it went a little farther than I’d intended it to.”

“Bambi?” she asked, one eye brow hiking up with incredulity? She glanced behind her to see the dark-haired hunk grin. Little licks of lightning sizzled over her skin, making her nipples bead up into hard, aching points.

“Yep, Bambi. I got hung with that nickname back in high school and it stuck.”

Jane looked back at the blond Viking and smiled. “You name wouldn’t happen to be Thumper, would it?” He grinned, too. More lighting sizzled across her skin, making her clench her thighs and bite back the urge to moan. Oh, good heavens! At this rate, she was going to be lucky if she made it out of the Forestry Station without jumping one or both of them!

“No, ma’am. My name is Ewing, Hannibal Ewing. I’m the head ranger,” he said, his deep, velvety voice making her shiver just a bit.

“Han for short.” She glanced back at the dark one, who was standing just a bit too close as if he was still trying to sniff at her. Jane found that she didn’t mind at all.

“Hannibal.” She frowned and looked back at the blond. He was scowling, reinforcing her initial idea of a Viking raider, though the thundery expression didn’t make him any less appealing.

“His mamma named him Hannibal, but he’s the one who tagged be as Bambi, so I call him Han,” the other said from behind her. She didn’t turn around, just enjoyed the silky texture of his milk chocolate voice bubbled over her senses, his amusement at teasing his partner making it clear that he was the playful one. God, how she wished he would scoot a bit closer and play with her instead of Han!

Or maybe play with her as well as with Han? Another flash vision filled her head of the two of them naked before her rubbing each other’s straining cocks one-handed while rubbing her naked body with the other, both sucking one each of her tits. Oh. My. God.


Sex and apples. She smelled like sex and apples, Bambi thought as he followed her in. He stood behind her, breathing deeply, becoming more and more aroused. It was obvious she was aroused, as well and the longer she spoke with them, the more aroused she became. It wasn’t a case of who she wanted, either, he thought. She wanted them both. He looked up at Han and grinned. Han grinned back at him and moved forward. No, it wasn’t which one she wanted, but how badly she wanted them both. Luckily, there was enough of her to go around…


Savanna Kougar said...

Omy... Jane just entered hunk o'heaven. And, Bambi has the apple-smelling nose that knows 'there was enough of her to go around'.

Tune in for more steaminess...

Great flash, Rebecca!

Rebecca Gillan said...

With any luck, I might have this one done in time to publish for the blog hop on Friday. It's not very long, only about 15k, but it packs quite the wallop!

Serena Shay said...

~Whew!~ Rebecca, that did pack a punch...a delicious thwap to the goods. :D Can't wait to read the full story. hehe

Pat C. said...

Whoa! After that flash, I need a cold shower!

I'm sure Han could be a "Thumper" if you asked him politely ...

"The Desk Molester"? Poor Nick.