Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Polar bear. Right?"

Fish, peanut butter and cod liver oil treats were hidden inside jack o' lanterns for the polar bears at the Hanover zoo in Hanover, Germany on Oct. 25, 2012. (AP Photo/Nigel Treblin)

Happy Howl-o-ween, shapeshifter lovers!

All good thoughts, vibes, and prayers to everyone who is affected by the Frankenstorm, as it's been called.

It was a harrowing day emotionally, and with Superstorm Sandy brutally striking the east coast, focusing on writing a post was difficult. And seemed somehow inappropriate.

However, I hope you enjoy this little flash scene I conjured up.


"Polar bear. Right?"

"Polar bear. Right?"

The woman wearing an elaborate mask of white feathers and rhinestones spoke in a lilting lovely voice. Dhukalos, glad for his own concealing mask, roved his gaze over her nearly naked body, concealed only by a sheer white flowing garment adorned with glittery stars and moons.

Compared to his size, she was a petite thing. On the slim side, the woman reminded Dhukalos of a fairy swan princess. Although, he well knew by her enticing fragrance, she wasn't a swan shifter. What her supernatural kind was, he couldn't say, and that intrigued him further.

New to the social scene in Talbot's Peak, and having just escaped the zoo, Dhukalos felt at a very distinct disadvantage. Somehow Dante had convinced him to attend the Haunted Masquerade Ball at his elegant supperclub.

"Yes," Dhukalos performed a small bow, "you have guessed correctly. I am sorry to say I cannot return the favor." 

His swan princess smiled, and Dhukalos mentally licked his lips as he stared at her pretty mouth. He wanted to kiss her lush rosy lips. However, he'd never had the pleasure of kissing any woman. Except his mother and her kin before he'd been captured as an older cub.

"I would say also you are the descendent of a royal lineage known as the Vexyrth." With a triumphant tilt of her head, the woman regarded him. Her ice green eyes glistened with confidence.

Flummoxed to his core, Dhukalos possessed not a clue how to respond. He sensed no malevolence toward him or his kind. Yet, secrecy was prized because of ruthless enemies that had hunted the Vexyrth for over a century.

He offered a smile, then his arm. "I'm not at liberty to discuss my lineage. Would you care to dance?"

"I can't resist." His swan princess twined her arm with his. "You're a striking figure, and I've always had a fondness for long locks of white hair. In your case, my mysterious polar bear, white hair tinted with gold and... I believe... the color sienna."

"You are the irresistible mystery, lovely woman. Why does my nose fail me in identifying your kind?"

Dhukalos enfolded her in his embrace, and silently thanked his dance instructor for her diligence in teaching him the popular ballroom styles. Even Gypsy Red Wolf had refined his technique, learned so long ago with his extended family, deep in the warm colossal caves of the Arctic.

"Perhaps, because I am not a shapeshifter, Mr. Polar Bear."

With superb grace his swan princess followed his lead, and felt so fragile and seductive, Dhukalos couldn't help but wonder what she would feel like in the throes of passion. His own limited experience came back to haunt him in these moments.

While in captivity at the zoo, he'd only been able to manage a sexual liaison with two women. After learning how to control the camera inside his enclosure, Dhukalos had shifted at night, pretending to be part of the cleanup crew.

Coupling lust had ruled the two women. The romance and kissing he'd seen, while with his extended shifter family, seemed foreign to their natures. Even so, the second woman, unknown to her, had provided his opportunity for escape.

With the arrival of a delivery truck, Dhukalos had taken advantage, relieving the driver of his uniform. Next, he claimed he'd lost his key card, and the woman, a new employee, had opened the gate. Freeing him.

"Not a shapeshifter," Dhukalos whispered near her delicate ear. "You feel as dainty as a fairy in my arms."

"You could say, I am a Seer."

She pressed closer, and Dhukalos tightened his hold on her slender waist. To his fortune, the melodic lively music guided his steps.

Already, he was lost in her unusually radiant eyes. The feel of his masquerade swan princess against him, her soft firm breasts -- Dhukalos never wanted to let her go.

'Seer' echoed through him, and a faint memory began tugging at him. Like an apparition it teased the edges of his mind... until...

On instinct, Dhukalos spun the legendary being from the dance floor, then stopped in his tracks. "Mermaid," he spoke only what he could say about her identity.

She lightly placed her hand on his chest, her gaze thanking him for his discretion. "Yes, my polar bear, you do remember the teachings of your youth." She slipped her hand downward in a caress. "To explain what you wish to know, I am here to assist 'the' Dante, as we speak of him, with my gifts to 'mind-see' those who would harm him, and destroy Talbot's Peak."

She smiled, captivating Dhukalos completely. "That is how I found you after you escaped the zoo."

"And sent those my way to tell me about this haven for shapeshifters," Dhukalos finished, hearing her thoughts clear as ice.

"I knew you could not return to your family at this time."

"No. It would be far too dangerous to them. I could not."

"Dance with me again." Her words were soft appeal, and her eyes glowed with real desire.

Stunned, yet wanting nothing else, Dhukalos gathered her against him, and whirled his masked mermaid onto the dance floor.


Have a magickal and wicked Halloween!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Pat C. said...

I knew there was something fishy about her.

What? Somebody has to say these things.

Cute flash. Poor polar bear is practically a virgin. But not for long, I suspect.

Serena Shay said...

Ah, what a great combo, a mermaid and polar bear. They can swim the seas together. :D

Great Flash, Savanna!

Pat C. said...

And eat seals.

Maybe that's the conflict? A leopard seal shifter wants her as his mate?

Savanna Kougar said...

No, if my mysterious mermaid has her way Dhukalos won't be a 'somewhat' virgin for long. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks, Serena... Yes, I already see them swimming the seas together... what hasn't been ruined, sadly. Although, my mermaid's people do have the ability to restore the oceans to some degree.

Since there is that underwater port close to Talbot's Peak, and with the town fountain being directly connected... good swimming times on the way.

Savanna Kougar said...

Leopard Seal Shifters, oh, we must have a colony in the Peak. They had to move from the Alaska area given seals are going hairless from the Fukashima radiation now.