Friday, October 5, 2012

Of All The Things To Bring Home...

“Oh freaking *cof,cof* Lupa *cof,cof* hell.”  Cami Wilk pounded the pavement on her way to the vet.  “The *cof,cof* fucking *cof,cof* vet *cof,cof*”

The human doctor had already given her the bad news; there was nothing he could find that would be making her cough.  No virus, no asthma…just a cough.  He then made a joke about hoping it wasn’t kennel cough, considering how many of his patients had come in lately with the same problem.  Har Har.

“Kennel *cof,cof* fucking *cof,cof* cough *cof,cof*.”  Cami knew just where the damn bacteria had come from too, Mr. Muscles at last week’s outdoor free for all.  He looked like that bald dude on the cleaning supply bottle, but was missing more than a few screws.  He also had a shockingly small appendage for a wolf.  She’d given him a break though and listened to his come on spiel, at least until he’d coughed—in her face—flying phlegm and all.  She may not be an alpha like her sister Ziva, but hell if she would take ill-mannered; dickless, wanna be wolves to her bed.


“Uh *cof* fracking *cof,cof* watch *cof* out *cof,cof*.”  She whipped around, ready to face the moron not watching where he was going and knew her day would continue to go downhill.

“Well, hello.”

*cof* hell *cof,cof* o *cof*.”  Of course, sex incarnate, and wearing a kilt.  He was rumored to be well filled out and had the stamina of an entire pack of wolves even though he was a cat, well, a lion which just might explain it all.  And she would be unlucky enough to run into him, literally, on the day she was on her way to be treated for…oh lupa.

“Names Leo…do I know you?” His soft hand reached her way in a friendly gesture, but she backed away, shaking her head as she went.  “Are you sure, you look familiar.”

“No *cof*.”  Cami shook her head again and waved what she hoped he read as goodbye.  She moved quickly down the street, turned the corner and ducked into the local java house.

Marissa eyed her suspiciously; as well she should, considering what a whack job she was acting like.  So a hot guy, in a freaking sage green plaid, reminiscent of the plains of his ancestors home recognized her from somewhere.  He probably didn’t see her at the orgy. Besides, why should she care?  She was an adult.

“What can I get you, Cami?”

*cof* warm *cof* tea.”

“Caffinated or decaf?”

Cami shook her a little harder this time and tried again. “T *cof* t *cof*.”  Screw it.  She grabbed the nearest tea pack and waved it at Marissa.

“Ooh, ha, I thought…well, you know.  Sorry.  On the house and feel better.”

With a quick pour of hot water into a to-go cup and a wave she was sent on her way hoping the sex god had moved on.  She needed to get to the vet post haste, get the meds, then go home to bed…alone.


“Z,” Nick growled into his phone from the corner of the coffee house.  “You know your sister has kennel cough?  Woman, don’t yell at me if you aren’t holding a ruler…I don’t know where she got it, but…and you kiss me with that mouth, damn…sorry.  Just make sure not to get to close to her…what, I don’t want it.  Bye.”

He tucked his head down and went back to work on the laptop.  Damn good thing she rocked it in leather holding an assortment of toys and yeah, he loved her too.  Damn, she made him hard.


Six blocks and she thought she’d die.  Just die right here at the back of the clinic.  Who could cough this much and not keel over.  Cami knocked at the metal door and waited for the receptionist to come out.  Sure enough they had a shifter policy that you had to come in the back way so as not to send the naturals into a frenzy.  Fine with her, last thing she wanted was anyone she knew to see her.

“What type are you and what do you need?” The blonde haired, big eyed desk jockey asked. 

“Wo *cof* wo *cof*.”  Cami bent at the waist and placed her hands on her knees, willing the air to pass through her inflamed bronchia.

“Ah, Kennel cough then…you must be wolf.” The blonde laughed even though Cami was sure she was dying.  “Come on back, take this room.  The doctor will need you in your animal form.”

“O *cof* o *cof*…”

“Save your air, dear, you need it.”

Cami nodded her head in thanks even while picturing the pleasure she’d get biting the damn hoot owl in the ass.  Left alone in the room, she got down to the business of stripping and shifting then cringed as her cough now sounded like a freight train floating past her wolf’s vocal cords.

Cough after cough sent her into a slide along the linoleum floor.  While easy to clean they were ridiculously difficult for wolf claws and pads.  When the door to her exam room finally opened she found herself staring at the hairy legs of one well toned man.  Eyes higher and she could absolutely answer the age old question of what a Scot wears under his kilt.

Oh Lupa, a kilt.

“Ho there,” Sex incarnate or Leo said, pulling the soft plaid away from her head. “Now that’s a familiar sounding cough, in fact, I heard it on the street just this morning coming from the lips of the most beautiful woman.  Someone you know, maybe?”

Cami caught the glitter of amusement in his eye and decided that after a peek under the skirt, she could do worse.  Now all she had to do was explain away the…gah, Kennel *cof*.

Gee, this was me last week with the *cof,cof* but it wasn't kennel cough (I hope) haha and I sure didn't get to peek up a sexy lion shifters kilt...dang, I did it all wrong!  I'm better this week, now it's down to a *c,c* I'm hoping by next week it will all be gone!  Have a good one!



Rebecca Gillan said...

I think if one *has* to be sick, having a smoking hot doc who happens to be wearing a kilt is the least Karma can do for you!

Serena Shay said...

Heh Heh, I agree, Rebecca! Heck, if my doc looked anything like this guy, I'd visit more often! ;)

Pat C. said...

Oh Lordy. A werewolf with kennel cough. That's something you won't find in Twilight.

If I had a hot doctor in a kilt, bet I'd get checkups every other week.

Love this flash!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...nope, no kennel coughers in Twilight, but then my TP crew really doesn't take themselves to seriously. ;)

You show fine restraint, Pat. I was thinking every other day...ouch, I think I have a sliver - in my tushy. Muahahahaha

Pat C. said...

Sudden flashback to an old (circa late '80s) SNL skit: "Mel Gibson, Dream Gynecologist." Paging Dr. Braveheart!

Savanna Kougar said...

Fab flash, Serena. Leo the lion shifter, doc in a kilt. Good lord! Talbot's Peak is the best.

Yeah, on the practical side, I use a dose of liquid grapefruit seed extract on my canines with coughs. Works as long as I can a get a dose in them everyday... just a few drops. The stuff is ultra potent. Also, Pleurisy root extract in their food works.

I might consider going to a sexy-kilt-shifter doc like that... otherwise, I don't mess with the medical profession.

Hey, is Leo planning on visiting Duff's Scots Best of Breed Tavern, a home away from home for the kilted.

Savanna Kougar said...

"Sudden flashback to an old (circa late '80s) SNL skit: "Mel Gibson, Dream Gynecologist." Paging Dr. Braveheart!" Dang, Pat, I don't remember that one.

Serena Shay said...

LOLOLOL...Mel Gibson, dream Gynecologist! I loved that skit! It was so true at the time too, right about when he was doing all of the Lethal Weapon movies and he was uber drool worthy... ahhhhh

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! I need to scope out some natural stores either in person or online and give the goods a try. I keep meaning too, but life gets in the way. :D

You bet Leo is planning a trip to Duff's. He loves a good pint every once and a while. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Yay! Duff has one kilted drinking companion.

wanda f said...

love it a awerewolf with kennel cough

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Wanda! That Cami just keeps getting into trouble... She's a walking magnet for problems, thus the kennel cough. ;)

It's a darn good thing she's met the local vet. hehe

Pat C. said...

You don't understand, doctor, I have to have an exam right now!