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The Star Kindred and the Super Soldier

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

The colder weather has hit, and what remains of the leaves on the trees, after the drought, are now falling in dribs and drabs. It's a strange Autumn here on the tame prairie. However, that won't stop Halloween, and the early 'blog hop' celebrating we'll be doing here at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Stay tuned...


The Star Kindred and the Super Soldier  

They weren't squeezy-mushy, 'on their way to being rotten' tomatoes that Siolastre placed in the sack... but, perhaps Louie, the strange, rat man, chef creature and his buddy, Gil, a bespelled, equally strange squirrel man... would find the apples, the ones no longer tasty to the deer and the other wildlife... worthy to create their wall art.

Although, as she considered it, the color might not be appealing... not like the blatant red splash of thrown tomatoes... however, nothing ventured, nothing gained... and she did want to make friends in Talbot's Peak... at least, try to make friends on this outpost planet.

"Here you go," Siolastre crooned to the bravest doe in the small young herd. She gave the apple a bit of toss, and when the animal didn't startle but sniffed, then crunched the fruit, she began gently tossing the pile she'd collected just for the herd close to them.

The gnarled apple tree had become her friend. One of three trees belonging to the small isolated place she'd purchased on the edge of the forest, the spirit of the oldest tree was a gracious and generous being. And she was heavy with her fruit.

Siolastre had taken to gathering up the red beautiful apples since the fruit tasted similar to what she enjoyed on her home planet, and the winter season was near. She'd also promised to plant many of Minerva's seeds.

Placing her palm on Minerva's rough bark, Siolastre thanked her, and communed for several long moments. After speaking with the other two apple trees, she picked up her buckets and bags heading toward her kitchen.

Since arriving some four months ago according to the earth calendar, Siolastre had spent most of her time upgrading the crude living space, and walking the land around her. She'd made positive inroads with most of the creatures, and the various plant spirits.

Now, the time had come to make 'contact'. Siolastre giggled at the reference as she changed her garments. With care, she created her plain Jane look, including the wire-rim glasses she wore to somewhat disguise her eyes.

For many an hour, Siolastre had lingered in town observing the shapeshifter-supernatural population. So far, she'd kept her distance, mostly reading novels at the library, and using the computing device at the popular coffee shop.

Although, she'd made it a point to shop at the various establishments, and to partake of the different food types found at the many eateries. That was how she'd been introduced to the tomato hurling art form inside Louie's restaurant.

From her back table, she'd watched utterly fascinated by the uninhibited comradely behavior. Drinking in the raw chaos of emotions, so unlike her world, Siolastre remained far longer than she'd intended.


After parking her old minivan in the closest spot to Louie's place, Siolastre checked her rearview mirror. She made certain her outrageously pointed ears were covered by her unruly wavy hair, and the oversized brown fedora she liked wearing.

"You look unappealing enough," she whispered, then picked up the rotten apple filled bag, and her matronly purse.

Moments later, she squealed in surprise and horror at what she'd done. She'd been mentally rehearsing her opening words to Louie, Gil, or one of their employees about the apples... now... oh, starburn!

The man held his nose, and his mid-section, obviously in pain. She'd slammed her door square into him. Accidentally, of course.

Gingerly stepping onto the street, Siolastre faced her terrible deed, and wondered how best to help. Apologizing hardly seemed adequate, and she'd need to closely inspect him before offering her considerable healing ability.

If her powers went awry, she could harm the man severely. Especially since, by the energies of his aura, he carried several shapeshifting sets of genetics.

"I'm... I'm so sorry... are you... are you injured badly?"

His hand lowered and she stared into a pair of dark silvery blue eyes that were startling in their level of brightness -- especially beneath the brim of his black cowboy hat.

"You must be good at mesmerizing..." Siolastre firmed her mouth to halt the flow of her words. Maybe he didn't want her to know about his paranormal talents -- even if she did know because she couldn't help it.

"You," he burst out, as if he growled out smoke.

"Me?" she squeaked, and clung more tightly to the door she hadn't shut yet. "You're bleeding, your nose. Oh no. I've got tissues."

Whipping around, Siolastre grabbed the box. Before she could pull any out, and attend to him, he jerked out a couple.

Feeling useless, she watched him dab at the blood, which had already stopped flowing. His shifter metabolism quickened, and she knew his body made rapid repairs. Thank the Heavenly One!

"Where are you headed, pretty lady?" he asked moments later, a decided twinkle in his eye.

"Uh... to Louie's place, Rattigan's. If you're okay..."

Not sensing any danger from him, other than a male on the prowl after a female, Siolastre eased the door of her minivan shut. Given her dowdy, and completely unsexy appearance, she possessed no idea why he'd be mating-interested in her.

"I was looking for a bite myself. Dallas, Dallas Red Cloud is my handle."

He waited a beat for her to respond with her name. "Mr. Red Cloud, or is it Mr. Cloud? I don't think..." Curiosity won out, and she asked, "Is it because of your hair color? A handsome shade of dark copper," she added in case he mistook her question. "I mean..."

"Thanks for the compliment." Gently, insistently, he took hold of her apple bag. "Why don't I give you a proper escort, Miss No Name? We can get to know each other better over lunch, and maybe you'll tell me your name."

Before she knew it -- except Siolastre was intensely aware of his touch as he cupped her elbow -- she was being 'escorted' toward Rattigan's. "You're what they call a super soldier, aren't you."

She felt him almost stop dead in his tracks. Only he didn't, probably due to his extreme training. Calm and steady, he kept them moving along the sidewalk.

"Knew there was something extra special about you, pretty lady. I'm retired from that life. Permanently." With a gallant flair, he opened the door for her, then placed his hand on the small of her back as they moved inside.

Siolastre had to wonder what she'd inadvertently gotten herself into... more importantly, how to extricate herself.

"What can I do for youse, Dallas, Miss?" Louie eyed the large sack of apples Dallas held, and his nose twitched.

"Uh, I... I brought them... for throwing at the wall." Louie's gaze suggested she'd lost her marbles, as the quaint American saying went. "Like the tomatoes," Siolastre lamely offered.

"Oh." Louie rocked back. "Yeah, the tomatoes. Sure, I remember." Before he switched his gaze to Dallas, Louie's expression suggested she'd still had one too many of his brews.

"Sorry, my misunderstanding. I'll just go now." Siolastre turned to leave, but Dallas caught hold of her upper arm, his hold on her firm yet tender.

"Tell you what, darlin', we'll just save these in case one of the presidential candidates makes a visit to Talbot's Peak. Or any of them smilin', lyin' politicians. I'll throw the first one."

Siolastre had to smile. Not only because of Dallas's real enthusiasm, but because he'd played the gentleman, rescuing her from an awkward situation.

"Another time, Louie. You've got great chow." Dallas pivoted and took her arm, moving them outside.

"I hardly know what to say... Dallas." Grabbing a huge breath, and releasing it, Siolastre took the plunge through the galactic gate, as the saying went on her world. "My name is Sio. Like Rio, only with an 'S'."

"First seen you at the library, Sio Rio. My, my" he drawled, "that has a nice poetry ring to it. Hope you like that little nickname."

"Not bad. I think I can live with it."

"I'll just stow these apples in my truck, and we'll head on over to another dining joint close by. Louie's a great guy, a damn good cook, and I sure do enjoy those late night poker games of his, but his Jersey-boy manners could use some improvement."

"Are you sure you want... want to do this? I mean... I don't think I'm any prize. And... and we're worlds apart." As in light years apart, even if we are star kindred.

"Made up my mind I was going to meet you, Sio Rio. Though, I sure didn't think it would be 'cause your van door hit me like runnin' bull."

Dallas halted them beside a pickup that looked more like a monster truck. Quickly opening the passenger door, he placed the apple bag inside.

Once he closed it, he leaned toward her, his face nearing hers like they were on a romantic date. His male scent filled her lungs, then filled her soul.

Stunned, Siolastre stepped back but he gripped her arms, the hold of a man determined to be her lover.

"Star kindred," he intimately rasped. "It's been awhile since I heard that mind to mind."

Startled that he'd read her thoughts, she demanded, "What do you mean?"

"My mother. Her ancestors were from another planet, another human race splintered from the humans inhabiting Earth. Star kindred, that's what she called them."

"Yes," Siolastre whispered, because that's all she could say.

"You know, I got a real fierce thing for pointy ears, and gals who wear glasses... glasses that can't hide those sparkly pale blues eyes of yours."

Of course, her glasses would slip down her nose just as he said that. Of course, her mouth would hang open. Of course...

With a smile that smoldered her insides from the tips of her toes to the roots of hair, he slowly brought her beside him. "After lunch you can tell me why you're here. All alone on a world far, far away."


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Rebecca Gillan said...

Very sexy story! Can I steal your apples for my blog post tomorrow?

Serena Shay said...

Ooo...Sio Rio, I like that! I bet Miss Sio makes a mean apple bake for her super soldier. :D

Great flash!

Pat C. said...

Dallas Red Cloud ... I love him already, just from the name. What kind of shifter is he? From his interest in those apples, I'm betting horse.

Here's another we can add to the ever-growing "please finish this story" list.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, steal away! The rotten apples are all yours. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, Dallas has charm to spare when he wants to... so, yeah, Sio will whip up her apple specialties. Especially, if he keeps being her gentleman protector.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, Dallas Red Cloud didn't reveal ALL about himself. He has a huge past, and has several integrated shifter genetics that were added to his body during his time as a super soldier.

So,you just discovered one them, horse. I think stag is another one. Great way to patrol, scope out, the forest, only not during hunting season.

Pat C. said...

A roan in horse form, I'm guessing.

Savanna Kougar said...

Strawberry roan ~grinz~