Saturday, January 5, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

Gil looked out the window into his backyard.  Snowflakes fell adding another inch to the growing whiteness covering the lawn.  Hours earlier, he and Melody, his newest conquest, played in the hot tub until they stripped naked and got down to business.  Problem was his shorts and Melody’s bikini froze to the steps as the temperature outside the tub cooled and the water turned to ice.  Gil’s teeth still chattered and with each burst of wind that rattled the windows, he chaffed his arms. 

A sneezed sounded from the guest bedroom down the hall.  Another followed.  A hoarse bark sound and Melody’s raspy voice called out.  “Gil, Rascal needs more water and so do I.”  

Gil sighed.  He pulled his oversized sweatshirt back on and stuffed his sock covered feet back into his Sherpa lined slippers.  His two sizes too big sweatpants hung on in comical ways.  The ass and crotch area hung past his knees.  The waistband tie was knotted twice to keep the pants even up near where they were supposed to be and not up under his armpits. The arms of his sweat shirt almost draped over his hands until his fingers barely stuck out.  Gil began shuffling down the hall, muttering as he did.

Another voice called out, this one deeper and masculine.  “Come on boy, I need some water too.  And food would be nice.”

Great, Bruno was awake.  Gil shook his head and muttered more, making sure every word was only loud enough for his ears.  How in nuts near nirvana had he ended up with a grizzly bear shape shifter bodyguard and two squirrely half-bred mutts as his back up?  All Gil had gotten out of him so far was Lou had called in a favor some New Jersey shape shifter godfather owed him.  Gil didn’t want to know what was owed by whom to whom.  Enough screwy threats had come whizzing his way since he’d taken over as mayor of the Peak.  If back up and cover helped so be it.  Gil would appoint Bruno assistant deputy mayor if it got folks off Gil’s back and let him tend bar along with waiting tables at Rattigan’s without a bunch of shit getting stirred up.

Two sneezes sounded, followed by a third.  Gil caught his reflection in the full-length mirror on the wall outside his bedroom.  His hair stood-up all over his head.  Two days’ worth of beard crisscrossed his cheeks and chin.  And his blood shot eyes glowed in another worldly way.  Shifters weren’t supposed to get sick.  Problem was animal viruses didn’t follow conventional dictates.  The third sneeze echoed in Gil’s ears.  He hated being sick.  Who was gonna nursemaid him?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Once again I post late.  Sorry readers and followers!  I'm still getting back into gear with the release of Hot for Torrey on Wednesday and a new month and year.  I needed time to catch-up with my Spice Family and focus on projects on the home front as well as writing one. 

I'm hard at work on three new stories.  Two of which take place in Cascade Bay.  Both are menages.  The third is about second chances at love with a middle aged couple who are thrust back together by a quirky wise-cracking deity of Celtic origins.  

Remember to take care of you and your spice and loves.  Share a good book or two with each other.  Keep warm and remember a new year and new books make a great start to rest and relaxation and keeping those resolutions!



Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Solara, looks like Gil needs some acorn soup to warm up his body and his soul.

Cool about the three new stories!

Pat C. said...

Who'll look after Gil? Why, his bestest bud, Nursemaid Louie with the homemade chicken soup. Then Gil will have to sit there and listen to Louie and Bruno trade stories about "da good old days in Joisey." Everything comes with a price.

Sounds like you're set for the new year. Keep us posted on your writing success!

Serena Shay said...

And if Louie and Bruno can't play nursemaid, I'm sure anyone in town would gladly care for him...he's the new beloved mayor! :D

Congrats on the new stories!!

Solara said...

Thanks Ladies! My muse's muse is musing. Pris is reving up on wanting to get a story done. I'm working to stay focused on finishing one at a time.


Pat C. said...

I'm sure Paul (aka "Smithers") would be more than happy to look after his new boss. Maybe bring the Pink Flamingo Dance Troupe by to cheer him up ...