Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Things Some People Have To Do

Gill looked in the mirror.  Some how the outfit didn't seem right.  However he'd agreed to attend the Renaissance Fair as part of his good will tour to the neighboring towns near the Peak.  Pain was the full moon left him shifted rather than full sized.

Melody was still recovering from the crude that had laid half of the new city council low for three weeks.  Gill had taken Louie's advice on seeking out Bettina's Mage physician and letting his recipes help out.  Chicken soup became Acorn and Squash with walnuts for the herbivores amongst them.  Louie had even forgone his favorite Broccoli and Cheese concoction for less onerous items.  Still by the end of the week even Gill had craved meat.  Louie had some of his prime cuts delivered and the household had dined on scrumptious cuisine.  Now work had demanded the few less than sick return to work.  Gill was amongst those.

He trotted out on to the faux grass turf of the miniature golf set up.  Lights and cameras surrounded the two foot by two foot area.  He'd have to hold still for several moments while flashes blinded him.  At least, the stint would be over until tomorrow when he would return to normal.  Bruno stood by to make sure Loki and Thor didn't interrupt with their wolfish desire to tree him.  Though Bruno kept eying one of the gaffers and licking his lips.  One more longing look and Gill would have to poke the grizzly in the ass with his small sword.  The bear could devour the female bear shifter off duty.

Gill stepped up on the small dais.  Oohs and ahhs followed.  Gill swallowed, raised his sword, and barked in squirrel.  One of the reporters laughed and called out.  "Let the shooting begin."


Happy weekend Readers!

Sorry for the ultra late post.  The Spice Homestead had a family gathering today.  I took time to reconnect and enrich the day with my loving family.  Mage and his wife, DP (domestic partner) and his gal pal along with me spent the afternoon talking with friends.  Its great when you can spend time like that discussing whatever comes to mind.

For the rest of your weekend share a good book or two with your spice and loves in between discussion.  Hot for Torrey is a good one for this or Jet Lag Blues.

Keep warm and healthy!



Pat C. said...

Oh dear Lord ... Sir Gilbert of Oakland rides forth to rescue the damsel fair! With an acorn as his coat of arms, I'm betting.

Y'know, I'll bet he'd win the joust. He's such a small target an opponent would miss and tumble off his horse.

That's what the newsletter needs, an entire page of Mayor Gil in various aspects of his job.

Savanna Kougar said...

An entire page? for Sir Gilbert of Oakland. Is Gil hiding a past he'd rather forget... hmmmm...

Fun Gil flash, Solara. I luv that pic!

Can you imagine a Renn Faire at the Peak?

Pat C. said...

Lamar and Niles second that idea.

Savanna Kougar said...

Then they can be in charge... ~smiles~