Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Saga Continues

Gill pulled two tissues from the box sitting between him and Melody.  Rascal lay on the dirty clothes pile scattered across the master bedroom floor. Two lousy weeks of chills, fever, and hacking coughs were fraying what bits of nerve Gill had left.  

Melody grabbed the tissue, barely covering her mouth as two loud sneezes followed.  Gill tried to speak.  A high pitched "Bless you" squeaked out.  Rascal snorted and snored more.  Down the hall, Bruno sang off key in the shower.  Gill rolled his eyes heavenward and sighed.  How much longer did he have until. . .

The muffled rings of the phone sent Gill scurrying out of bed and into the kitchen.  He didn't want Bruno threaten anyone even with teasing.  The bear had no common sense he swore when tact was needed with press rather than demanding they show up and explain themselves.  At  least Nick hadn't sent someone over to interview the Peak's newest mayor yet. 

As Gill reached the phone, he cleared his throat and picked up the receiver.  "Gill speaking," he puffed before a fit of coughing over took him.  A laugh followed by similar sounding coughs echoed over the phone line.  Gill smiled as best he could and squeaked more.  "Louie, this crud got you too?"

Louie tossed his fist in the air, shaking it for several moments.  He looked down at the suitcase and tote bag next to him.  Good thing Gill's house had three stories and 8 bedrooms.  "Yes, this animal whatever has me in its grips.  And I'm headed to your place.  Be there in fifteen minutes."

Gill held the phone away from his ear, sucked in air and managed to blurt out, "What do you mean headed here?"  

As Louie began to speak a loud banging sounded near the front door.  Gill whispered as loud as he could for Louie to wait a moment.  "I'll be right back," he gasped.

Gill trotted across the living room cussing softly as his voice was rapidly diminishing.  As he opened the front door, a truck bearing County Health Department signage pulled away.  The wind whistled through the trees lining the street side walk way and rattled the metal sign stuck to one of the pillars making up the front wraparound porch.  Gill's mouth dropped open as he made out the sign: Quarantine-Sick House 

Gill noticed the envelope with his name on it stuck to the sign as he stepped closer.  He tore off the envelope, opening it as he closed the door.  If he could have, he would have cussed in squirrel, human, and a few other languages he'd picked up smatterings of since the influx of new residents to the Peak had begun.  

Gill dropped into the closest chair, shaking his head as he read further,   His home, his kingdom and sanctuary was the town's newest temporary medical facility until all who were admitted to it were out of quarantine.   So much for mayoral dignity and authority.


Happy Weekend Readers!

Poor Gill keeps on wondering if being Mayor is all its cracked up to be.  Who knows who else is going to show up before this nasty crud plaguing the Peak starts to clear up?
Hope you and yours are keeping warm and in good health.  The Spice Homestead is doing well.  Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  Download a free read or two from my publisher Siren Publishing along with a copy of Hot for Torrey.  



Pat C. said...

Poor Gil. Somewhere ex-Mayor Lancelot Link is laughing up a storm.

Wonder what kind of flu this is? Avian? Swine? Lupine? Equine? (That's the one where the coughing sounds like a donkey braying. Imagine that coming out of a squirrel.)

Solara, don't forget to update your page and add your cover to the sidebar.

Savanna Kougar said...

Goodness, a nasty warthog looking for antlers, and now THE CRUD. Surely, there's lots of good remedies around that will save the population of the Peak.

I hear on Talbot's Peak grapevine, there's no 'crud' at the Pleasure Club. One must wonder if this is an underhanded, under-pawed, under-hoofed plot against his honor, the Mayor?

And what does the former Mayor Link know? Hmmmm....

Solara said...

Gee Pat braying hmmmm that fuels more ideas for another week of this serial! Thanks Savanna! Yes, what will cure the CRUD in Tablot's Peak? Stay tuned our furry, feathered, hoofed, and haired viewers.