Friday, March 15, 2013

Oooh...Crack That Whip!

I have to say, I love writing about Nick and Ziva.  This duo turned out way different and worlds better than the way they started off in my head.

They're always up for something, which is good since my blog mates and I tend to daydream and semi brainstorm in full technicolor fashion.

Maybe one day Nick and Z will get their own story or perhaps they will remain characters for my flash fodder...who knows.

Hope you enjoy today's silliness. 

“Remember, this baby is eight foot long so you need to stand ten to twelve feet back before you begin your swing.  When you do its back-forward-slight flick of the wrist and that tip will crack just in front of our fine Editor Nick.”

“Penny, are you sure I won’t hurt him with this?”

“Sugah, he’s shifter, he’ll heal.  Now, while I’m teaching you to wield a whip at your love, you’ll call me Mistress.  Comprende?”

“Yes, Mistress…”

“Ah, Z, such beautiful words coming from your lips, someday…”


Ziva slipped one more button open on her tight white shirt and adjusted her tits to their best advantage.  Sure, it was probably incredibly male to think of them as tits rather than breasts, but she liked the course language when she was getting ready to get down and dirty with her man.   She rolled the length of leather three times around her hand, slid it under the clasp on her belt then adjusted her hat.

Six, deep and calming, breaths later and she was ready to go in and take charge.

Last week’s movie night was Nick’s choice and she found herself watching a classic.  Indy and the race against the Nazi’s for the Ark was an all time favorite for them both.  She, because let’s be honest here, it had one sexy Harrison Ford…dayum!  Plus it was action packed and the Heroine kicked ass.  For Nick, it all came down to the Staff of Ra, wood—go figure, and the whip.  Her honey was so predictable.

So over the last week she’d gone to Penelope for training.  They’d check in with Dom Bo Phant, Penelope’s friend and master whip handler, but he’d been out of town for the week at some sort of conference.  So Penny had shown her the ropes.  Now she would test her, well not skills, on her man.  The goal was to get it close as a tease, but not hurt him.


Nick shook his head as the wolf whistles and suggestive calls reached his ears from the bullpen outside his door.  Clearly, either Penny or Ziva was once again pushing the boundaries on what was workplace appropriate attire.

“Please let it be, Penny.”  He rose, intending to make his way to the door as it opened.  The vision that greeted him was clearly not his secretary and left him thanking the Lupa above.  Ziva, in her treasure hunter outfit, tits front and center—the flush on their tops told him she was into this game just as much as he was, and the whip…  Well hell, that baby pulled it all together.

“I’ve come for the Staff of Ra, infidel!”

“You’ll have to come closer to find it, my sexy raider.”  Not that he was doing a very good job of hiding the beast as it pushed against his pants.  Suit pants were a joke when it came to corralling his erection, something Ziva was now noticing.


She appeared to be taking measurements, though she should already have a damn good idea of what he had to offer.  Her hesitancy riled his wolf, pulling him from the scene and causing him to advance. “Ziva.”

“No, don’t come forward!  In fact, could you take three large steps back?”


“I didn’t take ‘it’ into account in my measurements and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“What ‘it’?”  He asked, stepping back as she’d asked.

Her sexy grin knocked his heart sideways and the winding of her whip shot adrenaline to every muscle in anticipation.  “Why your Staff of Ra, lover.”


The crack of a whip and the lusty wolf call caused a chuckle to break out in the bullpen.  Bets were laid down and raunchy jokes were made about Nick and Ziva, but then never minded.  Penelope smiled as she knew those two would never fully engage in a busy office, but that was what the back door in Nick’s office was for.  They were two peas in a pod; both had a yen for fun and an unbreakable bond.


May your weekend be filled with lovers and friends, especially if they bring their own toys!



Pat C. said...

Now playing: "Raiders of the Lust Bark." Don't forget your popcorn.

I see Ziva, like the Nazis, miscalculated the length of the "Staff of Ra." Love it!

Next: Mistress P takes her boss and bestie to meet her friend in "Nick and Ziva and the Temple of Dom." Sorry; too easy to pass up.

Love this flash!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...That was the title I was looking for this morning!

OMG...The Temple of Dom, no chilled monkey's brains, but lots of bondage equipment I'm sure. ;D

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, Ziva and Nick, love ya like my own. The immortal wood is only waiting to demonstrate its potent powers.

Heck, I like the title, Raiders of the Lust Bark ~ the erotic werewolf adventures of Nick and Ziva.

If you had time/energy you could probably turn this into a serial story. ~smiles~

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Yep, that's exactly what I need - time and energy! :)