Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Training

Gill looked around the large conference room.  Every available chair was filled.  Even the few places where people could stand had double occupants as well.  He glanced across the table in front of him.  Children of various ages sat on the floor.  Their eyes keen upon him.  Kids. . .and Melody had mentioned she liked them. Let her keep on liking them without him helping or parenting them either.  He had a curse to break if he ever got back to working a reversal spell.  Chaperoning Marissa and Mooney’s two hellions took up time Gill swore he’d never get back if that was possible.    Lex and his snake oil remedies could go elsewhere.  Hell had turned em down so they were back in town.

Every time Gill looked up another camera went off.  If one more flash light up the room, he’d. . .Dante stood at the back of the room with two of richest men in town.  So that was where the funding had come from for the rag tag ball fields and hastily thrown together bleachers.  Even now Serge and Mooney were overseeing the tear down and rebuild of the spectators area.  Bettina and Louie were deep into the venture as well.  Louie was working on menus and prices for the small kitchen area and vendors building.  Bettina had called in favors owed to get the equipment and maintenance materials needed for field upkeep and game play.

Gill sucked in air as emotions raced over him.  Teams, uniforms, and schedules sat before him.  Parents signed forms as kids gathered together discussing names.  Shifters and humans spoke to each other without issue.  This was peace?  Gill’s stomach flip-flopped as he gulped  and reached for the stack of papers he needed.  The clock on the back wall of the room showed twenty more minutes.  Twenty that might be the introduction to the first successful thing he’d achieved in quite a while.  Maybe just maybe things were looking up. 

Gill leafed through the rosters on top.  Four teams per age group with their coach’s name and their sponsor topped each sheet.  The last stack held three sheets that puzzled Gill the most.  Three proposed additional leagues awaited approval.  A mixed seniors league, a magic league, and a mixed interspecies league.  Could adults get along as well as the kids seemed to be?  How long  would the peace last before pieces of hide and equipment began littering the fields? 

Gill didn’t know.  He couldn’t summon up the energy to care.  Giddiness threatened to overtake him.  He stood, grabbed the megaphone next to him, and spoke into it.   “PLAY BALL!”


Happy Weekend Gang,

The cold is not over yet. I wonder if Phil is off in Florida hiding or practicing spring training so he can get it right next time he sticks his head out of his burrow.   Snow hedges our forecast midweek here at the Spice Homestead.  I predict green grass and daffodils for Peter Rabbit by month's end.

Until then I'm going to continue working and writing away on  new stories while sharing a good book or two with my loves and spice.  Try it you might like it and so might you love and spice by sharing good books together.



Pat C. said...

Baseball in Talbot's Peak ... this is gonna be good.

One of the team names has to be the Bad News Bears.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bad News Bears... luv it! Yeah, it'll be interesting how disputes get handled... and how the games really get played, given the shifter and supernatural abilities of the team members, coaches and umpires... oh, and extra strength.