Saturday, March 9, 2013

St Paddy's and Spring Fling Shifter Style

Sally smiled as she filled yet another glass with green beer.  Tory shook her head as Josh put two baskets of nachos laden with jalapenos and cheese with a huge mound of steak tartar in the middle of each.  The melting snow pack brought in hungry shape shifters in all sizes and species.  

“I’m surprised Anthony didn’t hire extra security for this Irish Spring Fling.”  Tory wiped her eyes before reaching for the baskets of nachos.  “The place is packed.  Beer is flowing like water.”
Josh patted her ass as she scooted by him carrying a serving tray with the nachos and a pitcher of green beer.  Tory blew an airborne kiss at him as she rounded the bar.  What had Anthony been thinking when he decided to run a week long celebration for St Patrick’s Day and Spring Festival together?  She bet Anthony’s excuse of being out of town on business was a ruse.

Sally laughed as Tory’s yelp could be heard over the din of conversation and music blaring out of the juke box at the far end of the bar.  “Josh, I think your wife needs rescuing?”  Sally stepped behind the bar as Josh moved out into the crowd milling closer with their empty glasses.

Josh elbowed his way through the throng moving toward the replenished buffet.  Tonight’s patrons grazed like locust.  Not that he complained.  No one had asked for a tab.  A few had paid up front and others settled up their prior bills.  Josh shook his head as he reached the small dance floor area near the juke box.  

Several couples danced tight against each other.  Growls and snarls emanated at low levels each time a couple bumped against each other.  It was like they were deliberately keeping their nether regions apart.  Talk about sadist and masochists.   Rutting would commence when the moon rose to her full height in a couple of hours.  The hotels and motels nearby would make enough over the week to off-set any losses from the winter.  Josh hoped he didn’t have to punch some sex starved shifter for coming on to Tory.  She did have a mean right cross of her own.

“That is cold,” Tory yelped.  Josh shoved two tall men apart, growling deep in his throat as he did.  He scanned the brightly lit dance area looking for Tory and missing nothing.  He saw her two tables over.  A man about Tory’s size stood next to her.  At his side another male stood grinning and licking his lips.  Josh clenched his fists.

“Egbert, behave,” Tory scolded reaching up to cuff the male opposite her.  

Josh strode forward, his teeth gritting as he clenched his fists tighter.  The closer he got, the tighter his jaw got. Who the frack were these two men?  A green haze tinged the outer edges of Josh’s field of vision.  He tried to swallow.  His throat refused to comply.  Dryness prevented him from snarling loudly.  

“Duncan O’Brien you know better!” Tory went up on her tip toes and kissed the cheek of the taller man.  She reached up and grabbed his ear pulling him down to her level as she dropped back on her feet.  Josh stopped, waiting to see what happened next.

Tory shoved her empty tray deep into the belly of the man closest to her.  “Egbert you’re far from Ireland.  Did you leave your manners buried with your pot gold?”

Before Egbert could answer, Tory drew back and cuffed Duncan on the chin.  Josh caught the motion of her foot as she swung back ready to kick the man in the . . . 

“Lass is that any way to greet your kin and welcome a bloke who married your sister.”  Duncan’s high pitched voice left no doubts to where Tory’s foot had landed. 

 Josh covered his mouth to keep his laughter from spilling out.  These two had a lot to learn about tempting Tory and playing the relative card.  There was a story he definitely wanted to hear and soon.  Having two leprechauns for in-laws was going to be very interesting.   

Happy Weekend Readers!
Sorry for the late posting.  It's been a crazy busy week here at Spice Homestead.  Between the cold and the snow, I've wondered if it's honestly March!  The warmth is working its way over the land again.  Buds are showing on the trees and tonight we change time.  Another hour of light, yeah!  More warmth and greenery will show soon. 

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Savanna Kougar said...

Gosh, I could use some spring flinging myself. Wish I was there. And, leprechauns... that'll be story unto itself.

See ya at your Monday posting.

Pat C. said...

Ow. Right in the lucky charms.

I look forward to these fun flashes on the weekends. See you Monday!

Serena Shay said...

OMGosh...Leprechauns in the family, love it!