Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Greely took another turn through the wondrous ‘pool of nutritive dung saliva’ or PONDS for short at the back of Erol’s underwater grotto and thanked her lucky stars she’d trusted him to bring her here.  The trip down had been terrifying, inside his dragon mouth with those rows of jagged teeth surrounding her, her little froggy heart had nearly given out.

“How are you doing, Fair One?”

Greely ribbited happily as Erol picked up her frog form with its newly healed skin.  She had to give credit to this normally beastly man for knowing what she’d needed and bringing her to it so quickly.  His past gifts had been lackluster at best…hell ‘a-frightening at worst, but this one was perfect.  She moved to the side of his hand and hoped he received her gesture about wanting down.

“Wait, my sweet,” he whispered, enveloping her between both of his strong, smithy hands.  “Let me place you safely down upon the floor.”   

Wow, who’d have guessed his sometimes antiquated speech patterns would turn her on this much.
Certainly, not her.  Heck, after that fiasco of getting her banned from Pebble Pond, she figured she’d want nothing more than to light his tail on fire, but now after her healing bath and his gentlemanly behavior, that fire thing had been moved to the back burner.

Greely hopped to the frothy hot spring several steps away from the PONDS intending to clean up, and then change the gentleman into a passionate beast.  Spring was in the air above in Talbot’s Peak, but even more so here in the grotto.  She may not have the direct sunshine, but the way the sun played peek-a-boo through the natural vents, glancing over the water and gems, it was just as soothing and quite romantic.

A smile curved her froggy mouth at the thought of the hours of lust she was going to expend with the Smith, and the strength he had in those arms alone.  No doubt she would be trying out all those positions she’d only ever read about.  “Hot damn” came out sounding more like “Riib-biit” as she jumped in, shifting to human as she went.


The dragons roar wasn’t half as startling as the part man, part beast lifting her from her hiding place beneath the bubbling water.  She dangled, quite naked, from the strong human grip of a blacksmith while staring into
the green orbs of a clearly panicked dragon head.

“Put me down, please.” Greely focused on calming her racing heart and not blushing at the state of her undress.  She was far from prude, she’d been planning on getting down and dirty with him just moments ago and now that this man had healed her winter beaten skin she looked better than she had in a very long time.  That, however, did nothing to ease her nerves.  She wanted those first naked moments to be filled with passion, not fear.


Erol slowly lowered his mate back into the water where she sunk into the depths.  Besides turning her blush of embarrassment into the flush of warmth, she covered the sweetest white skin, the longest legs and most beautiful breasts he’d ever had the pleasure of seeing with the murky water of the hot spring.

He forced down the fear that had caused his partial shift and once again became human.  “I apologize, Fair One, for causing you distress.  It was not my intent.”

“No, it was me…I can see where entering this hot water in my animal state could cause you distress.  It sure wouldn’t take long to become froggy soup.”

“Yes, and if anything is going to cause my mate to burn, I want it to be me…”

Well, it's finally starting to feel like spring here in MN...30's to upper 40 degree weather for a change.  I know it might sound cold, but let me assure you, after many below zero days this winter, it feels like a heat wave!  LOL

May Spring find you and yours like it did here and in Erol's lovely Grotto!



Pat C. said...

"that fire thing had been moved to the back burner" - something about this line just strikes me funny.

Why is it I never get lifted naked from a hot spring by a handsome dragon man? Life just isn't fair.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...Erol needs to tread carefully here or she might just move it back to front and center.

Hell yeah! Step one...find a hidden grotto, Step two...get naked, Step three...use your Dragon Lord voice to call for a dragon! -Hey, it worked for Merlin, at least the voice thingy. ;)

Rebecca Gillan said...

Now I want a drang to "hoard" me in the back of his romantic cave/hot tub...

Serena Shay said...

Me too, Rebecca! All that power, treasures galore and free heat! ;)

Plus, there that ol' 'I gotta dragon and you don't' thing you can tease people with...I mean who's gonna give you flak about have a freaking dragon at your back! LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

lol... gang. Serena, I adored that line too, "that fire thing had been moved to the back burner" ...

Greely is one lucky girl froggie with her dragon man.

Serena Shay said...

:D Thanks Savanna! She is one lucky frog...good thing she's starting to realize it.