Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break Talbot's Peak Style

Gill looked at the sign hanging right in sight.  Bold letters and large detailed picture made sure there was no mistaking the implied message.  Louie had taken his with him two hours prior.  Hadley had one hung in the window of the motorcycle shop. 

Melody and Rascal had taken off for parts unknown after their last argument.  Not that Gill cared.  Her idea about kids and marriage was more than he was ready to hear much less talk about.  Three months of dating and the female acted like she married him.  Bettina had even mouthed good riddens as Melody’s car left gravel flying after her fight with her supposed best friend.  The mayoral mansion was quiet.  No problem.  Friday night poker tournaments had gotten off to a rambunctious start. 

And there was Phil.  That nasty lying conniving ground hog.  Rumor was he was running south as fast as his four stubby legs and feet would take him.   

Gill looked over at the traps he’d confiscated.  No harming Phil if they caught up with him.  Bets were they wouldn’t.  A trip to find the culprit had turned into a road trip vacation.  Bettina would have the traps under lock and key come morning.  

Gill smiled as he looked at the rows of boxes lining the wall closest to his office door.  Beer, hot dogs, corn nuts, poker chips and four decks of cards filled one box.  Louie’s grill utensils and various seasonings filled the next.  The third held assorted girlie magazines, fire starter material according to Hadley and Ranger, and other DVDs along with more reading material.  In the back of Louie’s truck their fishing poles and bait boxes took up one side of the pickup.  Large ice chests and charcoal took up two corners of the bed. 

Hadley had keys to his cousins hunting shacks clear down to the Florida Keys and back.  Ranger's SUV held sleeping bags, toiletries, and anything miscellaneous they could come up with.  And the attached trailer held Louie's elaborate gas grill. 

Thirty more minutes and Gill’s two suite cases were joining Louie’s in the bed of the pickup.  Spring Break was commencing somewhere warm and they were gonna find where that was!

Happy Weekend Gang!

I'm off to a weekend filled with workships with Bob Mayer.  I'm attending with Mage, and his lovely bride.  Sunday evening sees me with my car in the garage once again.  Wheel bearings and brakes this time.  So time for me to find my Spring Break and enjoy warmth!  

Mean while share a good book or two with your loves and spices!  I know I am!



Pat C. said...


Can't wait to see what trouble the boys get into.

Savanna Kougar said...

Exactly, Pat. Gil's Spring Break Mayhem and Adventure.

Have fun at the workshop, Solara, and learn good author stuff.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna!
Learned today about finding blind spots and also moving out of my comfort zone. Will need to get book to fill in notes. Tomorrow is crafting workshop that I am looking forward to.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, spring break fun! Have fun guys. :)

Awesome workshop, Solara...I've heard Bob Mayer provides an excellent experience! Have fun. :)