Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Disco!

“No!  No way, man, not gonna happen.”

“Come on Jonesy, don’t be a tool…it’ll be fun.”

“It’s disco, Trevor.”

“Right, fun.”

Crap.  Leave it to his good time guy of a cousin to drag him to a disco.  Trevor never missed a chance to get down.  “I’d have more fun at the dance hall two counties over kickin’ shit, Trev.”

“We always do that, cuz.  Let’s check out the boogie-oogie-oogie…consider it cultural.

“Its disco, Trevor.”

“Our folks loved it, it’s their culture.”

“That’s an endorsement?  Have you looked at their music collections…huge black circles they insist has music on it when all I hear is scratching.”

“Don’t be an ageist, Jonesy.  They couldn’t help it that they weren’t smart enough to create CD’s.”

Gah he was cold.  His feet felt like ice blocks in the well-worn boots and the breeze came right through the ripped up jeans he’d been forced into, but hell it beat the jumpsuit Trevor had wanted him to wear.   “Where the hell is this place, Trev?   Geez, this is one long-assed haul through the woods…all for disco.”

“Stop bitching, it’s right up there…”

Jonesy caught a glimpse of the establishment in question…complete with gates and bouncers.  “Are you sure we can even get in there, Cuz?”

“Why wouldn’t we be able to?”

“Oh, I don’t know, we’re strangers trying to get in a backwoods establishment?” —Of a town they’d pranked in the past.

“Don’t look so guilty and we’ll be fine.  Now, you ready?”


“Good, there’s the doorman.  Entry for two my fine fellow.”

“Age.”  Damn!  Jonesy himself was big, but this guy was a behemoth and still Trevor pushed forward.

“Twenty-three, respectively.”

“Talbies or US dollars?”

“Um, US…”

“Ten a piece.”

“Okie doke.  Here ya go.”

 “In you go,” growled the giant guarding the way. “Don’t make me throw you out.”

“Wouldn’t think of it, come on, Jonesy.”

Hell was his cousin so oblivious to the world around him and the allure of the club that he’d missed Mr. Oddities at the door?  “Hey, Trev, did you…”

“Oh my gawd, a disco ball…”


“…and colored floor tiles…”

“…that dude growl, ugh.”  Jonesy barreled into his cousin, nearly taking them both off their feet.  “Why’d you stop, man?  Whoa!  They’re all glowing.”

“Oh,oh,oh…” Trevor looked at him with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his lips.  He knew that face…nothing good came from that face.  “I hope they have purple!”

“Oh shit!”

Once again, Trevor & Jonesy are back in the Peak.  This time without their wings.  Though that could change if Trev scores the purple glow in the dark juice.  ;)

Have a sparkly weekend!



Pat C. said...

Hooray for glowing purple fairies! (But no sparkly vampires, please.)

Between you and Savanna, I'm going to have the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack running through my head for the next several days. :(

Serena Shay said... too, Pat. Of course, many days I find myself humming a disco tune.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, oh, I love it! The purple fairy goes disco-ing... is nudity around the corner? With a glowstick featured?

Of course, if Trevor and Jonesy, go too far, they could find themselves thrown out on their keisters... in the deep unforgiving snow.

Serena Shay said...

Heh Heh, eventually yes, there will be nudity and glowsticks. Trevor just can't help himself! ;)