Friday, July 26, 2013

A Legends League in the Peak?

Dear Editor,

I’ve decided to make my appeal to you considering how much pull the paper seems to have in this town.   I hope you will get this request into the hands of the appropriate committee to review our request. 

It’s been noticed that our town doesn’t have a semi-professional sports team and frankly, our high school team can’t stop turning into animals on the field which keeps them from playing with surrounding towns.  How we’ve kept the “humans” in the dark up until now is a miracle. 

Anyway, I digress.  I’d like to make a suggestion for a new team.  Women’s football – specifically a Legends Football League.  My buddy and I took in a game the other night and it was enlightening.  When you consider the “talent” we have in Talbot’s Peak, it makes sense to develop a team.  We could build a stadium, charge an entrance fee and set up concession stands.  The influx of cash into our town would be incredible (again do to the “talent”).

I know it may be a little early, but I’d like to nominate Ziva Wilk to the team.  Her “assets” would greatly add to the talent of the team.

Thank you for your consideration,

A Concerned Sports Enthusiast


“Well, Z, looks like you have a fan letter here.”

“Gimme!”  Ziva pushed back in her desk chair and ripped the letter from Penelope’s hand.  She acknowledged her craziness over fan mail, but she couldn’t help it…she loved that people were reading her work.

“Ah, it might not be what you’re looking for, Z….”

“Shush, wait…”  She held a hand up to her friend and continued reading.  “What the hell?  I’m missing something here.  I get the suggestiveness of the letter, but women’s football?”

“Yeah, check out the website at the bottom of the page.”

Ziva scanned down and found the addy.  She typed it into the computer and in seconds was greeted to a page that explained it all. 


“They’re playing football in their bra and panties?”


“Wearing shoulder pads that don’t do anything but push their boobs out and a garter?”

“Yep and yep.”

“Oh Lupa…do they even get running shoes or do they have to do this in heels as well?”  Ziva sighed, frustrated with those in her town that had some growing up to do.

“Can’t tell, but my guess is fido here would like to see you in stilettos.”

Ziva sniffed the paper and caught the rascals scent. “Not fido, more like dinner.  I’ve smelled that before….it’s…”


Nick bellowed, damn near shaking the walls, startling her from her thoughts.  “Oh Penny, did you really give him a copy?”  Ziva looked out the door and saw him huffing his way towards them.

“At least I didn’t give him the copy with the scent on it.  I couldn’t resist seeing that look on his face and the bulging vein is just too good!”

Yeah, he was seething and what she was going to do next would not help, but she couldn’t let the author of the ill-advised letter face this wrath. 

“Give me the letter!”

“Sorry, Sweetie, no can do.”  Lupa, he was fine in his anger.  Ziva longed to pet him, kiss every part of him then suck his dick until the fury changed to pleasure.  She was alpha and rather than fight her man, she wanted to fuck him.

“Don’t sweetie me!  GIVE…ME...THAT…”

Ziva moved sideways, closer to Penelope as Nick made his move.  She reached for the Peaparrots colorful pants, pulled them out and stuffed the letter in front—deep enough to feel warmth. 

Nick stopped short and glared.  “Get it back.”

“You mean stick my hand back down Penny’s tight pants, rooting around near her bare flesh until I find the letter?”  Nick’s deep red flush was an awesome sight.  Ziva adored flustering her mate.  “Oh Sweetie, l don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

“I want that letter, Ziva.  No one makes lewd comments about my She and lives.”

“Nick,” she purred, stepping into his arms and reaching for his face. “I do love you and your alpha attitude, but please let me take care of this.”

“Mine.” Nick grunted.

“Absolutely and for always, but let me straighten this person out.”  Ziva soothed his jaw with her hands and lips waiting for him to relax enough to be sent away.

“First shot,” Nick grumbled, releasing the tension filling his body in slow increments.  “You get first shot, Z, and then I’m stepping in if I hear anymore about you in a Legends League.”

“Agreed,” she said, kissing him with enough passion to get his mind off the letter, but not enough that would make him throw her over his shoulder.  “Now go rest your junk, I’m gonna want some later so put some ice on it…”

Nick growled at her even as he limped out the door.

“He’s still feeling that fall, huh?”

“Oh Penny, he was so funny that day—storming into the house, holding his nuts and growling about never having pups of our own all the while lowering death threats on his brothers head.”

“He got over it though, yes?” 

“Yeah, he did.  A little TLC to the affected area and he was right as rain until he felt he needed more TLC.”  Ziva shook her head and smiled at the memory.  “Now, do you feel up to running down one immature oxen?”

“Oh hell, Arnold again?”

“Yep, and I feel a little cow-tipping coming on,” she said, extricating the letter from her friends pants. “We can call it practice for the football season.”

“Bra and panties?”  Penelope inquired, a suggestive gleam in her eyes.

“Ha!  Sure, just no stilettos. I’m too old for that shite.”

Another peek into Nick and Ziva's life.  I do love writing about their exploits, each so crazy in love with the other, yet they deeply groove on toying with the other the way best friends do!

Have a great weekend!


Pat C. said...

Forget football, male or female. Talbot's Peak needs a roller derby team. Either way, a rhino would be invaluable.

Plus, I'm sure Ralph or any other male in the office (with the exception of Jamie) would have been more than happy to fetch that letter for Nick ...

Pat C. said...

Forget football, male or female. Talbot's Peak needs a roller derby team, with a rhino in charge.

Plus, I'm sure Ralph or any other male in the office (with the exception of Jamie) would have been more than happy to retrieve that letter for Nick ...

Pat C. said...

Forget football - Talbot's Peak needs a roller derby team, with a rhino in charge.

And I'm sure Ralph or any other male in the office (with the exception of Jamie) would have been more than happy to retrieve the letter for Nick ...

Rebecca Gillan said...

Cow tipping? Oh, man, that does sound like fun! Great flash!

Serena Shay said...

Yep, cow, or in this case, oxen tipping. It's sure to be a night Arnold won't soon forget. ;)


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I do love the Ziva and Nick episodes... great flashing, Serena... and wow, how hard is Arnold going to get 'tipped'? ... hehe...

Pat C. said...

Forget football. They need shapeshifter roller derby.

Plus, I'm sure Ralph or any male in the office (other than Jamie) would have been happy to retrieve that letter for Nick ...

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! Oh, I'm betting hard enough for him to learn a good lesson...respect the alphas, be they oxen, wolf or fowl. ;)

Serena Shay said...

OMG Pat, roller derby, for sure! See now that is something I can see both Ziva and Mistress P wanting to do of their own accord. :D

LOL...oh yeah, most of the male population would love to get that letter back for Nick. I bet Jamie would too, just to say he was the one who got it! ;)