Friday, July 12, 2013

Run, Just Run...

Ziva peeked out her office door and noted the placement of each person left in the bullpen.  It was close to quitting time and this being Talbot’s Peak office hours were very informal.  There was always someone taking off out the side doors and shifting for a much needed run.  Today it appeared that most of the employees had left early and wouldn’t see her traipsing down the hall with her gifts for Nick.

“Everything okay, Ms. Wilk?”

“Oi, ah, I mean oh Bull you startled me.”

“Sorry about that I didn’t mea…”

“No-no, not your fault.  Yes, I’m fine.  Are you taking off then?”

“I am.”  The big moose looked longingly at the door.  “It’s too nice to be inside today.”

“It sure is.  Good day for a run…or a, well, lumber.”

Why was she so nervous?  She wasn’t doing anything wrong, well, not yet anyway.

“Yep, it sure is.  ‘Night Ms. Wilk.”

Bull walked away and Ziva grabbed the zipped up garment bag and shoebox.  She squeezed through the door and made a quick dash down the hall to Nick’s office.  Seconds later she was inside with the door kicked shut and a sexy alpha wolf in human skin looking back at her.

“Need me that bad, sweetheart?”

“Yes, no, yes, but not like that…well, exactly like that.  First though, I have a gift for you.”  Ziva draped the bag over the desk in front of him and set the box on top. “Here.”


“Yes, kind of.  Trust me, I’ll like it ah, I mean you’ll like it.”  With a kick to the desk leg she growled at him, “Just open the damn thing, please.”

Nick unzipped the garment bag and pulled out the suit, giving it a look and her, a raised eyebrow.  Holy Lupa he already sported her favorite Dr.’s awesome expression and the extra-low cut sideburns, she wondered if he’d cut his long locks short, just for a while.

“A brown suit with blue pin-stripes?  Dark shirt, a tie with squares…is there going to be a bowtie as well?”

“Yeah, great isn’t it…the bowtie comes later.”

“And a trench coat?  What’s going on, Ziva?”

“Check out the shoes…”

She was giddy with her find and couldn’t wait for him to try everything on then take it off to fuck her.  Shoot, why kid herself, she needed him to bring her off while still wearing the clothes and more than once.

“Ankle high Converse tennis shoes?”

Ziva shivered at the thought of it all coming together on her man’s bod, but couldn’t miss his snarly face.  “Would you consider cutting your hair?”

“No.  Not just no, no way!  And no more Who marathons.  We are getting rid of that damn movie service.”

“Oh sweetie, that’s so not happening.”  Ziva ran, laughing.  Nick gave good chase, but she was quick on her feet.  Their play was fun and exciting, the adrenalin pumped through her veins and made her even more determined to get him into the clothes.
 So Darling Diva and I have finished all of the new(2005 and later) episodes of Dr. Who and we loved it!  All the Dr.'s were awesome, but DD and I personally adore David Tennant.  Sexy, Scottish and clothed in a suit and tennies - Yum!
May your weekend be filled with a marathon of your favorite Dr.!



Pat C. said...

Count your lucky stars, Nick. It could have been an oversized coat, body-length scarf, floppy hat and a curly wig. Yeah, I grew up with the Tom Baker Doctor.

David Tennant, though ... yummy.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...Nick's not feeling so lucky at the moment, but he sure should be. David Tennant is so, so fine!

DD and I tried to start from the very beginning and yeah, she wasn't impressed with the 60's version. We'll have to jump ahead and try some of the later docs... ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Gotta love Nick and Ziva together... I've never had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Who, but the description is yummy.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna! That's the 10th doctor in the picture...sooo yummy!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Nick should feel lucky. There are much worse TV shows for Ziva to have fantascies about. She did didn't ask him to dress like anyone from Duck Dynasty, for example!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...right you are, Rebecca! She'd probably have gotten a different response from Nick if he hadn't witnessed her lusting over the TV one too many times when David Tennant was on. ;)

To be fair, I've never seen Duck Dynasty, but the ads are not at all enticing.

Pat C. said...

Or "Call of the Wildman." Dear God. Live action? I don't think so.