Saturday, July 6, 2013

Punk A What?!

Gil looked down the list of midway games the committee had presented for the upcoming street fair carnival.  A shooting booth topped the list, followed by various games of chance, and several that humans could win a few prizes at along with some that would pay out in local services as well as fund raising projects for the community and youth center. Main Street up through the outer edge of town would hold rides and food vendors.  The games and picnic area circled closer to the proposed center buildings.   Two-thirds of the way down the list a particular entry caught his attention.

As Gil laid the paper on the table, he glanced at the committee personnel present for the finalizing of the layout of the function.  Heads bobbed and shook as the committee studied the list.  Had none of them puzzled the item he had?  Gil inhaled, and leaned back, giving all a few more moments to look over the list again if needed.

About five minutes later, Louie looked up.  His gaze met Gil’s.  He held up five fingers and mouthed the item in question.  Gil nodded and shrugged.  Several others looked up wide eyed.  Bettina snort and nudged the woman sitting next to her, showing her the item.

Gil rapped on the table.  “As you can see we’ve gotten the list of games folks stated they wanted for the midway.  There are some for shape shifters and some for humans as well as ones that appeal to both.”

Gil paused, waiting to see if anyone would openly voice their thoughts and opinion on item number five.

No one spoke up.  Gil could feel the tension growing the longer he waited.  Drawing in a breath, he opened his mouth to speak.  The conference room door banged open.  Ranger trotted in.

“Sorry to be late.  Had to deal with a group of stupid kids.”  Ranger pulled out the chair at the far end of the table.  Bettina stood up, picked up her chair and scooted closer to Louie.  More sniffs sounded.  Chairs and people moved.  Soon Ranger occupied the far end of the table alone.  Many dabbed their eyes and held their hands over their nose.  

Gil opened his mouth to speak again when the gray haired human closest to him called out.  “Son, you been sleeping with polecats?”

Gil bit his lip to keep from busting out laughing.  As he looked down at item five, he began to get the gist of the game’s title.  If punking a skunk had anything to do with how Ranger smelled, there was no way that game was even getting off the drawing board.

Ranger stood and removed his hat.  Gil swallowed hard.  That was a first for him.  Ranger looked down as he spoke.  “No sir I leave polecats and skunks alone for the most part.  But when a group of dumbass teens think they can hold their breath, grab a skunk by his tail, and shave em with a pair of clippers like they would a sheep, well rescuing the shape shifters amongst the group is one of my sworn duties.”

Louie walked over to the closest window, opened it.  He proceeded to open several others.  “Someone go down to Ratagins and get a case of tomato juice.  There is an industrial size can of air freshener in the bathroom. “

Sounds of feet moving and chairs toppling filled the room.  A circle of men with their backs to Ranger formed.  Hadley leapt up on the table and called out.  “Strip and make your way outside cuz the scrubbing is about to commence.”


Happy Weekend Gang!

Well I've heard of unusual customs and games at fairs and carnivals.  I think the Peak will never be the same if this game catches on.  Buying stock in tomato juice companies and air freshener manufacturers too is one way to fund the community center project.

Hope you are surviving summer's heat wave and storms.  The Spice Homestead celebrates two anniversaries this week, Mage and his wife along with DP and his Gal Pal.  Congrats to them both!  
I'll be busy writing this weekend on a new meange story that takes place in Cascade Bay.  I hope to have it polished and ready for submission soon.  Until next week, remember to share a good book or two with your spice and loves.  I will be!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh my gawd! I just spat coffee all over myself! I have to ask: where exactly would they get enough skunks to have a booth like that? And oh, should the fallout from the attempts to shave skunks clear out the whole fair. Because you KNOW a booth like that would appeal to both human teens and shape shifter kids! Fantastic post!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Oh man, this should prove to be one heck of a fair!

Pat C. said...

That's one sheep-to-shawl contest I'd love to see, but not smell. Excellent flash!

We also need Cow Chip Bingo and a dunk tank. I'm betting the local ducks would volunteer.

I wish you hadn't used the word "polecat," though. Now all I can think of is a feline pole dancing at Dante's.

Savanna Kougar said...

Love that pic of the kid with the skunk! too cute!

Omygosh, I wonder what the skunk shapeshifters would say to this? And their tail-raised, smelly answer.

But, yeah, cow chips toss or bingo, and a dunk tank with the local ducks... haha!

Polecat, what a cute name for a pole dancer at Dante's.

btw, the Sunaire air purifier gets rid of skunk smell inside an area... you can put your critters inside, and de-skunk them pretty darn fast.

Solara said...

Thank you Ladies! I enjoyed writing this flash. What things the muse will come up with when you let your mind wander with Pris at the lead.