Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wacky News and Free Stuff

We are now half way through July and you know what that means. Yep, Convention Season is in full swing. This weekend, Comic-con in San Diego opens up and with it come lots of free stuff. The best I’ve seen so far is a free PDF sampler mix from Harper Voyager.

It’s been a while since I found any blog-worthy news stories, but the following two stories were practically begging to be shared. Mermaids are not allowed to swim in Florida pools due to no-fin policies. The mermaid in question insists that there should be an exception for her since her fins are soft, unlike scuba fins, which are hard, rigid and dangerous. I think this smells a little fishy, personally.

And in other WTF news, a woman is suing a Japanese mob boss for a refund on the protection money she had paid out over the last twelve years. Seems that back in 2008, she attempted to not pay her protection money and the mob underling threatened to burn her restaurant down. I’m guessing she thinks the threat was a violation of protection that she, albeit reluctantly, purchased. I wonder what Talbot’s Peak’s very own yakooza would have to say on this subject?

All righty then! Here’s wishing you stay cool this summer!



Savanna Kougar said...

And, Nessie showed off for Google, that was a news story, as well.

Now that would be the trial of the century. A Peaker suing the Tiger Yakuza. ~smiles~

Love the pics! Wish I was on the horse.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yep, Nessie on Google Earth was funny!

Pat C. said...

"Pay up or be eaten."

To which Mayor Gil would reply, "Knock it off or I'm coming after your nuts."

Wonder what kind of deal ex-Mayor Link had going with the Khan family, hmmmm?

So why can't a mermaid use the swimming pool? As long as she wears a bathing cap so her hair doesn't clog the filters.