Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full Moon Fair Effect

Gill look up from the table covered with blue prints and maps of town.  At the opposite end of the table, Bettina and Louie examined the list of vendors and attractions vying for a prime spot along Main Street, otherwise known a Fair Central.  Orange colored flags littered the maps while white chalk marks outlined the areas already assigned to businesses along that particular street or section of town.

“You know, Gill,” Louie began, standing up straight, his hands going to the middle of his back.  “This is going to be bigger than we first intended or expected.  Mystic Falls decided to join in and with Sandy Valley now adding in their stuff---” Louie shrugged.  “Are we going to get anyone who isn’t busy manning something to attend the Fair?”

Bettina snorted.  “How many of those flyers did you give Erol and Greely with the instructions to paper every town and shopping mall with in a thousand miles?”

Louie ducked his head and sighed.  “Okay, so I went a bit overboard.  Can’t help it.  I’m from the Jersey Shore and we do things big there.”

Gill tapped on the table.  “What I want to know is how do we keep the humans who don’t know about us and our animalistic nature from freaking out?”

Louie coughed, rolled his eyes, and leaned forward on both hands on the table.  “You think we can close down the city on a full moon?  You remember opening night and for the next two nights the full moon is beaming down without cloud cover?”

“Shit do I!” Gill dropped into a nearby chair.  “We’re sunk.  Completely and utterly outed. Knowing the citizens of this town, hiring New York City’s riot cops wouldn’t help.  Even military special forces won’t break up a mess like that if we don’t get some kind of policing going on.”

Bettina walked around the table.  “I can call in a few favors and get some of my cousins from my old neighborhood to help out.  They might drain the blood bank’s reserves to keep them from puncturing a neck or two while they are keeping order.”

Louie nodded as he sat in the chair next to Gill.  “How about we double the price after a certain hour so that most of the humans will come earlier to avoid the extra cost?”

Gill glanced at his watch.  Three hours and still they didn’t have a good idea how to keep a town of horny rutting not-so-civilized moon crazed denizen happy without incurring wrath and discord.  Then the idea flashed in front of him.  Effective shifter control for the evening.  It might just work.

“Louie, you know that concoction you and Lex were messing with talking about keeping the town’s population explosion under control?”  Gill smiled as the idea took a more concrete form.

“Yes,” Louie answered leaning forward.  “What you got in mind?”

Bettina pulled her chair closer as she sat down.  She didn’t like the look on Louie and Gill’s faces.  “You honestly think you can make enough of that stuff to keep the whole town sated and unshifted?”

Gill’s smiled widened.  “It’s worth a try.  Extra concentrated and in the water system as well as whatever food and drink we serve may pollute their systems enough that we end up with a town of non-shifters for seventy-hours.”

Bettina sighed.  “You weren’t planning on running for re-election were you, Gill?”


Happy Weekend Gang!

Looks like trouble is brewing in Talbot's Peak.  With Lex in on this, I don't even want to venture the outcome.  Much less the results when the town's people reaction when they learn what Mayor Gill has done to them.  Or is it for them?  What side effects might this brew have on say a few humans who partake of a sample or two?

Until next week, remember to share a good book or two with your spice and loves.  I know I will be!




Serena Shay said...

Oh boy, shifters unable to get to their animal forms...Lex may want to hide that night and Gil might want to practice his, "I had no knowledge" speech. This ought to be good! ;D

Pat C. said...

A mob of frustrated shifters, and they want to involve Lex and his potions? You know that can't end well. Everybody repeat after me: "Mistakes were made."

They could always schedule the fair for a week without a full moon. But where's the fun in that?

I don't think Gil's worried about re-election, since he didn't run the first time. Things just kind of happen that way in the Peak.

This should be good. For us, the readers. The characters, not so much.

Savanna Kougar said...

Omygosh! Trouble is brewing. When Dante gets wind of this, and he will... well, let's just say, he and his crew, won't be in favor of 'potioning' anyone... unless, of course, it's an absolute emergency. Besides, the side affects... anyone ever hear the cure is worse than the problem?

If anyone should be potioned, how about the humans, so they think it's all an hallucination, or a dream... or something freakishly paranormal that's being acted out for their entertainment. Like a street stage play.

Solara said...

Thanks Ladies! I love the suggestions and hints of what might come! This is going to be fun following up. Can't wait until fair week and what each of us is going to come up with!