Saturday, October 5, 2013


Sorry Gang that I missed last week.  The crud monster paid a visit to my office and laid low a couple of coworkers near me.  I fought off the monster and won for now.  This week between work and things happening at the Spice Homestead, Rachel and Tyburn got another week off.   Pris tells me there's more fire and spice coming from them soon.  Mean while I'm finishing up the second book in my Cascade Bay Series, working title Tina's Treasure.  A hot menage is happening with a HEA for our heroes and Tina.  Here's an excerpt for your reading pleasure:

 “Dude,” Drake fussed pointing at Jon. “I ain’t French kissing you.  So put your tongue back--”
“I am,” Tina dared and caught Jon’s face in her hands.  She leaned over to him and pressed her lips to his.
“--in your mouth,” Drake finished watching a smoldering kiss unfold before him.
Jon’s hand came up to Tina’s shoulder.  Her hand visible to Drake worked its way through Jon’s hair leaving patches standing up as she threaded her fingers deeper into his locks. 
Drake twitched as his view moved downward.  The outline of Tina’s taut nipple pushed against her top.  There was no mistaking how turned on she was.  Drake reminded himself to breathe and enjoy the simmer.  There were benefits to voyeurism especially during a scalding hot threesome.  Additional benefits came from the warm-up which he intended to be part of.  Compersion also became relevant.  Appreciating Jon and Tina enjoying each other fueled other things and more enjoyment not just for himself, for all of them.
Drake glanced up to find Tina and Jon watching him.  Drake jerked and shuddered a bit.  “Stop that,” he retorted.  “Not nice staring at me like that.”
Jon smirked.  “And you weren’t busy taking in the view?”
Drake stuck his tongue out.  Jon began shaking his head as Tina spoke.  “I’m taking advantage of this.”
Her head with lips puckered blocked Drake’s view of Jon. Not that Drake cared at the moment.  He leaned forward, his own lips puckered ready for Tina’s kiss. 
Her lips met his.  He reached up to steady her as she leaned toward him.  Her hand slipped up his arm until it rested on his shoulder.  Working his fingers into her loose locks of hair, he kneaded urging warmth into his touch.  His free hand moved upward until her breast, taut nipple and all filled his palm.  He traced her areola with his thumb, close to her nipple and back down the underside toward her ribs.
Tina opened her mouth as her subtle spasms reached his hand.  Drake closed his eyes and pressed his lips firmer against hers.  He traced the small opening with the tip of his tongue waiting for a signal she was ready for an age old mating dance to begin.  He’d tasted her earlier on the beach as tart juice flavors from their smoothies mixed tantalizing each of them with the headiness more passion could add.  Now the sharp cheese essence mixed with the cracked pepper crackers they’d eaten as they talked after dinner.  Her tongue met his as he ventured deeper into her recesses.  She gave as good as she got.  Their tongues dueled chasing and retreating until they broke apart gasping for air.
“Wow,” Jon huffed.  Drake looked down to where Jon’s hands rested close to his crotch.  Telltale signs of his turned-on state bulged against his jeans zipper.  Drake knew the ache and want that echoed what Jon must be feeling.  They needed, Tina included, follow through.
Until next week, remember to share a good book or two with your spice and loves!  I will!



Pat C. said...

Where I am it's 80 degrees today. I didn't think October could get any hotter. I was wrong. Now my laptop is all sweaty. Great steamy flash, Solara!

Savanna Kougar said...

Steamy, oh yeah! We had summer yesterday... now it's downright cool... so this was great warmup.