Friday, October 25, 2013

Erol...The Triple Threat!

“Stop…stop…stop.  I can’t breathe.”  Greely bent at the waist, held her sides and sucked desperately at the air.

“This is not funny, woman!”

“Yeah,” she wheezed, “it kinda is.”


The warning in his voice told her she really needed to stop the crazy laughter, but with every buck and snort the giggles increased adding to his frustration.  “You need to calm down, Erol.”

“I am a monstrosity!  One does not just calm down from being turned into a MONSTROSITY!”

“You’re a beautiful black Arabian, Eorl, with the prettiest white feet, er hooves and what looks like a painted white scale on your forehead.  Only you would be gorgeous while cursed, my dragon.”

“PRETTY FEET!  Dragons do not have pretty anything, woman.” Erol bucked his hind legs and threw his head back with a snort. “We are fierce and dangerous.”

Greely fell back into a fit of laughter as fire erupted from the horse’s nostrils and her fierce and dangerous dragon cried “OUCH” in a decidedly childish manner.

“Laugh now, fair one, just remember when I break this curse and return to my normal skin I will show you why Dragons are far superior to this monstrosity.  Eee Ah.”

“Erol?”  Greely jumped to her feet, the giggles vanished and a thread of panic took its place.  “Stop, please stop.”  His once small equine ears had grown up and out, now looking decidedly donkey in appearance.  Add to that the new call and she knew what was happening.  Dante had warned her that knowing Erol’s old fashioned arrogance, he stood a good chance of developing the mutated part of this curse…donkeyism.

“You are finally cowed by my dragon’s ferociousness…Eee Ahh.”

“Yes, yep, you caught me, Erol.  I’m cowed by your awesomeness.  Now shut up so I can tell you how to get back to your sexy self.”  It was a damn good thing she knew Erol’s jack-assedness came from his fear and not the idea that she was somehow less than him or she’d leave him to turn into a fire breathing donkey for the next month.

“Tell me…”

“All you need to do is shift, Erol.  Like you normally would and it will reverse your current state.”

“Such a simple fix, not a brilliant magic worker if you ask…Eee Ahh.”

Yep, there was the shortened stature of a donkey to match the ears, yet the body of an Arabian and the snort of a dragon.  “For the love of all, Erol.  Shut up and shift.”

Greely stilled as the touch of magic in the air slid over her.  Erol blurred as he usually did when shifting only to return to her the same as before, only now sporting his gorgeous dragon wings.  She was shocked and amused.  How often did you get to see a part Arabian, part dragon, part donkey shifter?  He was going to be pissed, but she couldn’t help wanting to explore the idea that just popped into her head.

“WOMAN!”  This is not a correction…now I’m, I’m a…”

“Pegasus.”  Greely smiled.  “I swear Dante told me you had to shift.  Perhaps we should find him and verify the information.”

“And how, exactly, are we going to get to him, Greely?”

“Oh Erol, we’re going to fly!”

It's a good thing Greely loves this Dragon.  He can be quite the handful!  :)

May your weekend be a slow glide, not fast and furious.



Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that was too good and too funny! Erol just kept digging himself deeper into the magic. But, a Pegasus, wow, what a ride Greely is in for!

Pat C. said...

Poor Erol! But a fire-breathing Pegasus -- cooler than cool. He just needs to work on his attitude.

Does he look like the little dragon-donkeys from "Shrek" now? Maybe Greely can run the movie for him.

I assume Itzcoatl, the biggest horse's ass in the Peak, wasn't affected because he's a god. Or maybe he was and he's hiding.

Fun flash, Serena!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Son of Donkey! LOL! Greely needs to dress up like Fiona from Shrek before they head ofver to see Dante. That would be totally hilarious! Great post!

Serena Shay said...

:D Thanks Ladies! Nope, Erol didn't look like donkey from "Shrek" -- yet. LOL Greely was trying really hard to get him to shut his mouth, but he was probably a spitting image by the time they reached Dante!

OH what a great picture...Fiona riding Donkey across the sky! Hmmm, seems to me there's a costume party coming up... ;)

Pat, I bet Itz-y is hiding...Oh the indignity of being a God turned ass. LOL

Rebecca Gillan said...

No, no. Shrek 2, where Donkey and Lady Dragon have flying donkey babies with wings and belch fire.

Savanna Kougar said...

"Oh the indignity of being a God turned ass. LOL" That could be very! entertaining.

Serena Shay said...

LMAO! That's right, donkey and the lady dragon knock well, something. ;)

I do believe I have my blog hop post. :D