Tuesday, October 22, 2013

...transmuted into enormous horse-beasts...

Pic from ~coasttocoastam~ while not a horse-beast, it is a beast just in time for Halloween at Talbot's Peak. Beware... 

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Halloween is hot on our heels, and about to breathe down our necks. And, yes! as I mentioned last week, we will be part of a Halloween blog hop. Lots of spooky fun and goodness, along with prizes, and a grand prize for one lucky winner.

Okay then, the fair shapeshifter town of Talbot's Peak has been overrun by horses, all due to a misplaced impromptu spell by one of the Peak's witches, the beautiful blue-haired Marissa. Yep, all galloping heck has been released. So, where is this breaking story headed now?

Read on...


...transmuted into enormous horse-beasts...

Dante raised his hand, a signal to silence his motorcycle posse. He and his biker buddies were blood-fierce to roundup his sire's pack of mutant werewolf henchman. Because of Marissa's angry spell they'd been transmuted into enormous horse-beasts.

Unable to shift, they ran amok terrorizing anyone or any animal who crossed their path. On the good side, Dante reminded himself, there'd been no serious attacks, no devouring. Yet. The horse-beasts were so crazed at their magick-induced condition they unceasingly stampeded as a herd, following the forest trails and racing over the high prairie.

"Are you certain your powers are strong enough?" he asked the newest witch to make her home in the Peak.

From the back of her stallion shapeshifter, Sibelle regarded him with her unusual, icy gray eyes. "I am certain. Again, do not concern yourself. Zharkol possesses the speed to follow in your wake."

Dante gave a quick nod. "Let's roll," he shouted, hand-signaling his werewolf brethren. He roared his purring engine, and within moments they sped over the old back road.

The thunder of their bikes trembled the brisk Autumn air. Dante hoped the night-ripping sound wouldn't spook the beast mutants into a further madness. Knowing the ugly herd of misshapen horses now crossed an immense stretch of prairie land, he planned to give chase, and figure out a way to trap them long enough for Sibelle to perform her sorcery.

Around them, the full moon, the Hunter's Moon, brightened the dense forest. Dante's blood howled through his veins. The wildness of the hunt seized hold of him, and he tightly leashed his wolf. As did his crew. He felt each one of them to his primitive core.

Soon enough the road would run out. Then he and his posse would leap from their bikes and morph, bloodthirsty wolves on the hunt. Yeah ~ferocious effing growls~ more like sheepdogs wearing wolf coats rounding up mutant werewolves wearing the conjured body of a horse.

Only in Talbot's Peak.


Sharla heard the distant sound of striking hooves. Immediately, she lifted the night vision binoculars searching for the horse-beasts. Leaning forward, she raised higher and tightened her thighs around Zoronado's sides -- or her Zorro in his black stallion form.

Scouting for Dante, they stood high above the prairie on a flat rock outcropping. Since meeting Zoronado and becoming his human lover, the yen for adventure had only grown within Sharla.

"I see them," she reported in a hushed voice.

'Tell me the direction of their stampede, my beauty,' Zoronado mind-spoke, 'I will mentally inform Dante.'

Sharla instinctively drew in a sharp breath, shuddering inside at the mutant's hideous bony appearance. "They do look like the devil's spawn... sort of like an evil warhorse.  There must be at least fifteen. Good gawd! Okay, they're running due southwest."

'A moment or two while I report your sighting. Then we will be about the chase.'

Unable to do anything else, Sharla stared through the binoculars, transfixed as the horse-ghoulish herd raced closer. The moon might as well have been a giant spotlight on the 'straight out of Halloween hell' creatures.

Sharla jerked in breaths, and nearly dropped the binoculars. She sat flush with the saddle, and didn't move.

'What is wrong?' Zoronado instantly inquired.

"Their eyes... their eyes turned neon blood-red."

'Ah, yes, beloved. Such mutants often display that characteristic,' Zoronado soothed.  'Shall we return home?'

"No... no. Dante needs our help." Sharla gathered up her courage as she gathered up the reins. "Tallyho," she voiced, given that was the only word she could think of, and force through her stiff lips.

'The gun,' Zoronado reminded. 'I will not move until--"

"I've got it," Sharla interrupted her swashbuckling lover. "Are you certain this will stop one of those beast things dead in its tracks."

'I am certain. Although, the mutants cannot be killed, the force of the blast will drop them.'

Firming her spine and her mouth, Sharla reined a willing Zoronado onto the path that led down to the prairie. "Tallyho," she shouted, and brandished the advanced-tech weapon.


Diamond, stallion shapeshifter and cowboy, launched from his shadowed position beside the rock outcropping. He followed Zoronado and his woman as they galloped after the horrid-smelling beasts.

Despite the equine appearance of the mutant werewolves, Diamond refused to think of them as horses. He blew their rank sulphurous stench out of his nostrils, and flattened his racing stride.

Catcher, his longtime pardner, joined in the chase from his position. The two them ran in sync, then flanked Zoronado forming a wide wedge. Dante had insisted on this plan in case of an injury to one of them, or the need to protect each other.

Still out of their werewolf minds -- assuming mutant werewolves had minds -- the herd stampeded over the prairie seemingly unaware they were being chased. Large clods of dirts and grass sprayed through the air from the pound of their monstrous hooves.

'Dante has contacted,' Zoronado mind-spoke. 'I believe he and his biker wolf pack are now a mile behind us.'

'If Dante and his crew are fast enough,' Catcher telepathed, 'there's a gap in the rock outcropping large enough to trap the entire herd.'

Not a split second after Catcher mind-spoke, Diamond heard Zoronado mentally shout, 'Shoot! Shoot the beast, my Sharla.'

Maddened red eyes struck them like huge, twin laser beams. Foam streamed from between the beast equine's badly shaped lips.

One of the mutants had spun around. To their advantage, the nightmare creature appeared to be fatigued.

Diamond watched Sharla steady her aim and fire. She kept firing as Zoronado galloped at an even pace, his head low. The silvery blast struck the sorcery-disguised mutant werewolf between its hell-red eyes, then streamed, penetrating it's mammoth chest.

Finally, the unnatural creature dropped to its shield-like knees, toppled over, and didn't move.

TO BE CONTINUED... 'cause it's way past my bedtime...


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Rebecca Gillan said...

I started reading this post and then I stopped so I could go cue up "Ghost Riders in the Sky" from the movie Ghost Rider, and then started reading it from the beginning. Totally awesome!

Serena Shay said...

Yikes! Who are all those mutant werewolves?

Nice job, Savanna!

Pat C. said...

Holy stampeding mutant hellhorses! I love it how everyone comes together to deal with the crisis. So where's Damien Hancock, the "creator" of the mutant wolves?

Meanwhile, out at his latest still, Toby the moonshiner tosses out his latest batch of hooch. "That's it, no more 'My Little Pony' for me."

Pat C. said...

Just had yet another horrible thought. Erol the dragon has been something of a horse's ass in his pursuit of Greeley. Building-sized fire-breathing stallion, anybody?

Serena Shay said...

Erol sure has been a horse's ass...lawdy, can you imagine him as a horse/dragon! Hmmm, I just might have to do that for Friday. hehe

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, too cool!

Wouldn't that be fun if we had the tech to add music, but not so we get fined for violating a copyright.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I intro-ed the mutant werewolves as a future threat to the Peak in Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, Damien was on a mafia business trip near Reno, Nevada.

Hey Toby, you can sell that hootch for fuel, buddy. No one will bother you if you accept Talbies.

Savanna Kougar said...

Omygosh, Erol as fire-breathing horse dragon... what does a froggie girl do?

Pat C. said...

Ride him, baby, ride him.

Pat C. said...

Off topic: the best damn scene from Ghost Rider:


Savanna Kougar said...

Yep... ride him, baby.

Rebecca Gillan said...

No need for an audio play-back file when you can have Youtube playing in another tab!


Yes, Pat, Slade's last ride is the best scene of that whole movie!