Saturday, October 19, 2013


Tyburn quietly motioned his valet and secretary forward.   Rachel’s decision to invoke the royal vow of silence said more than all her spoken words leading up to her statement concerning it.  During his last four hundred plus years, he missed her more than he realized.  Twice in the last decade, he tried searching for her.  She’d covered her trail wonderfully.  A few clues surfaced here and there.  None gave away her exact location or information about her.  It wasn’t until he began reminiscing in his private journal that Tyburn began remembering the little things that endeared Rachel to him early in their arranged marriage.  

Arranged and thrust upon them with no warning or instructions beyond a priestess singing about a universal dogma about deities procreating and ensuring life went on.   Tyburn shook his head as Rachel faced his servants.  He couldn’t blame her for her anger or angst.  He’d dealt with his own their first hundred rebirths together.  Separation lessened their union, drove them further apart when unresolved issues flared during their short time together.  Ten days of human time every five hundred years was a blink in the eye of universal time until they discovered the barrier dividing Soltren from the human realm.  Once across the divide, time slowed to a pace that brought with it reflection and contemplation. Did Rachel remember this?  Or was she still running on human time?

Tyburn watched as Rachel spoke to Hyrum and Carlotta.  Neither uttered a word.  They nodded when she asked if they understood what she said.  Tyburn smiled as Rachel continued.  He placed his hands behind him taking on the relaxed military stance he observed human soldiers using as they stood in formation.

“I want you to report to me if he so much as talks or whispers a word before I am done.  Do you understand?” Rachel pounded her hand with her closed fist as she paced back and forth in front of them.  

Tyburn bit his lip to keep from chortling.  He hadn’t seen Rachel this passionate and revved up since they disagreed about having children.  Not that they didn’t have their share of offspring sponging off their grandparents good will.   Tyburn wondered if Rachel knew about their great grandchildren or their grandchildren. Time would tell if she stayed around.  Let him engage her in more than yelling matches.  Yet, he knew neither of them saw the real them.  The person that each had become on their own.   Enough with the harsh words, distrust, and attempts at one-upmanship.  Maybe if he asked the one question flashing through his mind, Rachel might cool off a bit rather than spewing like a volcano ready to blow her top and rain lava on everyone and anything in her path.

Tyburn moved forward knowing his actions would catch Rachel’s attention. Hyrum and Carlotta both swore their oath to abide by Rachel’s vow of silence sanctions.  They trotted out of the main corridor as quickly as polite propriety allowed.  Tyburn nibbled his bottom lip to keep from grinning as Rachel faced him.  He loved the way her eyes glowed when she became avid and filled with what she called purpose.  Her resolution to see things through ignited more than physical desire in him.  He understood her drive and her persistence to see something completed.  Her vision to do the best she could fueled her determination to go above and beyond with doing and finishing.  Her hair stood out in places as she combed her fingers through her errant locks.  Her nipples tented her top outlining them leaving no doubt as to their presence.  Not that he could overlook Rachel’s feminine gender.
  Images of her luscious nude curves echoed from the past regions of his mind.  Tyburn clenched his hand very tight and willed his libido to cool its heels in a waist high snow drift on top of Mount Kilimanjaro.   The altitude and iced air might help, though Tyburn doubted that would help.  Instead, he raised his arm, waving with his other hand until he had her attention.  

Rachel pointed at him.  “What do you want now?  I haven’t decided what I’m going to say to you yet.”

Tyburn held up one finger and pointed to his mouth.  Rachel nodded her agreement.  Before she could renege, he spoke in a quiet subdued tone.  “One question, Rachel.  Why?”

Rachel faced him, her mouth open, with no sound coming out.  She closed her mouth.  Fumed at him, squinted eyes, arched eye brows, and furled mouth.  Pointed at him, shook her head, and dashed out of the room sobbing. Great, what had he done now?

Happy Weekend Gang!
Well Tyburn takes the stage front and center.  The man has a few things going for him.  Wonder if either of them, Rachel or Tyburn, is seeing the other as they are.  Maybe these two need an intervention.  I’m sure there’s more to come.  Pris tells me their happy ever after is going to take some work to reach. 
Fall colors are blooming all over.  As the weather cools, more colors and changes will happen.  Reserve some time to enjoy a good book or two with your loves.  I will be with mine!  From the Spice Homestead to you and yours, happy reading!

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Pat C. said...

So Ty does have good qualities. It's a communication problem. Good luck fixing that.

All that time to work things out and they still screw up. Immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Savanna Kougar said...

So true. Immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be... one reason the gods and goddesses often do the soap opera thing.

Solara, loved that last interaction between Tyburn and Rachel... so typical in the man-woman *great communication divide*.

Serena Shay said...

Oh Ty, here's wishing you much luck in fixing this gap. May you remember soon what pissed Rachel off so. :)

Nice flash, Solara!

Solara said...

Thank you Ladies! Mage doesn't like the story. He keeps asking why are they still together. I said their union was forced upon them. This time around Tyburn is ready to take action to make things work. He says Tyburn is too late. Who knows?

Savanna Kougar said...

It's a different world, Mage... the world of the immortal phoenix... not a human-rules world... ~smiles~

Rebecca Gillan said...

Hannibal Lector had some good qualities, too. It's probably my own experiences rearing their heads, but there ain't no point in staying with a man who can't be bothered to care about the pain he causes you. And it sounds like Ty does it on purpose because he likes to see her pissed off. That ain't healthy.

Savanna Kougar said...

Good point, Rebecca. We'll have to see where Tyburn is really coming from, and the why of it.