Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blade Runner ~ Rabbit to the Rescue

Howls, yowls, and hops, Shapeshifter lovers.

So, our villain from Pat's Monday flash scene, Cochrane, is loaded for bear and werewolves, and heading for the fair town of Talbot's Peak... but doo-do-doo.... what really happens to the monster hunter?


Blade Runner ~ Rabbit to the Rescue

Blade Runner caught the glint in Dante's eye as soon as his alpha wolf friend entered the Pleasure Club's fight arena. Leaping, he morphed to rabbit humanoid, then dispatched his latest opponent with a rapid, continuous thump-thump of his feet.

True, the boar humanoid staggered backward one drunken-like step at a time as Blade Runner pounded his jaw, as he punished the hulking man-beast's face with his kicks. Soon enough to suit the referee, the brute's smallish eyeballs crossed, spun like wormholes, and disappeared upward. He bellowed a defeated grunt, then crashed against the curved side of the arena wall.

"Timber!" someone shouted from the whooping, cheering crowd.

"You will excuse me," Blade Runner acknowledged the ringmaster. "I must tend to a matter of business." He gave a nod toward Dante, who leaned arms folded, waiting for him.

"Yeah, go ahead," Jarrod, the gator shifter dismissed. "When the boss man wants ya, no questions asked."

Pausing only to slide into his fighter's robe, then shift to his human form, Blade Runner made quick work of moving through the crowd. The semi smirk on Dante's face clued him in. The alpha had an offbeat mission in mind, and obviously required Blade Runner's assistance. 

"The wolf man with a plan?" Blade Runner raised his brow.

"Fresh organic carrot juice," Dante tempted, arching his brow.

"You know I am unable to resist such a delight." Blade Runner fell into step beside Dante as the wolf pivoted, striding down the corridor. "Is there a danger to the Peak? To our territory?"

"You could say that. Monster hunter named Cochrane has a grudge large as a bull elk against Vernon and the former mayor."

"Ah, yes, I recall that amusing tale. I will assume this Cochrane wants his brand of revenge."

Blade Runner followed Dante inside one of the club's herbie juice bars -- this one obviously closest to the fight arena. His nose twitched uncontrollably, filled with the fragrance of  freshly delivered carrots. He'd developed quite the fondness for the Earth vegetable, especially the heirloom varieties. 

"Revenge, yeah," Dante growled, once Blade Runner had savored a tall glass of juice. "Cochrane has a car trunk full of serious weapons. He plans on playin' the hero for humanity by going Rambo on Talbot's Peak."

"Rambo?" Blade Runner's inner rabbit ears stood tall.

"Never mind." Dante grinned, and leaned his elbows on their corner table. "Forgot you're still learning about our culture, space bunny. Speaking of, is that UFO craft of yours operational right now?"

That perked Blade Runner's ears even higher. "I took a spin the other night. Quite operational. What manner of mission do you have in mind?"

"Got backup plans in place." Dante grinned like a wolf who knew his prey was helpless. "But scat, I like this plan a whole lot better. You know how we discussed those abductions by the Grays, and keeping those little bio-bots and their masters outta our skies."


Enjoying the aerial chase, his blood sizzling fiercely, Blade Runner soared above Cochrane as he sped down the highway toward Talbot's Peak. Of course, at this point the monster hunter didn't realize he was the hunted -- the one being tracked not only by the space rabbit, but by Dante's ground team stationed along this stretch.

Just for his own amusement, Blade Runner hummed the tones from the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Ah, humankind and their imaginings... they had no idea about the breadth and depth of life in their solar system let alone life in the surrounding galaxy.

Be that as it may, Blade Runner had allowed himself to be attired in one of Lamar's silver, stretch jumpsuits. He also wore an alien Gray Halloween mask made out of something dreadful called latex. Just to add his own sense of the weird, he poked his rabbit ears through two holes in the mask.

Once Cochrane traveled over a long straight section of the road -- so anyone else driving could easily spot his stalled car -- Blade Runner made his UFO move. He blasted Cochrane with a cone of white blinding light. At the same moment, he touched on a specialized laser beam shutting the car's engine down.

For seconds, Blade Runner let Cochrane stew in the juices of his own terror. "Having fun now, monster hunter?" he muttered, before activating his *beam me up Scottie* tech, which was really only for gathering rock and flora specimens. It should work without scrambling too much of the idiot human's genes and particle matrix.

Of course, the man's garments wouldn't survive the trip aboard his craft. Blade Runner prepared himself mentally for the ugly lumpy sight. Mirth also caused him to chuckle at the big bad hunter's *I'm bare-ass naked* predicament.

"Ah yes, I need the proper probe, don't I?" Blade Runner reminded himself.

Cochrane landed with a decided thump on the flat surface Blade Runner used to prepare meals. "Hover. Shields up," he spoke to the craft's control core. A soft buzz sounded  letting him know they were now invisible to advanced-tech sweeps.

"On with the show," Blade Runner bolstered himself for the task ahead.  Neural wand in hand -- especially effective against humans -- he moved within his kitchen.

Menacingly, Blade Runner pointed the silvery wand at the blinking but surprisingly alert Cochrane. "What's up, doc?" Blade Runner greeted, his voice muffled by the mask. Inside, he grinned at his Bugs Bunny imitation, most probably lost on his captive.

The beast-distasteful human lifted his head, staring the proverbial daggers. "You fucking alien freak, where am I?"

Blade Runner zapped the bravado-stupid human between his blackhole-looking eyes. His over-large head hit the hard surface. Crack!

"Obedience is required, pathetic creature," he intoned, using a semi-robotic voice -- the affect likely unheard due to the mask.

Cochrane stayed dead still for several minutes. "Probe me," he dared in a voice like a buzz saw, a term Blade Runner now understood. "Get it over with. I know you alien freakazoids aren't allowed to kill us."

"Your knowledge astounds me, mere human." Blade Runner moved so he stood beside the ghastly smelling monster hunter. He pointed the wand at his ape-hairy chest.

By the cosmos, Cochrane's odor could knock out planetary life for miles around. Blade Runner resisted the urge to douse him with a cleansing ray bath. For that matter any shapeshifter worth his nose would have scented the hunter's arrival, and cleared out, or taken the mental midget down.

"What?" Cochrane challenged, his tone nasty as a bulldog with a rotten tooth... Blade Runner had crossed paths with such a beast once. "Alien motherfucker? Aren't you going to turn me over, and stick that probe up my butt?"

Blade Runner winced at the thought. "Your genes are hardly worth a butt probe. Although... come to think of it, your genetic code could serve as a warning of how not to seed another planet world."

"Wait!" the monster hunter's voice boomed like a crack of thunder, and fear edged his tone. He eyed Blade Runner's rabbit ears for long seconds, his eyes bulging out of their sockets. "You're... you're one of those mutant hybrids. From the secret lab. That hell-mad doctor is real. So, you cowardly ugly aliens are collaborating..."

"Collaborating!?" Blade Runner boomed back, the sound carrying despite his mask. "Why would we bother with a mad scientist on Earth? Those are a dime a dozen, to phrase it in your colloquial terms. Our labs are quite sufficient --"

Cochrane writhed in an attempt to leap up. Blade Runner zinged a pulse into his heart muscle, lightly shocking him. The big bad monster hunter gurgled a scream, laying inert as unformed clay. 

"You crude beasts never learn," Blade Runner reprimanded. "No wonder your planet is a prison world."

Given the allotment of time had passed for Dante's crew to liberate Cochrane's cache of weaponry, Blade Runner decided he'd endured enough. About to press his palm device and activate the return beam, he heard the smelly, hapless hunter croak, "What's up, doc? That's what you said."

"Eh, what's up, doc?" Blade Runner cartoon-voiced. Indeed, amusement was where you found it.

"I got it," Cochrane sneered. "You're in league with those filthy bastards, the Chinese. They got that Jade Rabbit rover on the moon. This is some sort of creepy inside joke, right... Bugs Bunny?"

"You're brainy assessment is quite wrong." Blade Runner waggled his rabbit ears. "With all of your research on monsters, don't you know?" He paused for dramatic affect. "Bugs Bunny, as you refer to him, is one of us."


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Pat C. said...

Score one for the Wascally Wabbit!

Of course, now Cochrane will be even more hell bent on destroying Talbot's Peak. Naked? Again? And he didn't even get probed! "You realize this means war."

Does anybody else want in on this story? We were talking about serial stories and round robins, and since I'm running out of ideas as well as chapters, feel free to add to the fun. Especially if the posts are as funny as this one.

Great job, Sav!

Savanna Kougar said...

Naked and weaponless, we'll see what Cochrane plans next for Talbot's Peak... hehe...

Serena Shay said...

LOL...way to go, Blade Runner!

Nice job, Savanna!

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks! ~smiles~

Pat C. said...

Cochrane's still headed for the Peak, still bent on mass destruction. And still naked. I wrote that scene this morning. He has some weapons in his car the team missed. What will he do with them? No idea right now.

Savanna Kougar said...

Omygosh! missed weapons... what will happen next?

Pat C. said...

You got me. Like the man said, I'm making this up as I go.

I don't think you can buy a gun in Talbot's Peak; you have to drive out to the exit for that. Knives and fishing rods are okay, though. So are bows and arrows.

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, that was for dramatic affect, a cliffhanger question if you will.

Sure, you can buy guns in the Peak. The saddlery shop carries them for the ranchers, and others. For one example. Also, the feed store carries ammo, and rifles. I could be wrong about Montana, but I think gun-selling is legal everywhere. No reason not to 'keep and bear arms' as in the bill of rights. Shapeshifters just often rely on their natural defenses. And/or they've had non-good experiences with being hunted.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Fishing rods as weapons? That is a horrible mental image, Pat. O.M.G...

Pat C. said...

The fish think so, too.

Of course Peakers have guns. There are no laws against gun sales in the area. I just figured there'd be an unofficial ban on their sale in the town itself, since the predators wouldn't want the herbivores having easy access to weapons. Ask the Turkle family how they feel about gun control.

I hadn't intended the fishing rods to be used as weapons, but this is Cochrane we're talking about. He has three grenades in his glove compartment. Hmmmmm ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, the fish would think so, or anyone who gets hooked. OOUCH!

I would think the Turkle family would actually be in favor of a ready supply of guns and weapons... or they could be sitting ducks... or sitting turkeys, if you will. Guns even out the odds for the herbies, for the humans as well... it's all about a balance of power... and makes inter-species shifter society so much more polite.

THREE GRENADES... eh... one can only hope he doesn't blow up the dog bowl fountain, or any other landmark/biz in the Peak... although, I'm certain Dante's crack team wouldn't leave a naked Cochrane on the loose and unobserved.

Hmmmmm... I just might have to have Simone, Dugger's significant other, use her sharpshooting skills... after all, she can shoot accurately from a moving helicopter, or any moving aerial platform.