Saturday, February 15, 2014


Gill looked up from the newspaper article he was reading.  The house creaked as another burst of wind wrapped itself around the mayoral mansion.  Ten more inches of snow fell over night.  Most of the Peak's citizens were off cozy and smooching with their sweeties.  Louie and Bettina were off on a platonic date with Arabella, Bettina's year and half old precious daughter.  The imp loved to nip and draw blood.  Teaching her control was going to be difficult. 

He glanced down at the headline which read 14 different ways to attract love to you.  Gill snorted.  Love  could be a wicked emotion that could richly reward or burn depending on how it was cultivated.  Being alone didn't matter as much when he took stock of what richness he had otherwise.  Louie awarded him a quarter percent interest in Rattiagan's for bringing in business and sticking with the job.  Gill didn't mind.  This stint as mayor could end with the next election through he'd begun doubting it would.  Friends abounded and ones that didn't mind he wasn't a true blooded shifter.  Acceptance felt good.  No there were worse things than being alone on Valentine's Day.  

Gill reached out and stroked Blackie.  Her purrs rumbled beneath his hand. Her loyalty and unconditional acceptance mirrored most of the folks he knew and counted as friends.  Even a few were close to extended family.  

Laughter broke out as he read the short entry after the first article concerning bad dates.  Christ, it reminded him of his in high school.  He leaned back against his chair as memories surface.

Fifteen and gangly, another growth spurt shot him up four inches in three months.  Not that it helped much.  His long limbs and thin body stood out in stark relief next to the jocks and muscular athletes milling around the cafeteria eying the girls across the way like meat on the hoof.    One female caught Gill's eye every time she moved.  Teresa Dowingen's long black hair flowed past her shoulders to her waist.  Her short blue skirt and two tone blouse drew his gaze right to her....her chest.  She had breasts where the others weren't so prominent.  Why couldn't he look elsewhere?  Her face wasn't bad. Nor was her figure.  Her appeal drew many compliments from several of her classmates.  

He'd love to ask Teresa to dance.  Except how do you explain where his head and face would end up? Smack between her. . .Gwack!  He had to get her boobs off his mind.   No slow dancing was out of the question.  Maybe a fast song with a good beat?  Gill looked out at the dance floor.  Teresa giggled and bounced with two of her friends to the latest hit from a national top ten band.  If she bounced like that close to him, he'd be back to the boobs again.  Great!

There was Amiee with her new braces and short choppy hair cut.  Her mother's home hair cut hadn't turned out as planned.  Gill felt sorry for the family trying to save money and be frugal since jobs were less plentiful due to economic issues.  At least his mind and body wouldn't be reacting to boobs.
Make that bust or breasts.  He could hear his mother chastising him for using guy slang.  

So his night progressed.  Dance after dance except with Teresa.  Until the last dance was called.  Ladies choice.  Teresa walked up to him and held out her hand.  "Dance with me," she ordered.

Gill swallowed hard.  He didn't like taking orders from anyone.  Her tone sounded like his mother.  Talk about ego deflating.  Teresa repeated herself.  Gill stayed silent.  Weighing his options.

Dance with the hottie he lusted after and wanted or keep his pride and refuse to be ordered around.  He went over the options again. As he looked up, he frowned Teresa stood glaring at him her arms folded tightly across her bust.  

"You don't listen very well do you," she tossed at him and walked away.  Gill took two steps forward and stopped.  Snorts and gaffs broke out behind him.  He turned.  The whole football team stood behind him laughing.  

A loud creak and rattle of a window pane interrupted Gill's waltz down memory lane.  He shook is head.  Yes, being alone on Valentine's Day wasn't bad when you knew your riches and love didn't have to come from without.  His came from within.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Winter dumped snow on the Spice Homestead!  We shoveled for 2 hours to clear things.  Now a melt is predicted.  Ah well, spring is working her way across the land.  Taking hold will help out with getting this white mess out of my yard!

Today's prize is a PDF of Hot for Torrey, the first book in my Cascade Bay series.  Tina's Treasure's is book two and due out in a couple of months.  Leave your comment concerning your worst or best Heart's Day Date.

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Pat C. said...

So that's what Gil was like in high school. No wonder he wanted to turn himself into an alpha predator.

I don't really know all that much about Gil, and I love finding out new things about him. Sunny, I may just past the Gil torch over to you. Have fun!

Pat C. said...

We're having what I hope will be the last snow storm for a while. Good thing, because we're almost out of street and yard space and have nowhere to put it. Bring on the melting!

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah Gil, love might just be beneath your petting hand. And, heck, Peakites love ya! ~smiles~