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Valentine's Day Dream Date at the Amour Afire Nightclub

Valentine's Day Dream Date at the Amour Afire Nightclub 
Saldana let her feminine side have free rein. Positively giddy, she admired the red patent leather high heels then slipped her feet inside as if performing a ritual. She bent at the waist and caressed up her leg over the silkiest pair of stockings she'd ever owned. Gold and silver dusted, the sheer hose accentuated the shape of her calf.

Keeping her apprehensive thoughts at bay, Saldana straightened and gazed at her reflection in the full length, three way mirror that had been exquisitely crafted.  Everything about her room at the Interspecies Pleasure Club was classy in the extreme.

The alpha-wolf owner, Dante, possessed a reputation for exceptional quality -- that is, according to several of her new friends in Talbot's Peak. No stranger to elegant digs, still Saldana had been wonderfully surprised.

Smiling, reminded of times past, she'd spent an hour simply indulging in the loveliness of her surroundings, and in dark chocolate truffles infused with apple brandy.

Saldana stared, entranced by her reflection.  After a toss of her waist length hair, she smoothed her hand over her hip thoroughly enjoying the satiny fabric of her evening dress. The hot-pink number made her look like a sixties starlet yet flashier.

The ice-pink gems of her necklace, bracelet, and droplet earrings contrasted with her golden skin tone. Epona above, she felt ultra-bombshell sexy -- shades of her old, high-spirited lifestyle.

"Take my breath away," Saldana murmured, praying for a good date. On the heels of her words, she became acutely aware of how long it had been since she'd dressed for an evening out. Worse, for a date.

But then, her last date some two years ago on Valentine's Day... Saldana involuntarily shuddered. She nastily chilled down to the soles of her high heels. Grabbing large breaths, and grabbing hold of her composure, she steadied herself.

The nightmares still plagued her, and she still struggled to overcome being kidnapped. Or, in her case, filly-napped.

Instinctively, Saldana bared her teeth and her inner horse ears flattened. If she ever ran across that son of a flea-bitten nag who'd sold her to a Dr. Moreau mad scientist -- hell on a galloping hoof, she'd rip and bloody his hide whether in stallion or human form.

Instead of declaring his love for her, Mario had bargained away her hide to an entire group of the creepazoid psychos. She'd been drugged, crated, and shipped to their private, island of horrors -- somewhere in the Indian ocean. Saldana trembled.

"I'm safe." Saldana forced her lips to curl into a smile. "Safe,"  she whispered.

Determined to enjoy the Valentine's Day Dream Date she'd won for having one of the worst dates ever, Saldana shook off the painful memories. Using gorgeous posters, Dante had advertized the Pleasure Club's Heart Mate contest throughout Talbot's Peak.

The ten winners were to be wined and dined at the newest nightclub, Amour Afire, an elegant torch singer bar inside Dante's massive underground complex. Best of all, Gypsy Red Wolf and her witches circle were to be the matchmakers, conjuring up the perfect date for each winner.

How could a heart-lonely filly resist?


Zhor took a quick swallow of his Koval Oat Whiskey. Glass in hand, he strolled scoping out the lay of the land  -- in this case, the layout of the Amour Afire nightclub.

As an international security professional, or a mercenary for hire according to his enemies, it was second nature. It was survival.

Nose to the wind, Zhor checked for his arranged date. Covering his action automatically -- as he would on a mission -- Zhor tossed down another swallow.

The woman filly who crested his neck, flashed his tail, and raged his hormones to super stud would be walking inside the Amour Afire soon. Zhor wanted her scent filling his nostrils.

Snort and blow, anxiousness grabbed him by the balls. He cast another glance toward the club's entrance, a red and black swanky affair.  Given the night was still young, the patrons filtered in, all of them dressed to Parisian fashion standards yet with classic American glamor -- as Zhor thought of it. 

He felt at ease, given his rescue and private protection missions demanded he adapt to any situation, be able to infiltrate any strata of society -- travel in every social circle.

As he watched and waited, Zhor's inner stallion shook his head, and pawed impatiently. From this day forward, he planned on moving heaven and earth to protect Saldana, as he'd done once before. Her sire had hired him and his balls-to-the-walls team, pronto, the instant his daughter failed to return home as expected -- some two years past.

Zhor chafed at the bit to geld the son of a dirty nag who'd betrayed Saldana. But he well knew the game of patience that life often required.

As it was then, so it was now. Her welfare remained his top priority. Ever since rescuing Saldana, Zhor watched over her from afar -- with her father's blessings.

Now... now Epona placed destiny in his hands. All he had to do was be her dream date.

With a gliding sensual gait, Saldana entered the nightclub. Zhor straightened to rigid attention, boldly eyeing his gorgeous woman filly. His stud desire galloped at full speed as she gave her golden-red mane a toss, then swayed in his direction.

The slide of the hot pink satin over her hips caused Zhor to nearly a gulp down his oat whiskey, the distraction needed if he was to remain gentlemanly. Caution, he warned himself.

Saldana's naturally high spirit had not completely returned, but remained dampened by the ordeal she'd endured before he could free her. Zhor scowled, immediately erasing his features as she caught sight of him -- of the telltale pink rosebud pinned to the lapel of his dark evening jacket.

She hesitated, but only briefly. Assuming an air of bravado, Saldana approached. Only the slight flare of her nostrils let him know how fragile she felt at seeing him again.

"Zhor." She breathed out his name, a sultry note in her voice. "You look as good in evening wear as in soldier of fortune fatigues." Before he could speak, Saldana stepped closer, and raised her gaze to his. "So, Gypsy Red Wolf chose you as my dream date. As I recall..." her tone hoofed him square in the flank, "after one kiss you rejected my advances."

"I did, mon cher." Zhor caught hold her hand, tightening his grip a bit when she resisted. With deliberate command, he raised her soft hand to his lips, and pressed a kiss on the indentation above her wrist. Then, he lingered a kiss on the center of her palm.

Feeling her melt toward him, Zhor grazed the underside of her wrist with his lips. Once her breaths quickened, and her pulse raced, he gently lowered her hand. "My Saldana, I did not want gratitude to blaze your passions. You must know such affairs often burn out -- the brief flight of a shooting star. I want much more with you."

"Do you?" she murmured a moment later.

Zhor watched as Saldana's dark golden eyes transformed from misty desire to sparking jewels. Her jaw firmed, and her lush lips thinned with determination.

Amused, Zhor released her hand as she gave a strong tug. "I do, filly mine. I want a much longer ride with you."

"The way you gallivant around the world... no." The next instant her demeanor softened, and sadness owned her expression. "Not to say I would want you to stop ... stop rescuing others. Never..."

"Saldana, it might interest you to know I have accepted a position with Dante. On his Security team, of course."

Confusion knitted her brow, then something faint flickered in the depths of her eyes only to be replaced by curiosity. "What changed? I mean... Dad, others have relied on you, and your team for so long."

Zhor didn't lie. He didn't need to. "The time comes when a man knows his path has run its course, Saldana. That change is his ally." Zhor offered what he hoped was a reassuring smile. "How about the pleasures of champagne to begin our evening?"

Saldana trembled before accepting his presented arm. All that mattered to Zhor was her small arm twined with his, and she moved beside him.

"Are you so certain about changing your course?" Uncertainty rang like a bell in her voice.

"If I may also confide, such adventure no longer calls my name." Zhor felt his woman filly's tension ease, and knew she had accepted him at his word.

"The team? Does Dad know?" she asked, sidling closer to him.

"Yes, your sire knows, my Saldana. The team is very much operational -- in the capable hands of my younger brother, Zherxes."

"Ah, perfect. Well then, let's see how good you are at being my dream date." Her tone challenged and teased.

Zhor's inner stallion kicked up his heels.


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Serena Shay said...

Now that's a faboo Valentine, a great dress, elegant setting and a sexy stallion wanting more than a quick ride through your life! :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, absolutely! Zhor does want so much more than quick ride on his woman filly, Saldana.

Pat C. said...

Kidnapped and sold by your boyfriend on Valentine's Day? Yeah, I'd say that tops the list.

The Indian Ocean, eh? Do I detect Zhere Ghan's involvement?

Savanna Kougar said...

I had no idea when I started Saladana's story that her exboyfriend was that much of a creepazoid lout... but that's what came through.

No, actually, Zhere Ghan would tear this place apart... which he and others from TP just might end up doing. Even this is too much horror experimentation for our criminal king tiger.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Oh, man! Now that's the way to get over a bad date!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep. It certainly is!