Saturday, February 1, 2014

Noshing With Phil and Charlie

Gill looked at the kabobs lining the top of the grill closest to him.  His mouth watered.  Fresh chunks of rhubarb, yams, potatoes, various squashes, combined with peppers of vibrant hues and chunks of tomatoes and other local plants cover the skewers.  Aromatic spices filled the air as Phil’s wife Lillian basted each skewer with homemade butter.  Center of the table sat a huge bowl containing a variety of greens and seeds as well as cooked and cold beans mixed with chunks of cured cheeses.  

The grill the group brought with them held different kinds of fish caught from the local stream while they unpacked.  Phil’s last litter of pups nosily played in the corner hot tub at the edge of the patio near the wooded back section of the small yard.  None of the kids appeared concerned with their nudity.  Charlie’s wife kept an eye on the quartet splashing and frolicking.  Nearby her two newborns lay in their stroller, snoozing and cooing in between bouts of laughter and yells from their second cousins.

Ranger manned the grill with the fish.  He wore a bright colored towel draped like a sarong around his middle.  He laughed as one of Phil’s twin girls threatened to splash him again.  Ranger’s earlier play with the pups in the hot tub started the flow of water slowly creeping its way over the patio.  A cool breeze blew around the cabin and over them from time to time.  The outdoor fire pit held a small fire that sputtered as the wind moved over it.  The flames held on and grew as Charlie tossed more wood on it.

Charlie didn’t seem preoccupied about his debut Sunday. Nor did he have issues with getting the weather right.  He grinned each time someone mentioned the commotion starting back down the mountain bright and early Sunday morning.  He talked about making his trek incognito through the underground tunnels Phil kept ready for the silliness humans required at some date that none really understood the reason behind.  Snow came and melted.  Rain fell and soaked the ground.  Seasons changed.  Some were welcomed and others. . . well climate was what you expected and weather was what you got.  Bitching about it wouldn’t change it or make a dang bit of difference if anyone asked him. 

Phil’s laughter broke through Gill’s musings.  Hadley’s bark rang out, echoing off the valley walls.  Gill squinted.  His smile grew.  The alpha sat middle of the hot tub allowing two male pups to douse him with water.  Hadley stepped out of the tub, grabbed a bar of homemade soap and lathered up.  More water splashed up and down him.  Childish giggles followed as he snapped his towel at the twins before he raced for the house.  Gill sighed as eight sets of eyes turned to him.  Shit, he was next.  Face an outdoor bath or wash up in the sink since the communal shower was off limits until the tank heated up enough water to bath them all.   Did he take the plunge and brave the cold or be teased about not being squirrel enough  for choosing the sink and the warmth of the interior of the house? 

Happy weekend Gang!

Tina's Treasure is offically under contract.   Siren-Bookstrand will publish book two in my Cascade Bay series.  When I have a solid release date, I'll let you know.  

Another crazy week weather wise.  They have snow and ice in Pensacola, FL!!  Almost an inch thick in places.  WOW!

Keep warm, dry, safe, and remember to share a good book or two with your spice and loves.  I know I will!

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

Do it, Gil! Be a squirrel! Then make them pile all their towels on you.

Wait. As the Mayor, shouldn't he have access to the shower? Yeah, throwing political weight around would go over REAL big. Hope he can dodge snowballs.

Savanna Kougar said...

Gosh, I sure would like to be noshing with Phil and Gil!

Yep, does Gil have the nuts to jump in?

Solara said...

Well if things warmed up enough Gill might have taken that plunge. Thanks Pat and Savanna for stopping by!