Saturday, February 22, 2014


Gill looked at the multipaged signed petition laying on top his desk blotter.  He estimated about twenty signatures per page.  He counted roughly ten pages so far.  The petition, thanks to  Rachel who showed up unannounced yesterday morning at her desk, concerned his running for re-election.  If this was an indicator next to the emails, phone calls, and conversations tossed at him recently, quite a few Peakites wanted him to stay in office.

Next to the petition sat the papers he needed to sign to declare his candidacy.  Not that there were any others who appeared to want the job.  Then again, the job wasn't hard.  With the city council in place, more work got done than in most of the prior mayors' terms in office.  It didn't hurt that the older citizens liked having a voice in how things got done.  And the younger folks were taking pride in being active in civic and political functions.

Gill picked up the pen close to the blotter.  Could he take on another term?  He didn't know.  Questions and answers evaded him until now.  With Rachel back, maybe the buried bodies might be less likely to come falling out of anywhere.  There was this dude Tyburn who pushed the mail cart around town delivering mail and newspapers.  He'd shown up around the time Rachel had.  She glared at him and told him to keep his mind on his job.

Gill tossed the pen in his middle desk drawer.  He locked the petition and other papers in there.  Pocketing the key, he strode out of his office whistling.  Rattigan's happy hour was starting.  He had a bar to tend and drinks to dispense.  Running for office could wait.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Short flash this week.  I'm working on edits and revisions for my newest book, Tina's Treasures.  When I've got a solid release date I'll post the cover and share an excerpt.

Keep well and warm with this crazy change in weather.  The Spice Homestead is battling our share of colds and flu.  We're getting well one day at time.  Remember to read a good book or two and share them with your loves and spice.

Until next week,



Pat C. said...

What the heck, Gil. Stay in office. You've gotten more accomplished than Lance ever did, and you don't leave banana peels on the floor. (I don't know about the peanut shells.)

I don't know who'd challenge him, either. Vern only ran to tick off Lance. He's happy with the current status quo.

Have fun with those edits, Sunny!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, Gil seems particularly suited for the job... and why change a good thing?

Pulling for you on your edits!