Friday, February 28, 2014

Friends, Lovers and Mated Seals... Hooyah!

It had been a week since they’d brought Tark into the pleasure club for questioning and Reetha was tired.  No matter what she and Dante tried this ass-packet would not break.  She’d considered going in initially and acting like his friend, warning him of Dante’s wrath, but when it came to this skeeze her skills were no longer that good.

“You ready to try again?”

Reetha stopped trying to hold up the wall and looked back at Dante. “No, but we need too.  Everything okay with Ewan?”

“With Ewan – yes, with this entire situation – no.”

“Has something happened, Dante?”

“A skilled hunter has come to town, with a band of wannabe’s in their cute little mystery machine and my sire is making monsters.  I’d be willing to bet the designer drug, Tranq, is a part of his evil genius as well.  Damn, what I wouldn’t give for some peace.”

“Yeah.”  Reetha sighed, dreaming of one or two nights of peaceful pleasure spent here at the club.  Bound and free from the overwhelming guilt of failing everyone she loved.

“Chin up, love.  This too shall pass.”

She smiled at the wolf who was without a doubt the best friend she’d had since Ziva in her youth. 
“You know we need to read Nick in on this soon.”

“I do, but I hate the thought since Ziva’s now pregnant.  He’s snarly at the best of times when it comes to his mate, but now he’s got a hair trigger.  Time with this guy will not help that.”

“True, but he’s scary and he’d already stumped Tark’s tail before you got to them…”

Dante laughed. “That he did and now that there’s a hunter in town gunning for your dad among others, we need more help”

“Pops is still tough, but giving him a heads up would be a good idea.”

“We will.  Now, did this lowlife take the bait?”

“Sure did.  He grabbed the phone when we tussled couple a days ago.  There would have been just enough battery life for him to make one phone call.”

“Let’s go see who he reached out too.”


Rafe Silva had caught his mate’s scent the moment he’d entered the pleasure club and it had taken everything in him to hold his wolf back.  Now she was entering the room and he needed to use all of his seal training to keep some space between them. 

“So Tark are you…”

He knew the exact moment she realized he was here as she turned towards where he stood behind the door.  Agony, so clear in her eyes, beat at him.  Losing Jilly forced her to flee and instead of coming to him, she’d run far away.  Well he’d lost that sweet deer too.  And even though Reetha had been the main thing they’d had in common, he still had tender feelings for the woman who shared a bed with him and his mate.

“You!  He called you!  I should have known one rat bastard would call the King Daddy of rat bastards.”

“Ah Reetha, I prefer Sir, but if you want to give Daddy a try I guess I can be accommodating.”

“What the…” “Hell!” “Gaaa!”

Everything happened at once as goatfucks were wont to do.  Dante led with a confused question, Tark swore and banged his head and Reetha came at him only to be pulled back, by another pissed off alpha, before she made contact.

“Whoa there, love.”

Rafe’s wolf got the better of him at Dante’s term of endearment along with the arms surrounding his mate and he issued a mean growl – a warning to the other man.  Dante in turn growled and shoved Reetha behind him.

“Who is this, Reetha?”

“No one, lover,” she oozed, her arm around the other wolf’s middle – fingers toying with his abs.
“Just another lowlife lawyer.”

Rafe willed himself not to react further as he studied the couple before him.  Dante was good at hiding the emotions in his eyes, but he couldn’t quite contain the flinch as Reetha’s fingers pass over him.  His body language screamed that he belonged to another.

“To right you are Ms. McMahon and as such I am taking my client from this place, which is clearly not a police station.”

“We’re not done with your, client,” Dante sneered.

“Yes, you are.  Anything further can be directed to me…Reetha knows the number.”

Rafe directed Tark from the room, closing the door on his mates raggedly wailed “BASTAR….”


Outside the pleasure club, Rafe pushed the beaten up waste of space pusher into his car and told him in no uncertain terms to stay put before stepping away and placing his call.


The slap of skin on skin, followed by giggles told him all he needed to know about where is friend currently was.  “Aren’t you supposed to be working?  Not indulging in a round of slap and tickle?  And to that point, if it is a little S & T why the hell answer the phone?”

“One moment…Stooly, get in here and cover for me…okay, okay.”  Rafe listened to mumbled threats about not looking and keeping quiet before the sound of a door shutting and a pissed off penguin filled his ear.  “I blame you, fuckhead.”


“Don’t Burge me.  This guy is a freak, and not some nice loveable one either.  But you knew that already.  Damn Rafe.”

“You’re the only one I could trust with this.”

“We had a lot of buddies in the teams…”

“But you and I were the only shifters.”


He knew exactly how Burgess felt.  This op felt never fucking ending and it was getting in the way of their relationships with their mates.  “I need you back here.”

“Tell that to the freak.”

“I intend to.  Be ready.”

“What’s going on?”

“The Tranq worked and I was called to Talbot’s Peak.” Rafe once again looked to the self-satisfied knob contaminating his car.  “To save the douchebag.”



 Have a splendid weekend & keep warm!



Rebecca Gillan said...

Is this the Aussie Burgess or a new one? Excellent flash, BTW!

Savanna Kougar said...

Must be our Aussie penguin, I'm thinking, given his special-ops activities...

Wow, talk about intrigue and thickening the plot, along with Rafe's thickening shifterhood.

Fantastic flash plot!

Dante must have another plan if he let Rafe hustle Tark outta there.

Serena Shay said...

Yep, it is the Aussie Burgess, it's time to bring his sexiness home to Penny...she's getting restless. ;)


Serena Shay said...

LOL...Dante must have other plans for Tark, though he didn't divulge them to me. He just kept mumbling, "let them go." I'm hoping he'll have something for me in this upcoming week. :)

My other question though is...How did Rafe just stroll in without Dante knowing...hmmm? ~wink~

Rebecca Gillan said...

Wow, I'm reading things oddly today. First Burgess "sounded" like a California surfer dude in my mind's ear. The I read "thickening shifterhoon" and started thinking, I don't remember him dropping trow in that scene. Oh, man. TGIF...

Savanna Kougar said...

Exactly, Serena, that's what I thought when I read your flash scene... How did Rafe just stroll on in...? Looks like Tark is between an alpha pincers movement.

No dropping trow, Rebecca, I just thought of that because of Rafe sniffing out Reetha as his mate.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...TGIF is right, Rebecca. I've had those days as well. :D

Serena Shay said...

I kind of wonder if Dante and Rafe know each other already, but are keeping it on the DL for know, what was Dante up to before he became a dominant force in Talbot's Peak? Special forces for a time? I can see that. hehe

Pat C. said...

Whoo! Intrigue aplenty! This is getting good and it's just started!

After this, we may have to write a group book. Or "goatfuck," my new favorite term.

Love this, Serena!

PS: Louie says he takes offense at the term "rat bastard."

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm... I'm thinking Dante and Rafe have met before, and certainly Burgess could have intro-ed them.

No, Dante never did the special forces thing... however, he has a lot of contacts from his days traveling the world... and has certainly 'helped' out the good side on occasion.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...isn't goatfuck a nifty word. I love reading Romantic Suspense especially if the hero is a spec op guy and someone almost always uses that word to describe an op gone bad.

"Sorry, Louie." Reetha said giving him the hairy eyeball and channeling her favorite HP character of all time, "I was distraught!"

Savanna Kougar said...

Is there a known origin of 'goatfuck'? Does it have anything to do with 'men who stare at goats'?

Serena Shay said...

Oooh, that could be it, Dante offered Rafe and Burgess some on the side shifter help in the past but due to the ops nature has to keep their association quiet. :)

Serena Shay said...

Hmm, not sure of the origin or if it has anything to do with men who stare at goats.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Well, he should have dropped trow. It might have distracted Reetha from her MoaningMyrtle routine. As to goatfuck and it's origins... Maybe it's a shape shifter insult that gets used a lot by special forces because even a human would understand the meaning of it and not think it was odd, unlike other shifter insults such as swish tail, herbie lover, or scat.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Rafe promises to keep that in mind for the next time he and Reetha meet..even though he kind of likes the Moaning Myrtle routine. ;)

Oooh, I like that origin idea. Can you see a bunch of big bad seals on an op when the shifter of the bunch says "This is a true swish tail of a scatted up op."

And the humans all step away...

Savanna Kougar said...

lol... Serena and Rebecca... that's too good!

Yeah, Dante has helped out Rafe and Burgess in his world-traveling past, as fellow shifters. Gotta stick together in the big bad world. ~grins~

Rebecca Gillan said...

guys in a spy trawler listening in to SEAL Team radio chatter:

--Roger, Alpha One. The cat has shat the scat and the target is runnin' like a swish-tail under the full moon. How do you want to handle this, orver.--

--Beta Three, you got cat scratch fever or something? Light his ass up anyway, you herbie humper! Over.--

--Roger Alpha One. Last one back to base is buying the beef. Over.--
"Comrad, how goes the surveilance?"

"I... have no idea, sir. I am picking up plenty of chatter, but I have no idea what code they are using."

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, shifter-fab!

Pat C. said...

The shifter version of Navajo code talkers! Imagine if a couple of wolves started barking and yipping at each other. I'd love to see enemy agents try to translate that.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Rebecca that was wonderful!