Saturday, April 12, 2014


Kent leaned into the darkness surrounding Satin. He dipped his head lower, sniffing as he did.  Her fiery spicy scent swarmed over him.   He swallowed trying to look past the pulse just below her ear.  He felt and saw her reaction to him.  Every rhythmic beat and slosh of her heart and blood told him how she felt.  Even her gossamer wings twinkled as he whispered what he wanted to do.

Satin tossed her head back, moving her hair from her shoulders down to tangle even more with his fingers already entwined deep with the locks he clutched as her cloaked slipped off her revealing her secret.  His breath scalded her raising a blushing trail up to the lobe he’d spent the last five minutes worrying.  His mark seared her tender flesh leaving nothing untouched.  No matter the outcome of the night, he had touched her deeper than any other male, mortal or fey, ever had.

“Timidness doesn’t become you,” Kent murmured, raking his teeth along her jugular.  He nipped, and licked up and down the pulsating vein until Satin moaned deep in her throat.  “Yes, you need my touch. You wish to quench my thirst and hunger, don’t my intended?”

Satin opened her eyes, sitting up straight.  Her hands shot straight out, pushing hard against Kent.  “Who are you to demand what I give to you?”

Kent smiled, slowly wrapping more of her hair around his hand.  He tugged gently.  Then harder.  Until she shivered, ducking her head, fighting against the need whelming up inside her.  A want and lust stronger than she imagined it would be with her fated mate.  His scent burned through her after one kiss, and then another until rational thought paled in comparison to what her psyche tossed pictorially at her.

“I don’t demand.  I know your scent and touch.  We are fated.  Chosen by the powers-that-be to quote my grandfather.  I’ve dreamt of you.” Kent slid his hand off her shoulder, down across her arm until his fingers lightly touched the underside of her breast.  

Satin inhaled deeper.  Kent’s musk flowed over her, claiming what he already marked and more.  Easing her hands off his chest, she rocked back until his gaze met hers.  His eyes glowed gold, then red, and back to a mix between the two.  His smile left no guessing part of his nature.  Vampire; seeking the centuries old mating ritual of bloodletting, a sexual act in itself.  

Within the open air she’d discovered his other half.  Sprite wings unfurled as the first beams of the moon crossed over them as they drove along the abandoned highway close to the mountains. Soft like hers. Yet, firmer and fuller in many places.   As they brushed along her hands, the night dew mixed with his magic pouring over her hands and part way up her arms.  He found her wings as he worked her cloak free allowing greater access to her neck and shoulders.  Her own magic had flowed over him marking and mixing with his.  Moments passed seeming like hours until both were heady with need and desire.

Here they lay now nestled together on her bed as a summer storm raged outside.  Could she surrender and sate her need along with his?  Did he understand a mating like theirs needed equality and passion to solidify their bond?  Or was lust theirs for the night?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Warm weather seems to be upon us finally.  Spring has sprung!  Yeah!
Time to clean up the winter gear and put it away for a while.  

Be sure to check out Book 1 and 2 of my Cascade Bay series for a couple of hot spring time reads.  I'm working on some new story ideas with more menage tales in mind.  

Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spices!  I know I will!

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Savanna Kougar said...

Ah... very heady stuff, this mating and passionate blood ritual.

Pat C. said...

My, it's hot in here. ;)