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ShapeShifter Seductions ~ Fool For Love Blog Hop

WELCOME! Come enter the Springtime fanciful realm of Talbot's Peak, home of not only shapeshifters galore, but the nude purple fairy. Now though, two and maybe more of the purply winged ones have arrived. For this blog hop our erotic romance 'flash scenes' star fairies, faes, supernaturals, and a lucky human. Enjoy! 

A Full Moon Fairy Tale

So she wasn’t as pretty or beautiful as her sisters.  Her taste in clothes ran to dark hues that stood out against her pale skin and black hair.  Her deep blue eyes rimmed with kohl and her mascaraed black eyelashes drew attention to her almond shaped eyes.  Yes, her genetic make-up spoke of her mixed heritage.  Satin no longer minded the whispers and stares. Her uniqueness drew gazes and stares from those that admired and desired her.  She tossed her shoulder length hair off her shoulders as she eased the clear straps of her demi bra over her shoulders.

The deep periwinkle blue dress lay on her bed.  Its corset style top drew her eyes.  Though she didn’t need the bra she wore, she knew bondage wasn’t her goal tonight.  Keeping her bust from escaping and not provoking outbursts mattered.  Tonight was about enjoying herself and her date.  Her date with one of her heart throbs.  Kent Smith, lead singer for her favorite band, was hers for the evening.  Where and how the evening ended was up to them.  No paparazzi dogging them.  No chaperones from the fey realm tagging along.  Just she and Kent, the two of them doing what they wanted.

The skirt of the dress reached her knees.  Its fullness moved with her as she sat on the bed reaching for her knee high leather boots.  Normally she wore heels and silver accents on them.  Tonight, her choice ran to the soft kid leather flat soles she wore at home.  Kent’s six-foot-five height practically matched her six-foot-four and three-quarters in her stocking feet build.  Satin knew looking down at Kent or having him look up to her wasn’t where she wanted the evening to begin or end unless it was as he prepared to thrust deep into her.  A touch of blush, a swipe of nude shadow, and her favorite pale mauve lipstick finished her look.  She drew on two silver bracelets bearing the band’s logo as well as the locket she’d fashioned from the logo as well.  On her ears dangled two-carat diamond earrings, a personal gift from Kent for winning the date contest.

 Grabbing her cloak off the hook by the door as she prepared to exit her apartment, Satin hoped the garment didn’t crush her wings folded tight to her.  One beam of moonlight and they would unfold giving away her Fey and Fairy heritage.  Full moon or not, she wasn’t missing this night.  A night she wanted and whispered fervent prayers for.  Would tonight find her mated and accepted?

Across town Kent stood in front of the full length mirror hanging on the back of his cousin’s bathroom door.  He sighed.  His usual tawny spiked hair lay neatly combed against his head.  His black eyes roved over his button-down long sleeved shirt to where it tucked beneath the waist of his belted jeans.  The blood red shirt hugged his chest and six-pack abs leaving no guessing to his muscular tone and physical wellbeing.  He licked his lips and winced.  Blood welled up on his lower lip.  His tongue swept out over it, catching the precious drop.  He swallowed; his eyes closing as the copper taste slowly slid over his taste buds and made its way toward his throat.   The two packs of AB negative he hastily consumed earlier weren’t satisfying him.  Full moon cravings threatened to possess him if he left his need unfed.  For now, unsated and gurgling just below the surface of his control, is where the cravings would be.  Consuming human food took precedence.  Satin deserved a human night out.  After all, the band’s human fans mattered too.  Their support and finances aptly paid for the lifestyle all of them were accustomed to.  Not one of the band’s members wanted what many referred to as their darker side leaked out.

Tugging on his leather jacket, Kent arched his shoulders and hissed.  The ache rushed down both sides of his spine.  Halfway down, the familiar itching and twitching started.   He inhaled deeply, counted in his familial language, and raised his arms skyward.  A few hurried muttered incantations and the almost overwhelming sensations ceased.  The moon’s effect would hold off for a while longer.  How long he wasn’t sure.  Even his magically wise cousin and several of Talbot’s Peak's approachable witches couldn’t answer his question either.  Could he fake being human for most of the night?

Kent waved as he grabbed his car keys off the end table closest to Gill’s front door.

Gill raised his hand to wave in return.  Unnoticed, Kent closed the door behind him, humming a strange tune as he did. One that Gill couldn’t place.  Not that the band’s music came up on his iPod play list often.  Still the more he researched his family ancestry, the more he began to understand why he felt comfortable and at home in the Peak.  His botched magic attempt that got him by some standards cursed might not be as bad as he first thought.  A few wizards, witches, and other out-of the-ordinary relatives lurked in his heritage.  He hoped Kent and Satin’s date went off without issues or problems.  Bettina and Louie would keep gawkers at bay since Rattigan’s was slow on a full moon night.

Forty minutes later, Kent parked in front of Rattigan’s thankful Gill agreed to host him for the week.  Meeting and dating Satin on her own turf made sense and afforded luxury big city environments didn’t. No prying eyes, no cameras snapping pictures, and no adoring pains-in-the-ass fanatics who didn’t understand privacy when it wasn’t their own.   Meeting Bettina and Louie a few days earlier helped.  Bettina nodded in understanding as Kent described full moon cravings.  Her pointed tooth smile cemented how she understood.  Louie’s comment about iced down supplies stored in the walk-in furthered Kent’s sense of relief.  By the evening’s end, a few more packs of AB negative might come in handy.

There was no mistaking her as he walked in.  She sat in the booth set aside for them.  Her paleness drew his gaze.  Her eyes met his and didn’t look away.  She wore his favorite color beautifully.  Loosely around her shoulders hung the midnight blue cloak dappled with flecks of silver.  It reminded him of stars twinkling against the dark sky.   Around her neck she wore the jewelry she talked about in her contest essay about how the band influenced her and her outlook on life.  They sung about being your own person and not hiding behind what others expected you to be.  Satin sat straight and tall.  Her lips curved in a smile that reached her eyes and generated a band of warmth flooding over him and deep into his being.  His heart beat once, stopped, and pattered again.   Could she be the one?

His nostrils flared as her pheromones hit him.  Spicy and hot came to mind as dashes of ginger, nutmeg, and curry mixed with allspice rolled over his tongue after tantalizing his nose.  The same aromas his grandfather talked about smelling with his grandmother.  The tempestuous tastes that uniquely marked the one that fate had chosen for them.  Did she know?  Did AB negative flow through her veins?  Did her heart echo the staccato beats his did? Or was it the pizza Louie carried to the table teasing his stomach and hunger?

Kent slid into the seat across from her.  Two plates, the pizza, and the server sat between them.  Her cherry red seltzer stood out in the glass close to her.  He ordered one of the same before Louie departed.  Brief introductions happened, laughter sounded, and two hands met across the table as they reached for the napkin wrapped utensils.  Bolts of heat rolled over her hand, coursing tightly around her wrist as though claiming or marking her in some mode.  The blast rushed up her arm, lingering close to her neck causing her to tilt her head slightly toward him.  Satin caught the inside of her lip between her teeth, and inhaled.  His muskiness wafted up into her as though it knew the familiar path deep into her heart and core.  She firmly gripped one end of the exposed metal utensils and gasped.  Two arcs of static electricity jolted between them.

More nervous laughter occurred.  Talk flowed, discussing music, the song lyrics that moved each of them, and finally to who get the last slice of pizza.  Kent held up his hand.  Taking a knife, he halved the slice sliding one part on to her plate and the other on to his.  In between bites, they gazed at each other, nodded, and chewed.  Neither noticed the looks and signals passing between their would-be chaperones.  Louie and Bettina watched and waited, unsure what would happen next.

Kent rose from his seat, offered Satin his arm as he spoke.  “Shall we take a walk and enjoy the night?”

Satin nodded, pulling her cloak up on to her shoulders, knotting the ends of it around her snugly.

Outside the wind howled and whistled.  Neither Kent nor Satin stopped as they opened the door and stepped into the night. Bettina reached for Louie’s hand, his fingers entwined with hers.  A firm squeeze and he let go.  Would the night bring the fated pair together?  Mixed heritages stood between them, fey and fairy along with vampire and sprite.  If the wind blew right, the moon would work its magic.  His cravings sated as her freely offered blood flowed into his mouth from her.  And his wings fluttering and touching hers, mixing their magic and power in other ways.  Yes, by the light of moon, a mating would take place.

 Posted By Solara Gordon



The scene: a secluded forest glade, under a full summer moon. Then, out of nowhere, an explosion of bright purple sparks. In the midst of the garish display, Jaunt appeared. “Ladies, your prayers have been answered. I’m here!”

No squeals, no husky oohs, no welcoming gropes. No anything. Stunned, Jaunt stared about. He was here alone. The fairy ring in the little glade was deserted. Chirping insects went dead silent, then warily started up again. Somewhere off in the distance, an owl hooted.

His sparkly purple shower faded, along with Jaunt’s good mood. This glade should be crawling with lady fairies, all of them ecstatic to see him. Irritated, he rattled his wings. Not so much as a glimmer of a translucent pinion responded.

“What the fae?” he said into the emptiness. The distant owl hooted again.

Now this was just not right. The rainbow fairies ruled this stretch of earth. They partied here almost constantly. The ring, mound and trees were all still intact, so they hadn’t been driven off. They should have been here, waiting for him. They lived for his arrival.

Jaunt flitted from tree to tree, bush to bush, flower to flower. He even looked under a rock. The exposed beetles scuttled away from him, into the damp earthy shadows.

“All right,” he said loudly. “It was a funny joke. Ha ha, you got me. Now come out.”

Still nothing. Not even the owl answered this time.

Jaunt strained his eyes for a sparkle of color, a glint, a shimmer, anything. In this patch of forest, rainbow fairies were more numerous than gnats. “Shy” was not in their vocabulary. They were also, with rare exception, female. Only black or purple fairies were male. This particular swarm had one purple fairy, and Jaunt was that lucky fellow. Though not tonight, it seemed.

He swept upward, above the swaying tips of the trees, and scanned the forest. Nothing, not even the wink of fireflies. He was a lonely purple speck in the void.

And then, far off and almost missed, a tinkle of faint fairy laughter.

“You little minx,” Jaunt muttered, and arrowed in that direction. He’d bet his wings that was Savory. She must have coaxed her sisters into hiding from him. Yellow fairies were renowned for their mischief.

“You can wait your turn,” Jaunt promised. “Tonight every other lady gets me first. See how funny you think you are then.”

There! Beside the crystal spring. Dancing multicolored lights bobbed and streaked against the dark of leaves and fronds. They’d moved the party and not told him. Not that it could be much of a party without him. Jaunt fluttered into their midst. “Ladies! I am—”

The fairies stopped their dance and stared at him. Dozens upon dozens in all shades of red, green, yellow, blue and white. And one purple.

Another purple.

Unfamiliar emotions assailed him, throwing him into confusion. Jaunt was used to the curve of hips and breasts and slender, graceful limbs. He knew other males existed, but that knowledge had always seemed to him more of a theory. He struggled to comprehend the new fairy’s broad chest and angular muscles and broad, rounded wings. At length his gaze dipped lower, and all confusion vanished. Rage, sharp as a blade and all-consuming, took its place. Jaunt whirred at the interloper like a missile.

Glows of red and yellow detached themselves from the mass and intercepted him. They caught his arms and held him fast. Jaunt fought, but the girls were implacable. Fresh confusion set in. Their grips hurt. They had never dared to hurt him before.

“Saffron?” he questioned the yellow fairy. “What’s going on?”

“Jaunt.” She gave him no smile, no kiss, no sparkle. That might have been sympathy in her eyes. “You’re too late.”

“We got tired of waiting,” the red fairy said. Her grin was nasty. “And now we don’t have to.”

“What do you mean? Who’s he?”

“You mean Killian?” The red fairy’s smug tone caressed the name. “He’s our new toy. He appeared in the ring when you didn’t. He’s strong and witty and funny and sweet and a lot of other things you aren’t.”

“You can’t be serious. You’re my swarm!”

“Were,” the red fairy corrected. “Isn’t he pretty? He has the nicest laugh. And look at the size of those wings!”

“Wing size doesn’t mean a thing,” Jaunt said sullenly.

“Yes,” the red fairy said with a pointed downward glance. “I suppose you’d think so.” She dropped his arm and flitted back to the group. The new male welcomed her back with a dazzling smile. He had his arm wrapped around Savory’s waist. She batted her yellow wings at him like a slutty butterfly.

Jaunt quivered with fury. “That purple prick! Who does he think he is?”

“We think he’s fine,” Saffron said.

He glared at her. Normally he didn’t bother. She was smaller in the chest and wing than her sister Savory, and so beneath his notice. That had never stopped her from flashing her brightest sparkles at him.

Until now. His glare shriveled before the unaccustomed hardness in her topaz face. He blinked, once more befuddled. Rejection was also new to his insular world.

“You’ll get tired of him,” he said. “You’ll start wishing he was me. You’ll want me and I won’t be there.”

“Oh, Jaunt,” she said. “There’s room for both of you in the swarm.” He thought she might be softening. “Except you’re such a jerk.” She flung him into the spring.

Jaunt sputtered water out of his mouth and shook droplets off his wings. He blinked through the smear and saw the swarm receding, a multicolor ball grouped protectively around its purple core. Saffron drifted at the rear. She never once looked back.

A frog gulping mayflies at the edge of the spring blinked its bulbous eyes at him and burped a question. Jaunt wiped his eyes and responded with a phrase he’d once heard a human utter. “Oh, go screw yourself.”

Posted by Pat C.


“I thought you swore off going purple, cuz?”

“Go home, Trevor, I don’t have time for you today.” Jonesy kept walking down the wooded path towards the mound he was nearly positive was home to actual fairies.  The only reason he’d once again donned this stupid get up was so that he’d not scare the beautiful creature he sought.

“Harsh, Jonesy, just harsh. So what’s the prank?”

“No prank.”

“What?  You have to have a prank, cuz.  Its April fool’s time and you’re the, well, nearly Nude Purple “prank” Fairy.  You gotta do something!”

“No, I don’t and that’s a dumb name.”

“Nah, it’s gonna be a thing one day…if, of course, you do it right.”

“I’m busy, Trevor, go home.”

Jonesy kept moving forward hoping his cousin took the hint that he didn’t want him around.  He’d done his best trying to sneak out, but when you shared a wall, as they did in their respective mom’s duplex, sneaking was hard.

“What are we looking for? Dead things? Crap for doorsteps?  Oooh, snakes to put in bags?”

“What are you, Trevor, twelve?” 

He was almost to the spot he’d come across yesterday where he’d seen the most amazing thing.  At first he’d thought it was a really unique butterfly, but he’d gotten closer to the flower and surprised the most beautiful creature giving herself pleasure upon the petal. 

“No, butthead, but your mom is…”

Jonesy stopped and shot his cousin the most distain-filled look he could conjure up at that moment.

“Yeah, I know, J, that didn’t come out right.”

The sad look on his cousin’s face filled him with the urge to hug the man in front of him.  The person who was more brother than cousin and who’d had his back through all the tough time.  Even though
Trevor occasionally pulled him into his dumb pranks and got him in trouble, he knew it was all done out of love.  “We’ve got to get beyond this, Trevor.  We’re going to be college men in the fall.”

“Yeah, at ‘Too small to matter Community College.’ Whoopee.”

“It matters, Trev, because we’re going to make it matter…and we’re going to get good grades and move up to a four year school after our associate’s degrees.  Our mom’s will be so proud.”

“Sure…how about one last prank for the road, ah, what the hell is that?” 

Jonesy knew without even turning what his cousin was pointing, wide eyed, at over his shoulder.  He’d heard the tinkling of tiny bells and gotten warm all the way to his balls.  His little tink was back.  “Don’t freak, Trevor,” he whispered as he turned to greet the beautiful miss.

“You’re back…and now with…” she flit around him, quick as a hummingbird. “Wings?”

He was stunned by her voice.  Not high and twinkly like he’d assumed, but low and sexy.  He was compelled to rename her whiskey or scotch.  “They’re fake.  I didn’t want to frighten you.”

“Clearly.” She harrumphed, her hands going to her hips.  It was the first time he’d noticed the tiny tool in her hand.  It looked like a riding crop, only miniature sized. 

Trevor must have noticed it too as evidenced by his totally inappropriate comment.  “Dude, check out the mini whipper!  Kinda ineffective for my big balls…fairy boys must have teeny-weeny’s and sand sized balls in order to get anything from that love stick.”

The beautiful fairy flew into his cousin’s face and grabbed a handful of what looked like nose hairs.

“Ow!” Trevor cried, but before he could reach around to disengage his tormentor, his hands were bound with a glowing band and he was raised up onto tree behind him, arms over his head and hooked on a branch. 

“Never,” the fairy said, backing away from his bound cousin and growing from her diminutive size into a woman who met his 6’2” height perfectly.  “Judge something by its size.”

“Holy shit!  Cuz are you seeing this?”

Oh he was seeing things perfectly, hell he was probably eating her up with his eyes while his brain he was devouring her lush curves and totally bare pussy with his mouth.  In his almost nude purple state she couldn’t help but miss the swelled up head of his cock peeking over the waistband of his pants.

“Now you,” she said, bringing her naked self, closer to the hungry beast within him. “You I’m partial too.  Even with those silly fake feathers.  You, I think I’ll keep.”

Her crop flicked out and hit the muscled rise of his chest, extremely close to one nipple.  The leather stung, but in a warm, pleasurable way.  A constriction at his neck had him reaching up to free himself from what bound him. 

“Nuh, uh, ah…That, dear boy, will stay on as long as I want you.”

The spiked leather collar around his throat loosened just a bit, making it less constricting and more comforting, which surprised him.  Did he really have an inclination to submit?

“Why the collar?”  he asked, looking her in the lovely two-toned purple eyes.

“You’re too big to fit in my mound and I want no others to have you.”

“Wait, omigod there has to be a joke there, fairy pussy – tiny mound – moose dick, Yiiiche…” Trevor screamed as the amazon fairy laid her crop against his skin and Jonesy chuckled.  His cousin deserved a little payback for his forever joking attitude.  ”Damn lady that hurt my balls.”

 “You will hush, mortal.”  She turned back to him and hooked a glowing leash to the ring at his throat.  “You, will come with me.”

“You’re leaving me here!”  Trevor yelled.  “Really?”

“If my new toy gives me much pleasure you will be freed.”

“And if my boy, J, there fails?” Trevor asked, fear leaching into each word.

“You will stay there until I am pleasured.

“Jonesy, man,” his cousin called, a question in his voice, but Jonesy just ignored him.

“Let’s hit it, Whiskey.”

The crop landed again, only this time on the abs he’d worked into tight rounded layers.  The heat sizzled and his dick grew even tighter.

“That’s Mz. Whiskey to you.”

Posted by Serena Shay

Onyx watched from behind the fronds of a large fern as the newly ousted purple fairy crawled out of the pond, muttering to himself about ungrateful bitches and Johnny-come-lately assholes who run around stealing other guys’ swarms. Jaunt didn’t get it, clearly. He’d spent his whole life being the pampered favorite and he didn’t know how to deal with the loss of status. It wasn’t the loss of sex, Onyx was sure. That rainbow swarm had never been about sex, at least not for its lone male.

“What you need, son, is to ditch your pretty lavender outlook on life,” he said to the sulking fairy buck. Jaunt jumped, a fine mist of water droplets flinging every which way as the buck tried to take to the air. Onyx chuckled darkly when Jaunt failed to catch altitude with soggy wings and crashed back to the ground.

“Dammit!” Jaunt swore. He stopped struggling for a moment and the tangle vine relaxed it’s grip, letting the irate buck stand up more slowly. Onyx found himself almost speared by the hate and anger in the purple fairy’s burning gaze. “Who the fae are you?” he asked belligerently.

“I’m the guy who’s going to show you the ropes,” Onyx replied seductively. “You know why he got your ladies, right? You want to know how he was even able to steal them away?”

“How?” Jaunt asked, still belligerent, but sounding a bit uncertain. The pretty buck really was confounded that he’d lost his swarm. Huh.

“He’s new. He’s different. He’s not anything they haven’t already had a hundred times over,” Onyx said, finally letting himself slide out from behind his fern frond. Jaunt laughed harshly when he saw him, but Onyx didn’t let himself blush.

“And just what is a black fairy going to be able to teach me, the fairy of passion, about luring the ladies?” the other buck asked derisively.

“I’m going to help you turn your pretty lavender ass into a darker shade of purple,” Onyx purred. “You may be the spirit of passion, but I’m all about lust, pretty boy. By the time I’m done with you, it ain’t going to be your oh so perfect wings and chest the ladies look at. They’ll be too lost in the promise of hot, messy sex in your eyes to even care. Unless,” Onyx said pausing dramatically, “you don’t want to learn how to keep them coming back for more? I suppose you might be able to scrape together a swarm of little old ladies looking for a super young stud to play cougar with…”

“A darker shade of purple?” Jaunt asked uncertainly.

“Oh, yeah,” Onyx said with a lusty smile. “So dark, they’ll be calling you the Damson Plum Fairy.”

“That sounds… kind of good, actually,” Jaunty said with an uncertain smile. “So what’s the first lesson?”

“The first lesson, my damson plum fairy in training, is learning how to make it all about the O.”

“O?” Jaunty asked, but then his eyes light up with understanding. “Oh…” His eyes dropped to Onyx’s bulging cock. “Shall I show you what I got for skills, Teacher Onyx?” He licked his lips, a little forced, as if he wasn’t quite sure how to do the seductive thing yet. But he was willing to learn; that’s all that counted.

“Please do,” Onyx replied as he unlaced his breeches, freeing his throbbing cock to the night air and to his new student’s seeking mouth.

~ Posted by Rebecca


Kye's Two Fae Wizards

Kye nestled deeper inside the daffodil's trumpet, weary from a night of celebrating in the forest moonlight with her newfound friends in the shapeshifter town of Talbot's Peak. She yawned sleepily and settled her diaphanous wings against her back.

Slumber had just found Kye when loud grunts and fists pounding on human flesh caused her eyes to pop open, and alarm to flood through her. True, she'd only arrived a few months ago, immediately learning the Peak was sometimes on the wild side -- similar to the Old West tales she so enjoyed reading.

But fist-brawling in the small meadow next to her isolated cottage? While all types of bars and pubs had been established in the area, none were close to Kye's location. Or, to amend her thought, the subterranean Pleasure Club lay a mere two miles away, but only Dante's biker bar was above ground. No way could a motorcycle negotiate the steep rocky ground surrounding her idyllic home.

The bashing sounds became furious, the brawlers hammering on each other's bodies. A hailstorm of swear words broke loose in Kye's native fae language.

Owning not a clue who the guttural voices belonged to, she jolted fully awake, and leaped to her knees. Not knowing what to expect, Kye gathered her courage and peeked out of the trumpet.

The radiance of dawn greeted her, but the sight that met her gaze astonished Kye beyond belief. Two fae wizards -- obvious by their sweat-glistening, biceps-encircling tattoos -- battled each other viciously.

Blinking several times, she moved closer to the edge of daffodil. In their human-size shape, the fae wizards had stripped down to warrior loincloths, and now flung punches at each other like the most common of brutish bar crawlers.

Was she merely hallucinating from the night's dew she'd sipped? Or, possibly a strange dream brewed beneath the moon's magick?

The two opponents were matched -- one with hair the color of a raven's wing and olive-golden skin, the other with flaming red hair and paler hued golden skin. As they continued to trade punches maneuvering like dervishes, their  manes of hair whipped back and forth reminding Kye of battling stallions.

Deciding she witnessed a real event, fascinated in the extreme, Kye crawled forward. The Daffodil's trumpet swayed, and she clung to the flower, not wanting to reveal herself yet.

So far, the fae wizards controlled the emergence of their wings. No odor of sorcery  burned away the dampness of the early morning air, either. Obviously, they fought in the ancient, agreed-upon way to settle differences, or establish territorial supremacy.

About to tumble out of the Daffodil as she strained to watch, Kye flapped her wings and slowly floated downward. With savage grunts, the two wizards gripped each other like titans, their stone-hard muscles bulging, and defined in a way Kye had only seen in human-made movies.

Rivulets of sweat caused their physiques to look even more magnificent as both of them sought to gain the weight advantage. Landing, Kye barely felt the sweet earth beneath her feet, her gaze was so riveted.

Had some enemy sent them to capture her? Yet, that made no sense, given the ferocity of their fight -- even if a substantial reward had been offered. Kye's breaths burst in and out as she watched the two foes. A mixture of awe, apprehension, and 'what the blooming hell was going on' seared through her. 

"She is mine!" the raven-haired one growled, his voice harshly reverberating through the air.

"She belongs to me!" the flame-haired one growled as formidably.

Stunned to her very core, Kye could only observe as the two crashed to the ground. Locked together, they thrashed and rolled over the dewy meadow's new Spring growth.

Anger surged through Kye like wildfire. "Hey!" she shouted, "stop that. You're ruining my flowers." She rapidly morphed to her human size. "Stop!" Kye yelled at the top of her lungs. "Stop that right now. Or I'll freeze you both, and turn you into a bronze statue."

Immediately both men stilled as if she had carried out her threat. The next instant -- mirroring each other -- they sprang upward, and faced off again.

"No," Kye screamed, as two sets of wings unfurled swiftly.

Strike for strike, their wings battled, a snapping fury of motion that even her fairy eyes had trouble following. Damn impressive but ridiculous, Kye thought.

Her anger blazed anew when a blasting wind from the frenzied beating of their wings  struck Kye, sending her backward several steps -- especially since her bare foot landed on one of her daffodils.

"Enough is enough!" Kye blasted her voice around them, using her magick. "I command you to stop."

Within seconds, calm reigned. Although, the two glared at each other, their hands clenched in fists, their teeth bared. Kye scowled as they pushed their large shimmery wings together in a shoving contest. 

"I don't even know either one of you," she shouted, then remembered she was bare-ass naked. Kye swept up her tiny filmy coverlet, all the while magickally fashioning it into a much larger garment.

She slipped it on quick as both fae wizards spun on cue facing her. Now the gallant gentlemen, they bowed, one arm placed across their hearts.

"I am Zialto of Vharliv Castle. May I own the honor of courting you, Kye of Wyndborn Castle?" the raven-haired man intoned in a rich voice that naturally harmonized all around him.

Staggered because she'd been rejected by every eligible man in her realm, Kye could only stare as the flame-haired wizard spoke next.

"Yes, an introduction is in order." His deep purring tone shivered Kye's skin deliciously. "I am Dhauz of Vharliv Castle. I also petition for the honor of courting you, beautiful Kye of Wyndborn Castle."

"Uh," she stammered as weird tingly sensations slid through her. None she'd ever felt before. "You're not afraid of my, my powers."

"Is that why the weak-minded fools in your realm refused courtship?" Zialto's dark gaze flashed dangerously.

"Yes." Kye heaved a breath, the memory stinging. "Yes, I, I –"

"The pathetic fools," Dhauz boomed in a deep purr. "Their hearts must be as weak as their minds. As my cousin has alluded to."

"Cousins... I see the facial resemblance now." Kye paused, stumbling over how best to express herself. "However, my good wizards, I am in no mood to be courted, and..."

Her voice trailed away. Both of their gazes ignited as if bolts of lightning lived within. Then, sparks orbited them like stars gone wild in the heavens.

"Apologies, Kye," Zialto dazzled her with a smile. "It is Springtime and a young man's fancy," he paused. "Forgive me, fancy is not the correct description. One could say I could be compared to a rutting stag."

"Oh," escaped between Kye's lips, and she nodded to let him know she understood. So she hoped, anyway. "I am honored by your offer... both of you. However, I have recently moved here and  I have no desire to leave... simply for the sake of courtship."

"We will court you here." Dhauz took a step toward her, and Kye couldn't help but smell his enticing virility.

In that instant, a sexy wickedness overcame Kye. She smiled seductively, and cupped her thrust hip. "Both of you would court me here?"

"Both of us, yes. You need not choose," Zialto assured. He moved beside his cousin, his gaze all too eager and lusty.

"No, you need not choose, most lovely Kye." Dhauz approached with a slow but powerful stride, his gaze ravishing her in a manner that made Kye hungry for whatever he desired to do to her. Whatever!

A sudden vision of both Zialto and Dhauz erotically attending to her passions appeared unbidden before her mind's eye. Kye blushed furiously -- from head to toe.  Her wings fluttered out of control, further giving away her bold desire.

Yet... why not?


Wishing you springtime love and passion on the wild side ...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


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