Friday, April 11, 2014

Flash Sale!

So, Mz. Muse decided to roll with me today and incorporate what I'm learning in class with this flash.  Yes, I think she's getting desperate for my attention, but I have to say the flash worked for me and for Musy so right on!

Also, get a load of the sexy dude to my right...your left, er right or well someones right and left...anyway, sexy guy is hard to miss over there.  I figure this must be how Nick looks every time he deals with Penny and Ziva together.  Yeah, if I was Ziva, I'm make sure to tag team Nick on a regular basis with the help of one naughty Domme...but, that's another story.



“Okay, who’s the wise ass?”  Nick squeezed the metal handrail circling the newsroom with one hand and looked down at his staff.  In the other he held up a dozen wooden rulers.  “I have several hundred rulers falling out of boxes in my office.  Who did it?”

Several snickers could be heard below and even a couple behind him.  Ziva and Penny, of course.  He turned to look at the duo with their heads together, whispering about nothing good for him he was sure. “Was this either of your ideas?” he asked, waving the buttery soft wood in their direction. 

Sure he had to act all boss-like and filled with his Nick angst, the group would expect nothing less, but he’d already secured several of these beauties in his desk drawer and the backpack he carried to and from work.  He was no fool.

“Nope, sorry boss, not me.” Penny assured him with a grin.

“Not me either, lover,” Ziva promised, sidling closer to him only to whisper, “though I wish I had.”

Nick gave them each a raised eyebrow telling them he did believe either of them, then turned back to the rest of the room.  “Just remember I excel at sniffing out liars and if any of you were dumb enough to have used the company card, I’ll be the first to know.”

He turned back to the two he figured were the guiltiest in the room and asked the burning question.
“What am I supposed to do with three gross of wooden rulers?”

“Oooh, I know.”  Ziva grabbed her phone from the maternity smock she’d started wearing which hugged her softly swelling tummy and said pretty pup across the top.  He didn’t care for the words spanning above where his son lay though, but Ziva insisted they were having a girl so it fit.  He didn’t care for that thought either.  Females meant males sniffing after them and his daughter would be a perfect princess, not to be trifled with or, or sniffed around.

“What?” he growled, unsure if his sudden frustration was because they were going to say something he didn’t want to hear or because he was terrified of the baby being a beautiful little female like his Ziva.

“Flash sale!” Ziva typed quickly on her smartphone, tongue out and to the side of her lips.

“Now you’re talking, Z.” Penny chimed in, worrying him even more.

“Flash what?” he asked.

“Sale.  Flash sale.” Penny responded, “You know, a text message goes out to everyone on the Gazette loop that we have something for sale for the next X number of minutes and anyone who wants one buys them before time is up.”

“Say what?  Who’s going to want wooden rulers?” The gleam in Penny’s eye made him quickly add to his question, “besides me…who’s going to want a ruler?”

“He has a point, Z.”

“I know.” Ziva smiled in that sneaky way of hers. “Fifty sold already.  Penny, grab a Sharpie.  Lover, get your signing hand ready and let’s check out those sticks.”

“Nice…” Penny crooned.

“One hundred sold,” Ziva preened, as she pulled him towards his office and watched her phone.

“Shite.”  It was going to be a long afternoon.
Here's to hoping a flash sale of you liking finds you this fine weekend and if anyone spots a flash sale of riding crops or floggers, give me a shout out!  Mz. Muse is looking for some new tools...



Rebecca Gillan said...

I will admit that I read "flesh Sale", not flash sale when I first started reading this post. SO how much are they charging for sign Nick-knight sticks of love?

Pat C. said...

Poor Nick, not even a father yet and already angsting over the kid. Wait'll it turns 16. Either gender, he's in trouble.

Why not use the rulers to built a "doghouse"/playhouse for the kid? Seeing as how he's already jumping the gun regarding little Nick/Nicholle's future.

I'll bet it's beavers buying the rulers. Or a lot of insecure guys.

Savanna Kougar said...

Flash sale, indeed. Yeah, everyone wants a signed Nick ruler for personal use. ~sniggers~

Heck, Dante might have one of his crew snap up a few.

Good idea, Pat, about the doghouse/playhouse.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Flesh Sale! That would be a different blog post. Hmm, I might have to let Mz. Muse chew on that one for a while. hehe

You know, probably .99 cents a ruler, would be my guess, but then Ziva is a really good barterer so who knows how much she's asking. :D

Serena Shay said...

Hehe, yep, Nick's already worrying. Something tells me Mooney is playing a part in that. I can about imagine him telling poor Nick, "yeah, I'm glad I've got boys man...can you imagine dealing with a females first heat and don't get me started with dating!" LOL

Oh man, a dog/playhouse of rulers would have been awesome!

Snerk, definitely the beavers. :D

Serena Shay said...

Ha! Dante probably needs to stock up. Nick can be tough on the flat wood. ;)