Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What the Lady Leprechaun Wants

Alana O’Shaughnessy shook her head in annoyance as she watched her brother, or what she guessed was her brother, being fished out of the sewer by a shy-looking man. She wished she were shocked to see Seamus in that condition, but sadly, she wasn’t. If he hadn’t had a tendency to end up in nasty scrapes, she would not have been detailed by their father, the Green Man of Blarney, to follow the older leprechaun around and keep him out of trouble. It was Alana’s opinion that Seamus had kissed their father’s stone arse too many times to be kept out of trouble. How else could one reasonably explain him mouthing off to a tiger, getting eaten, and then being shait out and flushed down a toilet? Even Jackie Frost didn’t get into that much trouble in the span of a single day and night.

Ah now, Jackie Frost. If were him Alana had been detailed to watch, she would not be as crabby about the task. Tall, funny, with downy white hair, alabaster skin, and a smirk that could make a lassie’s nickers fall to her ankle on command…

But no. She was babysitting a pile of green poo. And would be for quite some time, she guessed. Seamus was old, but even he would require a few seasons to regrow himself a normal body. That was one of the benefits of being a plant type, that being able to regrow from any mishap that didn’t out right kill you. T’was also the reason her father had sent her away when he saw her kissing Sweet Jackie Frost. A hard freeze could kill a plant all the way dead. But damn, he’d be worth it, she mused.

She followed the cute, shy young man as he plopped Seamus the Turd into a shoe box and then took him someplace called “Java Joe’s.” She watched the blue haired earth witch reluctantly accept the noisy, smelly box. She watched as the witch took Seamus’s shoe box down into her crafting kitchen in the basement of her business. And she watched the witch dump Seamus into a pile of partially fermented mulch. Excellent. The witch knew just what to do to keep her obnoxious brother out of trouble for a short while.

She smiled, spun around to get a good look at this place, this Talbot’s Peak. She could grow to like it here. Seamus still managed to get into too much mischief here, but as the town was chock full of Others, she didn’t have to babysit him quite so closely. That meant her time was her own at last. And it meant she had the free time to watch as that totally hot black fairy some more. Why last night, she’d been treated to the sight of him having his cock sucked by an equally hot purple. She found a nice shady spot to sit under a slowly waking oak tree and began writing in her diary about the joys of watching hot male fairies fuck in the moon light. Screw Jackie Frost. She was thinking it’d be fun to be fairy dusted.


Savanna Kougar said...

Looks like Alana found her spot in Talbot's Peak. Great magickal flash, Rebecca. Lovin' it. And that pic too.

Pat C. said...

And another fan of M/M slash is born! Or discovered. This story gets better with each post.

So, what's Seamus going to grow into? A four-leaf clover? Hemlock? Cannibis?

More fairies! I shudder to think what would happen if all this resulted in a sprite/coyote cross ...

Rebecca Gillan said...

I can't tell you what he turns into, only that it involes Loki and Thor and their mom's best spell cauldron. But Loki is very much his mother's son, even if he doesn't share any actual blood ties with Marissa. ;)

The black fairy got added to this after I wrote my blog hop post. Originally, Alana had been watching the purple fairy take care of business by himself. And Mr. Emil Tudbuttle is not done, either.