Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Tale Continues

Satin curled up against her favorite pillow, wiping her eyes.  Two days without Kent and she felt sadder than she ever imagined.  His mark and possession tattooed her with no doubt of who she belonged to.  Not bad she kept telling herself.  Yet, the forlorn feeling threatening to drag her down into the depths of longing and heated need refused to be sated.  New batteries for her toys topped the shopping list she worked on.

Kent claimed her with his bite on their second round of sexual play.  His nipped never drew the blood exchange he whispered of as he brought her to one powerful orgasm after another.  His own release had his head tossed back with his neck exposed.  Her bite drew the blood that flew over her tongue binding them in a way neither suspected.  Now she knew.  Did he?

Kent carefully packed his guitar back into its case.  Two gigs behind them and the band was on the road to their next destination.  Two lonely nights without the woman of his dreams beside him.  Sex paled compared to love making.  He hadn’t known the difference until he gave into her spicy pheromones coating him with her presence and existence.  Love songs came from the heart.  His feelings flowed out across the stage and into the audience pouring out his need and longing for one who now claimed a piece of him.  What did their future hold?


Hey Gang!

Sorry for the short post.  Busy week here at the Spice homestead.  With the weather changing and work needing TLC, I've been busy.  Satin and Kent's story appears to be taking a turn neither expected.  I wonder if this one will be come a serial.  

Enjoy the warm weather and change of seasons finally.  I'm loving it!

Remember to take time to rejuvenate with a good book or two.  Share them with your spice and loves!  I know I am!

Until next week!



Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, the lover's pain of longing and need... looks like Satin and Kent's story could become a serial.

Pat C. said...

It helps if you know where the story's going, even vaguely. Trust me on that one. I'm constantly writing myself into corners. At least with a romance you know how it ends. Imagine being five chapters into a murder mystery -- as the writer -- and having no idea who the killer is.

Savanna Kougar said...

I wrote a mystery that way once, not knowing the killer, so to speak... however, I don't if the story is any good.