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Deuces Wild, Secret Agent Wolf

Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

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Yep, another day with way too much on my plate. However, here's a spinoff flash scene starring one of the wolf boys from Pat's Monday flash.


Deuces Wild, Secret Agent Wolf

Deuces Wild, as he was affectionately known at the Interspecies Pleasure Club, kept his expression savage even as he mentally grinned. A bunch of ape goofballs got out of an obviously stolen cop car. To his trained wolfen eye, they weren't up to no good in the Peak. Not yet. Instead, they appeared to be tracking another of their stinky, brainless kind.

Scat, one of them  reeked of candy bars, and cheap hamburger grease. "Hunters," he growled in wolf. "Bet they're after Cochrane. Heard at the club that coyote screw up, Ewan, bit the bastard."

For almost as long as he'd been part of Damien Hancock's enforcer pack, Deuce had been Dante's inside source -- his loyalties switched once he'd discovered the depraved depth of the pack leader's desire to rule Talbot's Peak.

Deuce played a double game, feeding meaty chunks of info about Dante's growing empire to Damien -- his reason for frequenting the Pleasure Club. So far, his 'secret agent wolf' life had gone smooth as the Kentucky bourbon he favored.

Being Dante's inside wolf man -- Deuce grinned to himself again -- they gamed out what tidbits of truth to throw in Damien's snapping jaws.  But why Dante wanted his sire's mad scientist, Morloxian, to be supplied with more subjects ... howls to freak-show hell, the alpha werewolf had said something about looming danger from a mammoth mutant werewolf, pieces on a chessboard, and the 'good for all' endgame.

Mentally, Deuce shook his head. He didn't own that brand of smarts, that level of strategic gamesmanship. Not like Dante and his sire, Damien.

Scat, he was a street smart wolf, having been an orphan cub in New York City. Yeah baby, he'd taken ferocious bites out of the Big Apple. Deuces was damn proud of how he'd been able to survive, even thrive into his teen-wolfhood. But, with the lure of a werewolf-owned town, he'd moved west. Fast. 

Now Dante relied on Deuce's paws-on-the-ground intel. The main wolfman as Deuce thought of Damien's rebel son, always showed his toothy-grinning gratitude. Plus, the rewards at the Pleasure Club... AHROOOOOOO WOO WOOOahhhhh!

When it became apparent the motley ape crew was headed for the bar to send Cochrane to the happy hunting ground, there were further yips and grrrs of communication between their bad-boy pack.

Deuce had carefully remained second in command, a superior position for his double life. It kept him close to the pack leader and freed him from being the low-level grunt who'd been ordered to get their delivery van. Everything inside the Full Moon Deliveries' van had been set up for their ops, and to transport 'captures' to Damien, or in this case, Morloxian's lab in Colorado.

'Status?' he mind-heard. Shandris' soft voice sang through him. As usual, his cock pressed against his black leathers before he could stop the 'bad boy' from thickening.

The shy fae witch caused bolts of need to race through his blood. But she was off limits.

Dante hadn't forbidden him from pursuing Shandris. No, the petite beauty claimed her powers would be lessened if she... to quote her words "allowed their involvement". 

Shandris had become part of Gypsy Red Wolf's circle to protect Talbot's Peak. She'd been able to join her mind with his, despite Deuce's lack of supernatural talent. Shandris also possessed the supernatural ability to guard his thoughts from Damien Hancock's psychics, as well as the Yakuza tiger shifter, Zhere Ghan's psi-spies.

She kept a permanent but undetectable barrier around his mind, which left Deuce able to fully use his fang-tough personality, all while covertly gathering intel. He mindspoke with Shandris only when time was of the essence, and when she contacted.

'Status is the capture of Cochrane's crew. Take them to mad scientist Morloxian,' Deuce telepathed.

'I will remain connected. And watch through your eyes.'

'You can do that?' Yeah-yip, probably a stupid question. Although, Shandris hadn't revealed that psi power to him.

'Our bond allows for it now... secret agent wolf,' she added, humor in her mind voice.

'How did -- you read my mind,' Deuce teased. 'Van is here. Gotta jump.'

'Secret agent wolf man...' Shandris sang to him as he leaped into the passenger seat. Oh hell howl, this wasn't half bad, a fae singing in his head.

'Am I distracting you too much?' she asked, once the pack leader hit the accelerator pedal, and they pursued the ape crew down the open road.

'Not so far,' Deuce answered. He kept one ear on the pack leader's barked orders, while listening with his inner ears to Shandris. 'This is gettin' easy as licking –" Deuce stopped himself from finishing with 'a bitch's butt'.

'Tsk, tsk,' Shandris admonished, her amusement obvious.

'I'll have to mind my manners. But your little ears are gonna do some serious burning.' Already the rest of the enforcer pack used foul language as they prepared the back of the van.

'Sticks and stones,' she crooned. Deuce found himself liking this side of Shandris way too much. His cock agreed, lengthening again.

"No scat ridin' our tail," Deuce reported to the pack leader. "The sniffer is clean," he added. With the best nose in the pack, it was Deuce's job to ride shotgun.

'Message from Dante.' Shandris interrupted the pack leader's sideways glance at Deuce's crotch.

"Something you'd like to share, Deuce?" he snarled.

"Beautiful bitch at the Pleasure Club. She got my attention, and I'm feeling her something fierce. It is Spring. You know how it is." Deuce spoke in an offhanded manner. For good measure, he threw the pack leader an apologetic glance.

"Scat yeah, Spring. Did some tail chasing the other night. Just keep your mind on business. Damien'll have our hides... hell, he'll offer our asses up to that franken-wolf, Morloxian."

"Got it under control," Deuce growled, even as he felt Shandris enter her protective shell against him. Yet she didn't disconnect her mind from his. 'Message?' he prompted.

'Don't let the mammoth mutant werewolf bite.'

Damn Lupa! The thing was alive and kicking.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side… 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Let me guess: he's the one who looks like Taylor Lautner, right? In which case, he needs to be shirtless 24/7. (snerk)

I'm assuming Dante wants the Scoobies taken so he can learn the precise location of Morloxian's lab?

Deuces better keep his head in the game. The waters are about to get choppy.

Savanna Kougar said...

Okay, showing my absolute ignorance here. Which one is Taylor Lautner? Deuce is the one with his arms folded.

Yeah, precise location, and for other endgame reasons. Dante already knows the basic location because of Sunlandra [granddaughter of Damien] and Zondros.

No letting Shandris distract him with out of control lust. Right.

Pat C. said...

Okay, that works. Taylor's the one in the foreground. He's Jacob in the Twilight movies. He finally turned 21 last year, so I'm no longer so much of a perv.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I figured as much. Happen to know who Mr. Folded Arms is?

Rebecca Gillan said...

My older son lovers the Twilight movies because of the wolf pack, so talked about the movies enough times that I didn't need to sit through them. I'm pretty sure the Mr. Foldy Arms is the wolf named Paul.

Pat C. said...

Good, because I have no idea. I've only seen bits and pieces of the movies on TV. I only tune in to catch a glimpse of TL's chest.

Y'know, if Bella ever met Spike, she'd dump Edward in a second and never look back. Girl needs to get out more.

Savanna Kougar said...

Thanks, Rebecca... if I had time, I'd do a search. I'm sure that info is out on the web.

Aw, come on. From what little I know about virgin Bella, she could never handle Spike.

Pat C. said...

Well, he could bite her, then Buffy could stake her and do the world of YA books a favor. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh lordy, I hope there are no Bella wannabes reading this.