Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Side of A Phoenix Named Tyburn

Rachel cracked open the window across the room from her bed.  Tyburn slept with two blankets on him.  He insisted on taking the side of the bed closest to the door.  Something about protecting her. More like his male ego demanded he look macho now and then.  Rachel smiled at her inane thought.  Tyburn’s mellow side came through more than once as they performed with the orchestra. During composing sessions, he even paired up with others to write scores of music that allowed a team effort to shine.  Even his twin sister, Stacia, remarked how changed her brother appeared.

Tyburn’s and Stacia’s voices carried up the stairs from the card game they played below.

“Phoenix full house.  Stars and comets plus the jacks.”  Stacia spread her cards out on the table.

“Hearts beat jacks.  Five of em.  I don’t think you’re gonna win this hand.” Tyburn sipped from the wine glass close to him.

“You think the game’s over?”  Stacia pulled their cards to her.  Mixed them in with the deck and dealt fifteen cards each.

“Got any kegs?”  She grinned as she looked over the cards in her hand.  The face up discard showed a spear with lightening splintering it.
Tyburn looked up, peered back at his hand and spoke.  “Go fish.”

“Twelve cards down and three from the bottom.”  Stacia started to reach for the deck.  Tyburn’s hand grabbed the deck.

“How do I know you aren’t gonna cheat again?”  Tyburn began counting cards, tossing them toward Stacia.

“The way you count, we might be two rebirths getting this game finished.” 

“Better that than a crooked win.”

Tyburn held up the thirteenth card and whistled.  “Now I know why you wanted this one.  Joker with hearts and spears.  The ultimate wild card.  No way sista!”

“Give me five hundred reasons why.”  Stacia’s shrill laugh raked over Rachel’s shoulders as she leaned closed to the railing upstairs.

“Tyburn, it’s late and you promised cuddles.”  Rachel smiled as she pictured him squirming as Stacia gloated at him.   A night of quiet and deep sleep mattered more than a wounded Phoenix pride.  Of course, Tyburn might up the ante and begin telling TMI stories.

“My mate wants cuddles.  Good night Stacia.”  Tyburn pushed back from the table and walked away.

He could feel his sister’s gaze riveted on him.  He didn’t care.  Life took on new meaning the moment Rachel announced her pregnancy.  The human doctor said she might be carrying twins.   Different views and expectations certainly changed how one looked at things.  What more surprises did this rebirth have for him?


Happy Weekend Gang!

Hope you enjoy this snippet into Tyburn and Rachel's life.  Stacia is hinting at her own story and love interest.  Wonder what she has in store and for whom.  

Keep warm, share a few good books with your love and spice.  I know I am!

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Pat C. said...

You don't suppose Rachel and Gil's wife Chloe are going to go into labor at the same time, do you? Do all the magical creatures know it when a phoenix gives birth?

Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, good questions, Pat.

Looks like Tyburn is becoming a good and loving mate. ~smiles~