Friday, November 14, 2014

Shackles & Chains

“Not until I met you…” Greely revisited Erol’s words from the previous day as she stared out the window of her opulent suite. Those five words played like an earworm on steroids through her skull. It was, by far, the most romantic thing he’d ever said to her and also the most frightening.

He’d never planned on staying in Talbot’s Peak, her home and safe haven.  He’d planned on swooping in and checking the place out, see if he could replicate the town’s success in sheltering shapeshifters and creating a sanctuary.  He’d planned on copying that style here in England.

“Okay, Gree, this has gone on long enough girl,” Karma, her best friend and staunchest supporter, huffed as she swept into the room. “You are in a mansion on the shores of the English Channel and you are burying yourself in your room like you’re in a bad prison movie.  Shake a leg and let’s check this place out.  There’s an entire wing dedicated to your Duke’s family…including paintings of their dragon forms.  How cool is that!”

“Karma, please don’t say that.”

“What? Shake a leg or Cool?”

“No, my Duke,” she whispered, wishing instead she had the nerve to scream.

“Ha!  Not saying it isn’t going to make it go away, hon.  You hooked yourself royalty.”  Karma nudged her with an elbow and winked.  “I’m so proud.”

Oh Gawd, that was the scariest thought of all! Someday, she might become a duchess. Lady of a manor with servants, ballrooms, libraries and dungeons if she remembered her history correctly…or was that from her love of historical romances? She was in her lover’s mansion, a freaking mansion, looking out over the biggest body of water she’d seen in some time and all she could think was that this was not home.

Talbot’s Peak had a wonderful underground beach and secret link to the Pacific Ocean, but this was much different.  This had majestic rocks rising up from the water and an actual sunset.  It was cool here, but not as cold as the Peak was starting to get with winter coming.  The openness of the land around her was surprising, but it lacked the same forest feel she’d grown used too.

It was beautiful here, but so very different from the home she knew.  The home she suspected she would eventually be forced to leave.

So Greely seems a bit maudlin today, but I guess the thought of leaving our fair Peak could do that to a girl.

Keep warm out there!



Pat C. said...

Is it me, or does that rock formation look like a dragon drinking from the ocean?

Maybe Gree's nervous because she appears to be trapped in a gothic novel: huge, remote mansion on the coast of England, and a rich nobleman interested in her. Has she checked the attic for past wives yet?

Serena Shay said...

:) Yep, I thought it looked like a dragon as well...perfect for right outside of Erol's castle! does sound like a Gothic novel. Oh, there had best not be past wives in his attic, Greely wouldn't care for that and me thinks Karma would take that as a reason to kick Erol's ass. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

That rock formation does look like a dragon drinking from the ocean. Cool!

Ohgoodness, poor Greely. What a situation. With a handsome, loving, devilishly delicious dragon like Erol and so far away from home. But maybe she could adjust faster than she thinks, especially since Erol is planning another sanctuary for shapeshifters.

Rebecca Gillan said...

You need to make this into a full story! Because this it totally awesome!