Saturday, November 8, 2014



Gill stopped as he reached the podium in front of the two groups occupying the stage.  He turned and applause broke out.  He bowed and faced the choral group and community orchestra.

  Picking up the baton laying on the podium, Gill glanced over to the orchestra.  Miss Elly sat at the piano, her hands on the keyboard ready to begin.  Close by, her husband, Vernon sat his trumpet raised.  Others from the city council met his gaze with their instruments raised as well.  In the seats next to the chorus, Rachel sat holding a century old violin.  Gill blinked as he glanced to the tall blond male next to her.  Tyburn saluted him with his cello bow. 

Gill raised his arms and pointed to Rachel. Low tone began as she started playing.  Tyburn joined her as a dark melody grew in volume.  Soon all the orchestra began playing.  Drums and percussion amplified the harsh storm sounds the group wrote about as all composed songs about the town’s recent battles and woes. 

Rachel’s eyes closed as she played.  It was as though the music flowed from inside her.  Tyburn’s actions mimicked hers.  Two phoenix in harmony on creating disharmonic chords.  The blend and sweetness came through as much as the dissonance.  

Half way through the second stanza, the chorus joined singing the lyrics of the heart wrenching battle scene the melody depicted.  Bettina added her soprano voice to the women’s sections while Louie’s baritone added to the counter rhythm the men sang in response.

Five more stanzas and the music swelled to a crescendo.  Cymbals and a gong sounded as quiet filled in the deafening silence startling the audience.  Applause broke out again.  Many rose to their fee, clapping louder until Gill raised his baton again.  

Louie and Bettina walked to opposite ends of the stag.  Two notes several octaves apart sounded.  An acappella duet began telling the tale of two-separated lover.  Each knowing their world and existence could change with the whim of combatants seeking to enslave them.  As the chorus joined in, Miss Elly started playing.  As the song faded to its last note, more of the chorus joined Bettina and Louie.  In turn, each group sang with the other replying telling of the fighters who came and aided.  Another song told of the foe who wanted to command all who came within his view.  As the last notes paled, Vernon rose.  He played revelry on the bugle he proudly held.  As staccato drumbeats sounded, trumpets and other winds added their sounds to the final battle.  The chorus joined hands, raising them as the spotlights fell upon them. Half-morphed shifters and humans stood in unison singing joyously of their victory and unity that followed.

Gill faced the audience, smiling and applauding.  He stepped back letting the chorus moved forward taking their bows.  The orchestra stood, bowed, and sat down.  As quiet filled the auditorium, Gill spoke.  “Thank you all for coming.  Tonight’s receipts are the start of the town’s defense fund.  Please donate generously as you exit.  United we’re stronger and safer.”

Chloe and several of her family stood outside the auditorium doors with baskets ready to accept the donations as the audience filed out.  Within moments, her basket grew heavier.  Coin and bills filled hers to the brim.  Others asked for envelopes she held with the address where to send checks.   Yes, even in the short amount of time, she called the Peak home, a lot of change happened.  Good change that kept getting better and better. 

 Happy Weekend Gang!

Hope you enjoyed the show!  I enjoyed writing this scene.  May the season find you healthy and happy ready for the holidays.  Keep sharing a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!

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Pat C. said...

I love this concept! John Williams, eat your heart out!

Louie can sing? I guess if they ever do "The Sopranos: The Musical," he'd be a shoo-in for Tony.

Savanna Kougar said...

Too orchestra cool. Love the images and musical descriptions. The Peak is growing in magnificent and musical ways. And it's a good thing people-shifters have money to donate, given these times. I bet Talbies were donated. The town currency is going strong.

Pat C. said...

Better donations than taxes. I'll bet Gil hasn't tried to raise taxes yet. He'd get eaten alive. Literally.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep. Besides, there's no need for taxes in the Peak... everyone donates time, energy, etc. to get done what needs to get done for the community. And they keep Gil in nuts.