Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving on the Peak

Gill looked up and down the row of tables pushed together.  On the far end a large roasted turkey sat.  Heat and its delectable odor wafted over the table, attempting to entice anyone it could to salivate as they waited.  At the other end of the table, a comparable sized tofu turkey sat.  Several of the herbivores looked at it longingly.  Midway, close to center, a large bowl of mix salad sat containing greens and fruit along with tomatoes, chunks of colored peppers, and other vegan delights.  In amongst the dishes and glasses lining the table on both sides as well as the end, various side dishes and breads sat.   As soon as Louie brought out the first course, all would begin feasting.

Rachel and Tyburn sat together close to one end of the table.  Next to them sat Vernon and Miss Ellie.  At the opposite end, Louie and Bettina held court with him and Chloe.  Many of the town council mingled ready to sample cuisine and food new to them within reason.  No carnivore would go without meat just as no herbivore expected to taste the vile foul down the table from them.  And the vegans, well they knew that in the middle suited them best.  Besides several bottles of Talbot’s Peak Microbrewery’s finest fines and champagnes sat open on the bar ready for consumption in between courses. 

Bettina rose, picked up her knife, and tapped on her glass.  Silence filled the room.  “Louie asked me to explain the first course to you.”

Heads nodded as all gazed at her.  Gill smiled wondering what Louie decided to do about the soup course of the meal.  Bettina continued speaking.

“Broth is the basis of many food choices.  Regardless of the additional ingredients.  Water, noodles, and seasonings are common to all.”  She turned as she finished speaking.
As if on cue, Louie pushed a cart out of the kitchen with a large steaming pot on top of it.  Bowls sat on either side of the pot.  Louie picked up where Bettina left off.  “In here is a bit of everyone’s spices you contributed last week and pieces of the noodles you included.  Water is water. The covered bowls on each table contain items to add to your bowl.  Take and enjoy.”

Louie filled one bowl after another handing them out as he moved up and down each side of the tables. As he reached the end, he spoke again.  “I enjoy living on the Peak.  I like many of my neighbors. Their food tastes aside.  Our other courses will be what we eat otherwise.  I want our first to be the unique flavor, essence, and camaraderie that makes up our town.”

As Louie sat, Gill rose clearing his throat.  “Bettina talked about how this is called Pho in Vietnam.  Broth in other places and stock in another.  I choose to call it Soup du Peak.  Here’s to us and all we’ve got to be thankful for.”

Covers lifted, dishes passed, bit by bit they emptied into the broth of those that cared to add them.  Slurps and smacking of lips began.  Many smiles and nods followed.  Gill caught part of the conversation as he passed the bowls of fish bits across the table a second time.  Soup du Peak appeared to do what they intended, mix and bring together the unique tastes and commonalities of those calling Talbot’s Peak home.



I and the Spice hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  May your holiday season be bright and filled with all the things you need.  Remember those less fortunate than you as you shop and gather gifts.  From us here at the Spice Homestead, we wish you a season full of love, joy, peace and happiness, topped off with a New Year of tranquility and more peace. 

Until next week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Lovely sentiments, Solara. May it be so.

The Peak has come a long way in many joining and working together.

Long ago I had a chance to dine at Thai food and Vietnam cuisine restaurants. So good!!! But I enjoy many different ethnic cuisines.

Pat C. said...

That's Talbot's Peak, the melting pot of shapeshifters. And quite the stew they've got simmering up there too.

Happy holidays to all! And don't forget the Pepto-Bismol.