Saturday, November 1, 2014


Gil opened the door to his office, took two steps inside.  He backed out the door, slammed it shut and bellowed.  "Rachel!"

Rachel looked up from her computer.  That tone and volume meant one thing.  Boss-man found the package a few ardent pranksters left for him.  Opening all the windows apparently hadn't helped.  She glanced toward the waiting room where several constituents waited.  No, the morning wasn't getting any better.  Even her second cup of coffee hadn't prepared her for the events unwinding.  And she thought the Peak made it through Halloween evening unscathed.  

"Rachel!" Gill's second bellow sounded louder.  That meant he was looking for her.  Oh, Goddesses and Gods!  The fireworks were about to start.

Gill turned the corner of the hall leading from his office to the main artery of the mayoral office complex.  Rachel sat her desk as he entered, greeting him as she sipped her coffee.  The look on her face said what words couldn't.  As he closed the space between him and her, Gill caught the sideways nod of her head.  His gaze followed the direction she nodded.  He stopped dead in his tracks.

Not one.  Not two.  Not even three.  He counted at least a dozen black and white colored half-shifted occupants in the chairs he could see.  Trying to speak without much breath, didn't come out more than a squeak.  Rachel motioned him closer.

"Go past me into the conference room.  I'll make an excuse to join you in a moment."  Rachel stood, moving between him and the view from the waiting room.  Gill slid past her, quietly closing the door.

He sat as he tried to make sense of the mess in his office and the sight in the waiting room. The click of the door opening roused Gill from his thoughts.  Rachel entered carrying two cups of coffee.
She set one in front of him.  Sipped from the other as she sat down.

"Before you speak, let me bring you up to speed."  Gill nodded hoping what Rachel had to say helped end the confusion running rampant through his bewildered mind.

"Someone found a stash of corn mash whiskey and downed enough to pickle them and the others with them.  I heard the name Moon Moon mentioned more than once.  The tale about punking skunks got told and re-told."  Rachel paused as if she waited for a sign he understood what was going on.

Gill picked up his cup, started to drink, when brilliance smacked him upside the head.  He swallowed hastily to avoid spitting all over himself, the table,and Rachel.  Gill turned to Rachel.  "No?  They didn't?"

"Yes, boss-man.  They did. Not once.  Several times over.  The evidence is sitting in the waiting room, ready to file complaints and see compensation."  Rachel pushed back from the table.  

Gill watched Rachel walk out of the conference room.  Maybe a period of sanity was too much to ask for the residents of Talbot's Peak.  Then who decided what sanity was and/or wasn't.


Happy November Gang!

Hope your fall is going well.  October passed quickly.  Year end is only 8 weeks away.  Wow!

Here's hoping you and yours have a wonderful time enjoying the glorious fall weather before the first snow flies.  Keep sharing a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I am!

Until Next Week,


Pat C. said...

Halloween at the Peak, all right.

Can't wait for April Fool's Day.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh Moon-Moon, what did you do? I think Gil should point the skunk shifters in that naughty wolf's direction.