Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Year of the Ram

Sun in Pisces howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, here's a bit of a riff off Pat's fabulous-fun flash scene from yesterday... given it involves losing weight. But that's where the similarity ends. Anyway, this is just a man shifter and human woman getting to know one another by having dinner at one of the clubs inside Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club complex.


Year of the Ram

Zurgo smoothed a palm over his dark gray suit jacket, made of finest silk. He strutted inside the dinner club, one of the Pleasure Club's most splendid establishments -- in his opinion as an intergalactic traveler.

Pleasurably anxious to catch sight of his date, Zurgo roamed his gaze over the dim but radiant interior of the club. Couples, engaged in intimate conversations, sat at small, linen-covered tables with a pink rose in the center. Cozy booths also lined the unusually shaped room, which resembled the shape of a single spiral.

The infinity of love, Zurgo thought.

Being a touch color blind when it came to the colors on Earth, and without his color-correcting goggles, Zurgo knew he couldn't fully appreciate the club's decor, or the subtle shades of pink and black.

"At least, it's not fifty shades of gray," he muttered in his native language. A wave of revulsion hit him. As he understood it, Earth's sexual culture was extremely varied and complex. From the exquisitely beautiful to wildly bawdy and adventurous -- to an ugliness he could neither stomach, nor understood. 

Zurgo lit up inside as if struck by a healing laser beam. The woman chosen by Dante's date-finder service was an absolute beauty. Perched on an elegant bar stool, one of her shapely legs dangled, and Zurgo paused in his steps to simply stare and appreciate.

Her amazingly voluptuous curves, displayed by the brief cocktail dress she wore, caused his hands to itch with fierce carnal need. Images of him handling her soft flesh, of her curves spilling from his large hands as he pleasured her, caused his cock to eagerly twitch.

Zurgo ram-charged ahead. How cosmic-joke ridiculous the woman wanted to lose weight. As the matchmaker had patiently explained to him, his date wished to meet a suitable man with superior endurance for an extended period of sexual fun and games. Her goal was to erotic-enjoyably lose weight.

No doubt, he was the ram for the job, to put it in the colloquial terms of this Earth culture.

As he approached, Zurgo focused solely on her face, a vision of human loveliness. She'd swept her hair up in a style that not only gave her the look of a queen, but showed off her adorable features.

Once he stood before her, she lowered the fancy concoction she'd been sipping on.  The question shone in her eyes, starry jewels that reminded him of the blue moons orbiting one of his favorite planets.

"Let me introduce myself, most beautiful woman of Earth. I am Zurgo of the Dhar Vosque. Pink was the color of sunset this evening," he added the line that identified him as her date.

Her wide gorgeous smile as she offered her hand blazed his insides most deliciously. Zurgo brought her hand to his lips, pressing a small kiss to the top of her long fingers.  A musician's hands, he instantly noticed.

She could strum and play him anytime, anywhere. His entire body, whether human or when he shifted to his ram form, similar to a mature Bighorn on this blue-water world. Although, he was larger in stature, his coat longer, curlier, and golden-brown colored.

"My name is Shailynn." She spoke once he'd lowered her hand, and their gazes met.

"Ah, a musical name. May I escort you to our table?" Zurgo offered his arm, bending at the waist to accommodate her height, which he judged came to the top of his chest.

Curiosity owned her expression as she stood and twined her arm with his. "Musical," she lightly bantered. "Does that mean my name isn't to your liking, or is?"

"You'll find I speak my mind. I find your name pleasing. Your figure is more pleasing."

"Really?" Surprise lilted her voice, and her grip tightened on his arm.

"You are a beautiful woman to my eye, Shailynn. However, let's dine and learn about each other." Zurgo pulled her chair out in the gentlemanly manner he'd learned. "I make one request."

"And that is...?" she asked, seating herself at the table he'd chosen. They would have an excellent view of the entertainment scheduled for later in the evening.

"No talk of diets, or weight, or anything related. I wish to speak of more important matters." Zurgo swung around lowering himself to the chair. As a man ram he appreciated the size and sturdiness.

"Oh," she paused, "of course. Understood. It can become boring."

Zurgo reached for her hand, and as she responded, he embraced her much smaller hand between his palms. "Shailynn, choose whatever pleases your palate, and enjoy your dining experience. No worries about calories or anything diet related. Will you do this?"

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded. "Yes," she tremulously agreed, then nervously smiled. "I hear they have the most scrumptious desserts. Lover's desserts they're called."

Zurgo allowed a slow smile to curve his mouth, already pleased with her company. He lingeringly released her hand. "We have a long romantic evening ahead." With  delicious aromas filling the air, he suggested, "Why don't we order dinner?"

Even as he spoke, a waiter moved toward them, menus in hand. Once they'd made their selections, and were alone again, Zurgo placed his full attention on Shailynn.

"You are not a shapeshifter, right?"

"Only in my dreams. It's a long story." At his encouraging nod, she continued. "I was adopted, raised by parents who are shifters. They couldn't have children then...later, they did. Mom is a horse. Dad is a buck, a white-tailed deer buck."

She lowered her eyelids, then gazed at him, and Zurgo leaped into the sparkle of her eyes. "What type of shifter are you?"

"How do you know I am a shifter?" he teased in a flirting manner.

"Smell," she seriously replied. "My parents taught me how to use my senses beyond a lot of humans."

"Ram," he announced. "I hope that does not dissuade you from my company." There was no mountain high enough to keep him from this delectable woman morsel, he decided. 

"Ram," she seemed to savor. "It is the Chinese Year of the Sheep." She gave him another brilliant smile. "I'm told you're not from around these parts."

With an answering grin, Zurgo pointed straight up.

"Mountaintop." She flirtatiously rolled her shoulders.

"There are mountaintops on my planet, beautiful Shailynn."

"Oh." Pause. "Wow." Her pretty brow scrunched. "Who are you?"

Taking a chance, Zurgo offered his palm. After hesitating for moments, her hand alighted on his, so soft, then yielding to his tender grip. "We have all evening to talk about each other."

"You know, I don't care where you're from. Although, I'm incredibly curious. But if Dante trusts you...well, let's see where the evening goes."

"Like to go mountain climbing?" Zurgo asked, tongue in ram cheek.

"Not really. Is that something you require... if we...? But I'm way ahead of myself."

"No mountain climbing required." Lifting her hand, he placed a gentle kiss in the center of her palm.

"I think I'd like to climb the mountain of a man you are, Mr. Ram. But I do like hiking."

"That kind of mountain climbing is required." Zurgo wanted her climbing all over him. His cock gave a lurch to prove it. But he also adored romancing a woman. "Dinner and dancing and kisses in the moonlight first."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Pat C. said...

Dante needs to open a nationwide chain of these places. Seriously.

And he's got a curly, golden-brown coat? Holy Greek mythology, he's the ram with the Golden Fleece! Boatloads of women are looking for him. That gal just got herself a winner.

Also, really sexy tone. Mrawr!

Savanna Kougar said...

lol... yep, I'd be heading to a place like this whether I wanted to lose weight or not...

Given Dante doesn't have the time or staff to set up a chain... he says go for this biz opportunity in your local area...

Ram with the Golden Fleece... yep, so he is... ~big smiles~