Saturday, February 21, 2015

Phil Takes A Wrong Turn

A hard knock sounded against the solid oak front door of Talbot's Peak Mayor's mansion. Gill held up his hand as Mort opened his mouth to continue the story they started moments before.  "Hold your thought, please.  Seems someone demands entrance."

Several giggles erupted amongst the laughter as Gill made his way through the crowd occupying the large living room.  More snow continued to fall outside.  Fresh supplies came through thanks to a few all terrain vehicles in town.  Heat and company were in high demand as another bout of artic winds and subzero temperatures blew down from the mountains and into town. 

"Hold on to your mittens," Gill called out picking up his pace.  "We hear you knocking."

Dead bolts undone, as he opened the door a blast of wind blew snow in past him.  Gill darted behind the door and peered around its edge.  He blinked once.  Twice and wondered who'd knocked.  

"Hold on," a familiar voice called out.  A shadowy short figure appeared to be running toward the house.  Three other similar sized figures followed the first.

As the first figure reached the edge of the circle of light the front porch light projected, an all too familiar face came into view.

"Phil!" Gill called out.  "How the hell did you end up here?"

"Fracking GPS and dumb asses back home."  Phil  stepped up on to the porch, stamping his snow covered boots.  Behind him, his cousin Charlie and his wife followed.  The fourth figure stood behind them.  

"GPS?  Huh?"  Gill asked opening the door wider as he motioned them in.

"I heard ya got a house full friend.  We stopped at Louie's to warm up and eat."  Phil stepped into the house pushing the hood of his parka off his head.

"Sure do.  I'm sure we can find room for you."  Gill moved away from the door as Charlie and his wife entered.  The fourth person moved up to the porch still hesitating.

"Come on Philbert.  You made a mistake.  People aint gonna hate on ya for it."  Phil shook his head and leaned close to Gill before whispering his next comment.  "Never hire your cousin-in-law as your driver.  Boy has a love-hate thing with electronics."

Before Gill could reply, another call came out from outside.  "We gotta get the kids in too."

Phil turned to Gill ready to speak.  Gill whipped up his hand again.  "No worries.  We got a bunch of them in here too.  Bring yours on in.  How many this litter?"

Phil laughed, nodding.  "Only four plus Charlie's twins.  Philbert's daughter and grand kids makes eight."

"Okay, I've got some camping gear and sleeping bags we can dig out.  Air mattresses and cushions on the floor are what we got for tonight."  Gill began to make his way back toward the living room.

Phil followed after speaking with Charlie.  "Sounds wonderful.  We'll bring our supplies in too. Looks like a month in California ain't happening this year."

Gill kept walking, biting his lip.  Talk about one hell of a wrong way turn.  There was a tale there for another night way the snow storms were going.


Happy weekend Gang!

Sorry for late post.  I'm dealing with snow here as well.  Two of the Spice Homestead are at a conference.  Others are safe in their home sitting out this snow storm like I am at our main place.  Tomorrow if the weather warms up, I may not need to shovel as much as DP and I did Tuesday this week.  Keep warm, safe, and sharing a good book or two with your spice and loves while winter takes it last hurrahs before spring comes a knockin'.

Until Next Week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, what a caught-in-a-snowstorm good time they're all having... and Phil even finds his way there.

Pat C. said...

This entire winter is Phil's fault. The gang should do an impromptu version of "Frozen" and cast Phil as Elsa.