Saturday, February 28, 2015



Phil sat down next to his wife Hazel.  The group gathered in Gill’s front room reminded him of his family growing up.  Extended family helped more than people realized.  Grandad with his stories and Grandma’s home made clothes combined with aunts and uncles lessons on life added to what his parents did.  A group rasie wasn’t so bad.  The group here was a family in the making.

“Hey Gill, can I tell a tale?”  Phil asked looking around the group noting no one else raised their hand when Gill asked who was next for sharing a story.

“Appears you got the spot,” Gill replied, sitting down next to Chloe.
Phil rose, made his way to the open space near the fireplace. 
“Hi folks,” Phil began.  A few murmurred replies sounded.

“Granddad always had a joke handy.  Some of ‘em got us grandkids every time he told ‘em.”  Heads nodded, urging Phil to continue.
“His fave goes like this:  A new to country living boy asks a farmer how many hens can a rooster service.

Oh, about 10 hens the farmer advises.  Next morning the new country dude goes out and all 10 hens are laying out in the yard with their feet up in the air and tounges hanging out deader than a nail.  Rooster is strutting around barnyard cocky as all get out. 

Country boy walks over to the rooster says,  Think you’re hot stuff, eh?  All that sex is gonna do you in.  I’ll fix you.  Country boy buys 20 hens and puts them  in with rooster.

Next morning same thing as prior.  20 hens screwed to death.  Well now country boy is really miffed.  This rooster’s challenge isn’t gonna beat him.  40 hens and the rooster are put up in the coop that night.

Next morning country boy looks out in the yard and 40 hens are laying out screwed just like the others before them.  But….”  Phil paused looking around the room.

Gazes met his.  He got nods and hands motioning for him to go on.  He smiled and rubbed his lips together.  “Out amongst the hens laid the rooster with his feet up and tongue hanging out.  Country boy walks over to him shaking his finger and smiling.  See I told you you would screw your self to death.   Rooster puts his wing to his lips goes SShh then points to the sky replying BUZZARDS!”

Titters of laughter followed by guffs of chuckles erupted.  Phil waited until the noise died down before continuing.  “Granddad’s moral was love don’t know boundaries.  Lust will get you if you ain’t careful.  He spoke from experience we learned as we grew up.  He fell in lust with the girl next door.  They eloped only to find out later that their shape shifter species couldn’t mate.  Grandma One loved soaring with the wind under her buzzard wings on a full moon night.  Granddad bless his heart loved her as much as his second wife, Grandma Too.  A groundhog through and through.  Yep, Granddad was a polygamist.”

Phil made his way back through the quiet group, knowing several looked at him differently and others smiled.  Who else had an eye opening tale to share?



Happy Weekend Gang!

Wow talk about unique pasts!  You never know what you'll find out next with our Peakites!  

How's the weather treating you?  The Spice Homestead is ready for Spring and warm weather.  Snow still shows as I look out the window.  More green of the lawns through out the neighboorhood show. The forecast is for 60 degrees next week the back to cold and more what?!  SNOW!  So the joust between Winter and Spring continues...sigh.

Treat your self and your loves and spice to a few good books while we weather out this joust seeing when Winter will surrender to Spring.  Or is it Spring beats the *())_*)_&*&() out of Winter?

Until Next Week,



Savanna Kougar said...

Goodness, you just never know what your ancestors have been up to ... The Strange Tales of Ancestry

Pat C. said...

That's the joy of creating great characters. Just when you think you know them, they surprise you.

Wonder what that rooster thought about chicken hawks?