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My Sexy Saturday ~ Valentine's Day

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The Submission by Serena Shay

“What’s your name, beautiful?” Trent asked when he was finally able to move from his hands and knees to his ass.

She shook her head with the slightest of movements, facing him but keeping her back to the door.

“What shall I call you then … mate?”

“Not that! I have no intention of mating with anyone.”

“Funny how fate and Mother Nature take that choice away from us all…”

“Doesn’t matter…”

“Really?” Trent rubbed his thumb and forefinger around the pressure points between his eyes and above his nose. “Why are you still here, beautiful? Morbid curiosity? Want to see if you were strong enough to kill me?”

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My Sexy Saturday, Valentine's Day kisses, everyone!

Note: Dontoya is presenting a special ring to Sherilyn. 


A ShapeShifter Seductions Erotic Romance

Sherilyn lifted her left hand, and delicately placed her palm on top of Dontoya's hand. He gently enfolded her hand, bringing it beneath his lips.

"My mate." Dontoya pressed a kiss, and Zance witnessed both his pardner's adoration and reverence for Sherilyn.

"My heart is tripping the light fantastic," she softly sang.

Zance pleasurably listened to her excited heartbeat with his wolf ears. He watched as Sherilyn and Dontoya locked gazes for long moments, electrifying the air around them.

Dontoya loosened his hold on her hand, and brought the ring close to her delicate finger. Once again, the sparkle changed, each gemstone shimmering a fiery color.

"I present the Ring of Union to you, Sherilyn. To you, my mate."

Dontoya slipped the bonding ring onto her finger. Sherilyn beamed in that a way woman did when a man did something for her that arrowed straight inside her heart. 





Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Legacy by Pat Cunningham

Two pots, a knife, and a bag of carrots lay abandoned on the counter. Colleen’s imagination set the scene—Jeremy at the counter, his back to the doorway, Wallace stalking his unsuspecting prey with his uncanny silent tread. Perhaps Jeremy had a moment of warning before his capture—a hint of scent, a whisper of lips against his neck. Or perhaps he was as attuned to the vampire’s presence as she was and always knew when his lover was near.

They’d ended up beside the kitchen table. Wallace stood behind Jeremy with his arms clasped tight around the human’s waist. His lips nuzzled Jeremy’s neck. Jeremy leaned into the embrace, his eyes shut, humming that low, throaty purr of his that always turned her on. No doubt Jeremy had loosened his shirt collar himself. His enjoyment of the vampire’s attentions made itself boldly known against the fabric of his slacks. Colleen stared at that tantalizing bulge, right up until the moment Wallace bit into Jeremy’s neck.

It wasn’t anything like the violent, melodramatic attacks depicted in vampire movies. His fangs sank into Jeremy’s flesh right over the mark on his neck in a smooth, unhurried movement that was gentle as a kiss. Perhaps this was a kiss to Wallace. His throat rippled with a single swallow before he lifted his mouth. He laved his tongue across the bite, as tender as a mother cat with her kitten. Not so much as a drop of blood escaped it. Jeremy melted against him with a whimper of pure bliss.

Colleen’s gut dropped. This was so wrong in so many ways. Yet everything about Wallace’s actions, even the bite, said love.

Too late, she remembered Wallace could hear her heartbeat.

Her gaze flicked from Jeremy’s rapt expression right into Wallace’s smirk. He rested his chin on Jeremy’s shoulder and tightened his hold on his body. The glitter in his eyes announced mine. Then it relented. The smirk became a smile. Mine dissolved into ours. He whispered in Jeremy’s ear.

Jeremy’s eyes fluttered open. His glassy pupils were blown wide, like he’d just enjoyed the best fuck of his life. He swayed in Wallace’s arms. Finally, he focused and noticed her. With the sun now set, his smile became the most brilliant sight in the world. Her heart swelled at the undeniable love in it. He languidly held out his hand.

Available as an ebook from Siren/Bookstrand and in print and ebook from Amazon.


TINA'S TREASURES by Solara Gordon
Jon moved in close to the faucet, testing the water as he did. “I like both. I’m fine with this temp.”

Drake slid the other door open and entered behind Tina. He reached around her, examining the water temperature as well. “I’m good.” He closed the door.

Drake closed the limited space between him and Tina. Pressed flesh to flesh, warmth increasing to heat wrapped the two of them together. Her neck lay bare before him. Easy access. Soon his lips and teeth followed their earlier path up and down her tempting neck. This close to her ass, one of his fave places on a woman, set his ego to pumping out hormones and messages to his cock. True, his fantasy the other night focused on a balls deep encounter with her anus. His pleasure mattered on hers. Mutual enjoyment plunged both into higher and hotter orgasmic bliss. Three together…Debbie limited her double penetration to her mouth and pussy. Would Tina do the same?

Jon’s hand met his as Drake moved his hands along Tina’s ribs. As Jon came into view, he held a bar of soap. Drake sniffed. His usual brand’s fragrance filled his nostrils. Nothing overly masculine, not flowers either. He nodded. 

“You okay with the soap?” he asked, nipping Tina’s earlobe.

He felt and heard her reply. She arched against him, shivered with small rapid shudders, moaned, and responded. “Yess–ss.”

“Good,” Jon added, wetting the bar and lathering his hands. As he rinsed them, he added. “I’ll wet down. Then Drake and I will do you.”

Available in e-book from Siren-Bookstrand and in print or e-book at Amazon.



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I enjoyed all of these. Perfect to read on a lazy Sunday NZ morning.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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the multiple snippets were emotion-filled and a nice surprise. thanks, Savannah.

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Loved the different snippets. And I loved Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys. Such an awesome read. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.


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Great snippet, well done!

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Thank you! so much for commenting, everyone. I've been having internet connection problems.

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