Friday, February 27, 2015

They Have A Union for That?

Penelope sat in the overstuffed chair built for two, stroking her mink who had recently, it seemed, acquired a lovely leather collar in a shade of blue found on only one man in town.  The collar was an exact match to the gem hanging from a choker circling the Mistress’ neck.  Both mink and Madam looked happier than he’d seen them in weeks.  For that, Dom was happy.

“So, Master Dominic, you called a meeting?  Is there some sort of problem we need to discuss and if so, where is everyone?”

Dom looked to the young lion he’d been training for some time, then down to the muzzled wolf at his feet.  The she stayed close to Leo’s legs and uttered not one whine.  He could see that Leo had taken his advice and purchased the gentle muzzle found at The Talbot’s Peak Pet Store to help curtail his sub’s wild tongue.  The silencing was more a mental punishment than a physical one.  “Not a problem, per se, Leo, more an interesting development.  The others were invited, but had engagements they could not cancel.  They were all fine with us discussing this and letting them know our verdict.”

“Not a problem, per se?” Mistress P repeated, sex oozing with every syllable.  “I love the sound of that.”

“I figured you would, Pen.” Dominic joked. “Here’s the quick…”

“…And dirty?” The colorful bird quickly questioned.

“Yes, Pen, and dirty.  We have a new Domme in town and she’s doing some very interesting things.”

“Ah, Edina.” Penelope grinned, changing her position in the chair to better cuddle her sub. “She is doing some new and unusual things in that basement room of hers.  Dante was impressed by the numbers of shifters she has coming and going…pun kind of intended.”

Dom covered his chuckle with a cough and the wolf at Leo’s feet, chuffed.  Penelope, always the smart-aleck just sat and smiled. “Yes, she’s been busy.  The question is, are we okay with her taking money for what she’s doing?”

“What exactly she’s doing is really the question then?”  Leo spoke to no one in particular.

“Has anyone of us been by to see what she’s doing?” Mistress P asked.  “From what I understood her clientele has all been overweight.  Is she preying on them?  Offering something to “help” them lose weight, but really does nothing but lighten their wallets?”

“Good question, Mistress,” Leo said, his hand now stroking the wolf’s head at his feet.  “I’ve not heard any talk about “miracle” cures to anything over at my practice, but I’ll keep my ears open for gossip.”

“Sounds good, Leo.  Thanks.”  Dom looked back to Penelope, knowing she was planning something.  “Pen?”

“I think we need to invite her to one of our “union” meetings.  Let her explain what she’s doing here and then decide if she can “join.”

Dom chuckled, as did Leo.  “Would this just be an excuse to call in the toy panderers?”

“Any time is a good time for sex toys, Dom.  This you know.  And yes, I do enjoy shopping for the good deals the panderers like to offer, but we can use a toy show to test her, as well.  If she wants to Domme in Talbot’s Peak, she needs to be tested for what kind of Dom she is.  The best way…put her through her sub paces.  If she passes, she can show us her Domme chops.  Plus, if we invite the right panderers, there will already be a cross or bench at the ready.”

“Agreed.” Dom nodded.

“Sounds good.” Leo affirmed.

“Wonderful,” Penelope purred.  “I’ll start making some calls.”

I wonder how Edina will like her welcome and who will administer her "test?"  Could there be a Dom in her future or do you see her with a switch?  So many questions...

Keep warm!


Savanna Kougar said...

OHMYHEAVENS... I wouldn't even know how to 'pen' this one... but Pen our beautiful bird dom could whisper in someone's ear... yep, a case of ear burn could be a problem... and Edina might be in for some sex-toy shock and awe.

Pat C. said...

Toy pandas? Oh. Never mind.

I'm not going near this one. Serena, it's all yours.

Some background, though: Edina really is a trained and licensed nutritionist. The dungeon was just a hobby, until she discovered she could help people while making money with it. She seems aware her clients are shapeshifters, but something's telling me she and her sister are human. That could change, depending on where the story goes.

Wait. Burgess is back, and WE DIDN'T SEE IT???? Wanna see! Wanna see! Dish dish dish!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...many would say ear burn is worth it to have Mistress P whispering in their ear. ;)

I was hoping this would be a lovely set up for our friend Pat to share with us Edina's true love or love's if the case may be. :D

If it helps, Mistress P always encourages the panderers to bring lots of toys! A good Dom or Domme never know what they might need or when they might need's a go with the flow kinda thing. hehe

Serena Shay said...

Aah, you know you want to do this one, Pat! ;D

No, Burg is not back yet, Penny and Danny are still happy with the gifts from the last post. I really need to get on their story.

Hmmm, human's who know about this shifter world and Edina is "playing" at the Domme thing... Oh mercy, a wealth of possibilities there! LOL

Savanna Kougar said...

"Oh mercy, a wealth of possibilities there! LOL"

Yep, and Dante is leaving it ALL in the more than dom-capable hands of the Union. 'Course, if they want rooms, party areas, etc... well, he's got the place and the space.