Friday, February 13, 2015

The Perfect Valentine...

Penelope was in a mood—and she knew it.  The only songs she wanted to listen too were ones with Blue in the title, not much of a strain to figure that one out.  Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and she wanted her indigo penquino back. 

She wasn’t the only one suffering either.  Daniel had buried himself in the back corner of the closet in his mink form and sulked for the last few days.  She’d tried coaxing him out and back to human with the promise of food, drink and sex. Nothing worked.  She finally gave up and picked up some special blend ferret/mink food and a soft toy for him to cuddle.  Daniel would reemerge when he was ready…but would Burgess?



“It’s Nick,” the alpha wolf holding the sweetest little duo growled.

“Yes, well it’s Penelope, but you never seem to get that right so turnabout and all that,” she snarked, rising from her seat.  “Now give me one of those baby’s and sit close with the other.  Auntie P has some snuggle time to make up for.”

Nick disengaged Cooper from the duel chest carrier the male had been wearing since the birth of his twins and handed him to Penelope.  She tuck the pup close and sniffed his sweet head.  Baby, wolf and love invaded her senses and squeezed her heart.  She wanted this, the tight fisted feel surrounding her uterus—supplemental proof, she wanted this.

“Penelope, don’t cry, please.  Talk to me.”  Nick touched her hand where she held his child.
She hadn’t even realized the tears had started again.  Bad enough she was leaking, now she was doing it in front of her boss.  “Sorry, ignore me.  I’m having a tough time this week.”

“Yeah, I’ve missed your blue-haired, better-half as well.  Dante keeps shrugging me off when I ask about him, but you know Dante.  That means he’s still safe.  If he wasn’t D would have pull us together to go in and save his ass.”

“I know,” she sighed, “but when will he be free to come home.  Gah, Nick, Burgess fell into my life so quickly and firmly, then was taken away just the same manner.  He’s mine though and I want him back.”

“It’ll happen.”  Nick reached into the diaper bag he’d set on the other end of the couch.  “Until then, maybe this will help.” 

They traded, baby for delicately wrapped box and she was overwhelmed by the smell of her penguin.

“Oh my. Where did you get this?” she asked, holding tight to her treasure.

“Reetha.  Please don’t ask, I don’t know how she fits into this, but she does.  Figuring it all out has moved to the top of my to-do list,” he growled.  “Open it up…unless you’d like us to leave first.”

“No, don’t leave, please.  I’m not done with your babies.”  Penelope tore off the wrapping paper and lifted the box’s lid.  Inside, nestled on a puff of cotton, rested a blue stone that matched her penguins hair to perfection.  “Oh…”

“Good oh, or bad?” Nick asked.

“Good.  Very, very good,” she sniffed, pulling the gem from the box and showing it to Nick.  She knew where this belonged, where Burgess would want it, without even reading the short note tucked into the top of the box.

“Nice.  Quite pretty and the perfect color for you.”

She smiled, slipping the stone back in the box and setting it on the table.  She reached for a baby and looked forward to reading the note.


After Nick and the babies left, Penelope took the note, the box and the second box Nick brought, into the bedroom.  She climbed into bed, opened the small slip of paper and read.
Mistress P -- Such a small piece of paper for the wealth of things I need to say to you. I’m safe, I’m close and I love you so.  I’m working my way back to you as fast as I can. Please keep the gem, and me close to your heart. -- All my love, B

Penelope smiled and cried, then smiled again. That note was indeed the best Valentine’s gift she’d ever received.  She’d cherish it forever. They may not be together, but still they loved.  She would pray to the great phoenix for his prompt return. 

She looked at the other gift on her dresser, the one to Daniel.  She’d give it to him tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day and hope, that along with her gift to him it was enough to bring the sweet mink back from his self-imposed prison. 

Sleep came easier as Burgess’ words cocooned her soul…I’m safe, I’m close and I love you so.

 Ah, Mistress P and her Burgess.  That lovely penguin needs to return home soon...  If only I had time to write their story.

Have a wonderful Valentine weekend everyone, and may you all receive a perfect love note of your own.



Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, Penny, I so feel for you. But at least, you know your penguino loves you, and can't wait to come home to you and Daniel.

Serena Shay said...

Love notes are amazing things, that's for sure! :)

Pat C. said...

This is both sweet and heartbreaking. Hurry back, Burgess!

Serena Shay said...

Hurry back indeed, Pat! I so need to be a faster writer. :D