Friday, October 23, 2009

Is Halloween All In Our Heads....

I love Halloween! There I said it, the deep dark secret is out...okay well not so deep and not so dark probably, I mean I write about shapeshifters and adore stories with a paranormal twist. Be that as it may, I do love Halloween, carved pumpkins, the kids looking oh so cute in their costumes and the candy...Oh ho ho the candy. Halloween comes first in my book for candy followed up by Easter and then Christmas(this is more cookies!)

But there's a dark side to Halloween as well. The grown-up holiday. Spooky, terror filled trails, Adults only corn mazes, dark creatures prowling the streets, and parties waiting to be attended. This is the holiday that lives in my mind.

What do you think, is the real holiday better or worse than the holiday that lives in the creative place called your imagination?

Speaking of parties, check out what Devlin thinks of his so thinks he needs to be saved! Where's Josephine?

...So far, Devlin, had counted three Cat women, two fairy princesses and the mother lode of sexy little devils, but still he feared he’d be going home alone. Oh, the woman at this Halloween soirĂ©e were tempting, to be sure, however they were not the ones he needed. Anyone could throw on tights and a black leotard; purchase tails, ears and whiskers cheap at the local five and dime and call themselves a black cat, but that wasn’t for him.
They had no ingenuity, no creativity. They faked their love of Halloween; kept it hidden behind bad costumes, corny jokes and sex. This night was sacred, damn them. A night to be honored.
Vampires should be feeding well this night, and shapeshifters should run long and hard through the forests and glades. Ghouls and goblins needed to scare all the little children whose minds were still open enough to see them. Long ago, the dark creatures found much happiness on this night. At least they had until some corporate mucky-muck figured out how much money could be made on this blessed holiday.
Now, vampress costumes were short red skirts and itty-bitty bras, worn by those who liked to have their assets hanging out. They likened shifters to big dumb animals needing to be killed by a silver bullet and ghouls and goblins were made light of as dancers in music videos. The idea of it all left him with a painful grinding in his stomach.
Things had to change.
He’d decided to make it his mission to bring back this beautiful holiday to its rightful place and he would find the perfect mate to do just that. His future queen would be different, unique. She would know about fear, deal in death and be as wicked in bed as she was out. He wanted a mean, hateful creature that would crave the disorder and spin a web of madness across the land, just as his kind were want to do on this spooky holiday.


Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, oh no, now I really do fear Halloween with Devlin seeking his Queen of Darkness.

There's so much I love about Halloween as you've described it... plus, when I could in my younger days, I'd dress up and get to truly be me for a time.

Serena Shay said...

hehe, Savanna, Devlin may be looking for his Queen of Darkness, but me thinks that is not what he shall find!!

Yep, Halloween always has been one of my favorites. I was a terribly shy kid, but give me a costume and I was reborn and fearless! I loved it!

Have a great weekend!