Friday, October 30, 2009

What Were Your Most Memorable Halloween Costumes?

Here we are, the day before Halloween and like most years, I'm down to the wire. I'm creative with many things, but two big things totally elude me, cooking and sewing. I was one of the lucky girls in my school days and was able to take shop than home economics, if I so chose. Which I did, readily. I wanted to weld and build things, not cook and sew. I loved creating art out of metal and wood, but now I wonder if I did myself a disservice by not trying both.

My darling diva is nine, and is very much interested in learning to sew her own clothes and cook and bake and all the things I struggle with. I'd send her to grandma, but she knows less than I do about it. I'm going to have to learn, perhaps DD and I can do it together...

Anyway, I got to thinking about Halloween costumes as I sit here looking at the huge tear in the costume we got DD this year. The tear in on the seam, an easy fix or so I'm told, but the sparkly witch costume got me thinking about all the things I wanted to go as for Halloween and what I really went as most years. Here's just a sample of the dialogue from Halloween's past...

Little Serena - "Mom, can I be a princess for Halloween? Sleeping beauty or Cinderella?

Mom - "No, but I have an even better costume for you..."

Little Serena - "Can I be Tinker bell for Halloween this year?"

Mom - "Have I got a surprise for you!"..."

LOL...You get the picture, right. I hated it as a kid, but you know I understand it as an adult. The hobo, what an easy and cheap costume...colored bandanna and a stick, ratty shirt and pants then burn the old wine cork for facial smudges and wa la, you are done.

Every year until I was old enough to put together my own costume, I was a hobo. So what ended up being my favorite one, well probably the year I dressed up as a flower child(not a far stretch for me I assure you) I had a beautiful flowery shirt, a puffy checked skirt and little white daisy's strung through my hair...It was wonderful.

What about you, what tops your favorite Halloween costume and which one could you have done without.

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!


Paris said...

i swear I commented on this this morning! I loved dressing up so Halloween was always fun. My grandmothers used to give us their old costume jewelry and the year I went as a gypsy I must have worn about a dozen of their necklaces;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, that takes me down memory lane. Mom made our costumes when there were four of us and we were little, animal pajamas one year. She's a very good seamstress. Then, there got to be too many of us to manage and we quickly figured out if we wanted our costume choice we'd have to make it ourselves.
I learned to sew at fourteen just because I pressed the issue and basically learned on my own. I've made some fantastic costumes, especially for grown-up parties. One of my faves is the elaborate gypsy costume I made, the skirt being yards of fabric.
However, I regret not learning how to create with metal, like sculptures, and/or build things.
School is such a waste at not teaching you what you really need to know in most cases. IMO.

Serena Shay said...

Oooh Paris, what fun! Costume jewelry to make a gypsy costume, that would have been cool too!!

Happy Halloween!

Serena Shay said...

Wow Savanna, I love the idea of yards of fabric for a gypsy skirt! And learning to sew at 14... good for you! I sadly agree, schools are not keeping up.

Have a great Halloween!

Donna said...

My favorite costume was a pregnant bunny rabbit, made from stuffed footie pajamas, toilet tissue for a tail, a large orange cardboard carrot(I was eating for a few) and construction paper ears bobby pinned to my hair to stay put. It was interesting trying to use the bathroom in that thing seeing as how it zipped instead of flapped. For a last minute costume, it was pretty cool.

Serena Shay said...

Donna, what a neat idea!! Other than the bathroom thing, it sounds super comfy, always a plus for a costume!

Happy Halloween!