Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What if You Could Shift for Halloween?

Halloween... All Hallow’s Eve... it’s closer than you think, unless you have kidlets who are already clamoring for their costumes. Or, unless you’re planning your own party and spooky festivities.
Course, many a shapeshifter has their own built-in costume. Perhaps, it’s a bit too realistic if you look like an actual wolf, but what if you could morph into a wolf-man, or a fun version of Wolfman Jack?
What a purring trip, and a fantasy come true, if I could transform into a catwoman like my Sable does in
BLACK CAT BEAUTY. No, she doesn’t look like the Halle Berry catwoman. However, the hero, Devon Zant, lusts for her purrr-fect beauty, that is, to his eye.
What if you could shapeshift for Halloween? What would you be? How would you look?
Imagine... staying in the feline family... a cheetah-woman, a leopardess human, or a red lioness-woman like my Sun Rocket in
Wow, now that’s my kind of Halloween party... Come as your favorite feline shifter. Wouldn’t I love to switch and slash my tail or flick my cat ears.
Not to leave the canines out... how about a wolfess-human or a coyote girl? What if you could transform into a half-human version of your favorite dog breed, or your favorite mutt?
Which reminds me, I came across a term I wasn’t familiar with ~ Anthros... or the artistic representations of furries, or human-animal creatures, as I understand it. Anyway, it was one of those odd, odd synchronicities.
I’m writing along on my WIP ~ Kandy Apple for Halloween ~ and I come to a scene in the story, where the artist of a group of paintings at a high society charity event needs a name. After some thought Anthros pops into my mind. I like it, so I use it. Then I search in Google Images for kicks, just in case there is an artist with that name. Lo and behold, I find a whole world of animal-human hybrids.
Yep, this scene is crucial because it’s where my witch, Kandace, discovers the beast side of her twin heroes by looking at the painting of a Hellhound, the one Zol and Zin have led her to, after promising her another clue to their paranormal nature.

So, again ~ What if you could shapeshift for Halloween? What would you be? How would you look ?
Inquiring author minds want to know... actually, I just want to know because I think it’s a fun question.

Snort... snort! The Bull is on Halloween hiatus... unless, he suddenly shows up as a bull-man, ‘supposedly’ costumed and ready for a wild-whooping Halloween party at the local bar. Hmmm...
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Paris said...

I love the idea of shifting into one of my hybrid jaguar/human creatures for Halloween! It would certainly save alot of make-up preparation;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, wouldn't it? And, if it turns cold, you might have some real coat to keep you warm.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what aminal it is, as long as it's taller and thinner and has longer legs than I do now. My luck I'd become the world's first were-giraffe.

Welcome to furry fandom! Anthropomorphics, or furries, have their own subculture among comic book readers. The most prominent is Usagi Yojimbo, a long-running comic about a rabbit samurai in midieval Japan. I learned a lot of Japanese mythology and history from that. The rhino bounty hunter's fun too.

Pat C.

Serena Shay said...

Definitely a jaguar! Sleek and Sassy with gorgeous green eyes that would draw the alphas to my side! Woot!! What fun, Savanna!! Great blog...I can't wait to read all about Kandy's beastly treat! ;)

Paris said...

I think I'm going to have to look into those comic books!

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat ~ since I love watching Giraffes, why not?
Hey, thanks for the info about the comic books. Somewhere, I had heard about the rabbit samurai... too bunny cool. I'll have to do some more internet searches on all this.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Serena, that would draw the Alphas... Geez, I wish we could have that Halloween party!