Saturday, June 12, 2010

Animals and Native American Totems

While I'm not Native American, their beliefs and views strongly influence my writing and own life choices. I believe everyone has an animal totem or spirit guide that is theirs to call. My main totem is the sea otter. I've loved the ocean and beaches since I was a child. The feminine energy and coquettish charm otters exude fits me perfectly. When I learned that bear and wolf were two more of my guides, it became eerie as my late husband's tribal name was Stalking Wolf and another dear friend's nickname is Wolf. My partner's totem is a grizzly bear.

My mind started clicking on the what if humans could shift into these animals and display their traits and vice versa. I've seen animal pictures that I swear if you looked at them just right, you'd see the human inside. There have been a few humans I've given wide berth too simply because the look in their eyes and their manners said a more animalistic nature lurked just beneath the surface.

What animals are you drawn to? What traits and characteristics do you see in yourself representing them? Share your comments with us.

My new book comes out June 17th at Siren-Bookstrand. The title is Red Hot. Sorry, no shape shifters. You'll find hot sizzling passion, firemen, and second chances at love.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Solara, welcome!
I'm not Native American, either, but I too feel strongly drawn to their culture and beliefs. I am basically Celtic, and I think there are heritage similarities. I've heard those who are Native American/Irish say there is that connection.
Actually, in my next release with Siren, BRANDED BY THE TEXANS, there is a bit of that viewpoint and heritage in the story.
I love learning about totem animals or spirit animals and how others have experienced them in their lives.
The Leopard is a strong one for me, actually all the Big Cats, and definitely, the Wolf! Love those wolfies. I think, at times, I'm a canine/feline split.
Yesterday, I had an encounter with a turtle or tortoise on my way home. They are one of my favorite animals. I hope I helped turtlie cross the road safely. There was a deep narrow ditch that could have been a problem, especially if turtlie had ended up on his/her back.

Congrats on your upcoming release, RED HOT! Please share your blurb and excerpt here. We shapeshifter lovers are generous toward every genre. Love and passion are always a 'shifting' experience for our heroes and heroines.

Pat C. said...

I actually do have some Native American in me, or so I've been told. Apparently there's a Nanticoke (an Eastern/Delaware tribe) ancestor on my paternal grandmother's side. However, I'd be too scared to find out what my totem animal is. Lazy as I am, I'm probably ruled by the Sloth Spirit. I'll try to stay positive and tell myself it's one of the big cats. I understand lions sleep up to 15-16 hours a day, or something like that.

Do dinosaurs count as spirit animals? I always thought pteranodons were pretty cool.

Welcome to the den!

Serena Shay said...

Great post, Solara!

Hmmm, my totem animal, I don't really know, I'd love for it to be a wolf or bear. A lion or dolphin, but I know nothing about does one find out more? Is there a nifty little test(probably not) to find this out or is it all about your affinity to a certain animal?

Tell me more...tell me more

And welcome!! :)